Got Milk?

I got a lot of questions about the Chanel 'Lait de Coco' bag that I posted on Instagram so thought I'd give you all the info. 

The bag was shown as part of the Chanel 2014 Fall collection. The show had a supermarket theme. Bags were shown in meat trays, models carried Chanel baskets and labels on every day items had been 'Chanelafide'.  This particular bag was shown as part of look #172  and carried by model Ola Rudnicka (thank you

The milk carton bag has now sold out in store but there are still a few floating around on line... I personally wouldn't recommend that you buy a bag like this from eBay (I'm scared it would be a fake) but I did find one on Portero.Com which is a very reputable site (I've bought bags from them before). It's pricey and not for everyone but is a true collectors piece and a little slice of Chanel history from the Lagerfeld reign. 

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