in flight skin essentials

Glossier 'Coconut Balm Dot Com'. Rodin 'Olio Lusso'
Kielh's 'Ultimate Strength Hand Salve'. Koh Gen Do 'Cleansing Spa Water wipes'.

Flying can be tough on the skin so I always carry a few key items in my carry on to help keep my skin clean and hydrated. 

I always, always, always clean my skin when I get on the plane. I think it helps combat that dull "I've been on a long haul flight" look. I like the Koh Gen Do spa water wipes. They're really nicely saturated and take off everything, even mascara. My skin feels super refreshed after using them and they don't leave any residue.

All that recycled air makes my skin very dry so I replenish the moisture with a good face oil. Right now my favorite is the lavender face oil from Rodin. It's very decadent but this is my second bottle (I started with original one) and I have to say it works wonders. It is deeply hydrating without being oily and leaves my skin feeling supple and radiant (even if I do say so myself!).

I can't stand having dry lips so I always slather mine with a good lip balm. Glossier's Balm Dot Com is great and the coconut one smells yummy. I also really like Eight Hour cream from Elizabeth Arden. I think the two products are similar in that they're both multi purpose- you can use them on dry patches, cuticles, etc and they both have quite a dense texture so they're good for sealing moisture in.

Lastly, I take a bottle of lotion for my hands. In a bid to combat all the dryness of traveling I drink a lot of water which makes me pee a lot and in turn means I'm also constantly washing my hands (TMI?). And why use regular lotion when you could be using one that's 'ultimate strength'??? I got this Kiehl's one free in a gift bag but so far it's holding up to it's title.

And that's it! I don't like to wear makeup when I'm flying so usually just pack it in my case and cover those post flight eye bags with some big sunglasses.

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