Monday, 4 October 2010

Face Time

A lot of you have been asking about my skin care and make up.... So here you go, ask and you shall receive!


I always take my make up off with an oil cleanser. My absolute favorite is by Shu Uemura. It's probably my favorite skin care product ever! It removes everything and keeps my skin soft. I then wash my face with a gel facial wash. Recently I've been using Dermalogica's 'special cleansing gel'. It cleans my face without stinging my eyes or drying my skin.

I travel for work quite a lot so I always stock up on Shishido moisturizer at the airport. I only wear a day cream that has SPF15 or higher and I do this everyday. In the evenings I use No 7's 'Protect & Perfect' night cream. It's incredibly rich but I have no problem going to bed with an oily face!


I'm not a fan of heavy foundations. I think they age you and look cheap.... For day time I love MAC 'face and body'. It has a lovely texture and the bottle is HUGE. If I feel like I need a bit more coverage for an evening out then I use NARS Sheer Glow. This is very creamy but still light enough that your skin can breath.


I love a thick line with a flick and I always use MAC fluid line in Black Track. I like full lashes so usually go for 'volume' mascaras. At the moment I'm using 'The Colossal' by Maybelline.


Day to day I use MAC cream blush in 'Posey' and then in the evening I use a NARS bronzer/blusher duo: 'Laguna' and 'Orgasm'. 'Orgasm' is one of NARS's best sellers and I can see why. It has really good pigment with beautiful flecks of gold that blend well and it doesn't streak or go patchy.


I did a full post on lips here but these two have been my 'go to's' for a while. MAC 'way to love' is a great nude. It goes on really silky and doesn't dry your lips at all. 'True Coral' from Tom Ford is a gorgeous pink coral. It quite bright and is kind of a retro shade.

Thanks to ASOS magazine for the article in this months edition! It's so lovely to get recognition for this blog. You can see the article in all it's colored glory here. (page 46-47).... 

p.s I did a hair 'how to' post back here!


  1. congrats for that article! you deserve it!! I really like your blog,and thanks for those beauty products!

    Kiss from Belgium!

  2. Good for you .......that's a nice spread!

    Check out my blog

  3. Thanks for the tipps Ashley! :)


  4. if this is the secret to u always lookin so worth tryin every single one of those products :)

    ps:since u at it...would u mind telling us wat r the extensions u use? i really want some clip in's as well but want some advice on wat is consideres "good hair"

    ur fab ashley :) x


  5. MAJOR MAJOR CONGRATS ON ASOS!!! Ashley, you know how to ROCK it!!! Thats major!!!!!! Also, so interesting what you use for make up and skin..yours is flawless! We use Nars make up and all CHANEL for face and creams!!!hahaa..
    PS. If you are ever in Toronto, we gotta hang!!! And you can borrow those Chanel clogs!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  6. congrats for the article!!! and i love MAC cosmetics too :D

  7. Congratulations on the ASOS spread, I saw it yesterday at work-whoever had their lunch before me was reading your spread lol.
    I'm a maybelline colossal fan (as well as a fan of falsies).
    strut{t} mode

  8. Oooh yeah love MAC face and body - do you watch Michelle Phan on youtube? She's a right guru!

    And congrats on the ASOS spread - you really are so lucky - or maybe that should be talented!

    Loobs xxxx
    Have a look at my latest look on my blog

  9. Funny dream. We met and went makeup shopping. Coincidental post? :)


  10. Saw you in ASOS this week - can't believe it's taken me this long to realise why you're so familiar - Bambie! Loved you in that role - you look much taller in the blog though! x

  11. I found out about your blog from ASOS :) xxxx

  12. congrats on ASOS...
    and also, I swear by MAC eyeliner... actual god send although I accidently left the top off one day and it's begun to crack!

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