Iron Maiden

Skirt: Topshop. T.Shirt: Vintage. Boots: Louis Vuitton. Choker: DIY.

I won't bore you with my struggles to find these boots... If you follow me on instagram or snapchat then I've already done that. Sorry. Lets just say I love them and I was willing to do almost anything to get my hands on them.

This skirt has been in my closet for a while now and I'm glad it survived my last purge because I've seen patent leather skirts popping up all over the place this season. The Isabel Marant one everyone is wearing is dope but expensive.... But don't worry I got you. I sourced some more budget friendly options below. I like to work against the glossy, glamorous vibe of patent leather and team it with a worn in t.shirt or a big cosy knit.