Faux New Year

Denim Shorts: Vintage. Shirt & Leather Jacket: TopShop. 
Boots: Courtesy of Kandee Shoes.

For some reason New Year's eve can sometimes feel like a bit of a let down. I decided to solve that by having a pre New Year's eve four days in advance just in case. Streamers and chocolate. Best New Year ever!

I spent my real New Year's eve (wearing a lot more clothing!) having dinner with the boy and friends and dancing by the pool at shoreditch house (love you Vanessa!). It's a miracle that I didn't fall in because I wore the above Kandee boots.... I saw looks of envy directed at my feet all night!

Happy New Year!!!!! 

I hope you all had a rocking new year's eve and that 2011 brings you your heart's desire xoxox

*Photography: Mischa Barton