Dress: TopShop Boutique. Jacket: TopShop. Shoes: Miu Miu

This is the same outfit that I wore to the evening part of David's wedding. I'm not one of those people who only wear something once. Where's the fun in that!? It was a windy evening yesterday so I'm clamping my bag against my thigh in these pictures to avoid a 'Marilyn' moment. You can just see my girl Cyrena from Freak Deluxe in the back of the first picture. Check out her leather jacket.... She also did a home DIY stud job on hers. Looks amazing!

We arrived at the premiere REALLY hungry so we went to the after party via Mcdonalds. Mmmmmmmm. I don't usually advocate junk food but it's been ages since I ate Mcdonalds and last night it was yummy. We enjoyed sitting in there all dressed up and eating greasy french fries.

'' is Noel Clarke's latest film. I know Noel from a TV show he wrote a few years ago. I admire Noel because is a no nonsense hard worker. He's writing films and he's getting them made. Can't really argue with that, can ya!? 
Red carpet moment of the evening goes to Ophelia Lovibond. She looked beautiful! Not only does she have the best name ever, she also a lovely lovely girl :)