Sunday, 25 April 2010

Lipstick Lovelies

NARS 'Schiap'. As seen here. They also do a nail polish in exactly the same shade. Gotta love that!


Chanel 'Maniac'. Not the easiest shade to wear but well worth it when you pull it off. This was my lipstick du jour on New Year's eve and it made my night!

MAC 'Lady Danger'. My favorite lipstick at the moment. It's a very orangey red and it can wash me out in certain lights so I just carry a torch around with me.... JOKING!!! Seen here with my lace dress :)

The best of the rest:
*MAC 'Ruby Woo'
*Tom Ford 'True Coral'
*MAC 'Way to Love'

Today was spent watching season one of 'Friends' whilst painting my nails. God I miss LA nail salons! I hate doing my own nails!


Jazzabelle said...

goodness me, you have unbelievably clear skin. you lucky, lucky thing! the chanel maniac lipstick is a very unusual colour, but looks so beautiful on you. are you wearing fake eyelashes, by the way?

love, jazzabelle. xxx

Clare said...

The dark one looks awesome on you, you can definitely rock that look.

Love from Tweet


Sarah Victoria said...

I love the first one + you are so pretty! :)

Collage Vintage said...

Love the pink lipstick, i use this color normally is my favorite.


Emma Jade said...

ive been looking for the perfect dark red.. i love that chanel one!

Anonymous said...

your skin is soo pretty! i really like the dark one on you.

tastythreads said...

really like this post.
you pulled off all the shades!


Adele said...

How lovely, ive never experimented with lipstick before. Maybe I should.
- Adele


Fashion Chalet said...

You look gorgeous in all the colors.

Love the BRIGHT red the most on you.. it's my first pick! :)


danmyy said...

I love the dark purple on you, it gives it a mysterious look. You work different colours really well, I tried dark colours, but I don't it suits me well..


love the dark shade on you, amazingly pretty:)


cla-sib said...

like all variations, especially the first one. pink lipstick is so great for the spring time!

xoxo cla

Samantha said...

Oh my goodness just exactly what I've been waiting for!!! Thanks soo much!! You have officially become my lipstick inspiration!! :) Can't wait to try them!

lvf-mf said...

lady danger is THE perfect lipstick for you. it is absolutely stunning on you

Charmaine D'Silva said...

Dear Ashley. I enjoy reading your blog and I quite love all things fashion. I would love to do some "fashiony" inspired artwork for you sometime. You can check me out at:
or and let me know if you want to send some art your way. I am already thinking of a piece with you and those clogs!! xoxo Charmaine

Aminatha said...

The pink lipstick is my favourite.

Aminatha said...


i love your blog and your style.

Ring My Bell said...

Thank you all so much for the loveliness of the comments!

Jazzabelle- Nope, just some good old mascara. 'Colossal' by Maybeline. At least 3 coats!

Adele- Yes, you should!

Samantha- Aw! You're welcome! Was it you who left the comment about doing lipstick post? If so, I totally got the idea from you- so thank you to you too!

Charmaine D'Silva- Your blog is lovely! I love all your illustrations.

Marissa Arreola PĂ©rez said...

I loveeee the first one... look sooo good on you

olivia parker said...

Love nars lipsticks - feels great on your lips
I really love your blog. I just found it & I'm a fan! xx

Lainey said...

Love Schiap. It's a pretty pink. I would love the last one, but I always feel like orangey-reds darken my teeth. I have no clue why. But you look gorgeous in every single one of these shades.

kitty said...

IMP, the first lipstick looks the best on you. BTW,I was reading TMZ and there is an old picture with you and your friend Sara Paxton.

Irene Colzi said...


Have a nice day!

A kiss from FLORENCE!

❤Irene’s Closet❤

Monica said...

I really like the first one.
what kind of eye liner do you use?

Jessica said...

Lipstick is the way to go :D
Completes your outfit

Jessica said...

Lipstick is the way to go :D
Completes your outfit