Spiked Fortune

Studded hair band: Jennifer Behr

If you follow me on twitter then you've probably already heard all about my obsession with this studded hair band. I came across it in Liberties last week and immediately fell deeply in love with it. It makes me look like a punk rock fortune teller- what's not to love!? The price is what's not to love. £410 is waaaaay over my hair band/turban budget- even for one as beautifully made as this. I plan to do my own DIY version and hopefully that will satisfy my cravings. 

I forgot to mention this in the '' post but I bumped into Wiley at the after party. He's working on some stuff at the boy's brother's record label- Back Yard. 'Electric Boogaloo' is his latest track.... You can have a listen and see the video here.

p.s anyone know where in London I can get some studs for my DIY turban? I'd prefer not to buy them online so I can see what I'm getting :)