Mini Leopard

Boots & Leather Jacket: TopShop. Skirt: Courtesy of
Shirt: Courtesy of Club Couture. Bag: Mulberry mini leopard Alexa. Beret: Vintage

Ooooooooh I cannot even begin to tell you the drama I had getting my hands on this bag. It was a birthday gift from the boy and his lovely family (thank you Goldbergs!) and was ordered in advance of my birthday from Net-a-Porter. First there was a delay getting the bag delivered, then when it eventually arrived I wasn't sure I even liked the bag anymore and spent a week comparing and contrasting it with every other 'Alexa' in the world, then when I finally decided to stop being crazy and admit my love for the bag.... IT BROKE. I wore her for one hour to Sainsbury's and the postman's lock broke. I do not even have the words to express my anger. The following few days were spent on the phone to Net-a-Porter's customer care team (hello Jane!) who arranged to have the broken bag collected and then sent me out a new one. So now here she finally is: My patent mini leopard Mulberry 'Alexa'. And let me tell you something, after all that drama- I love her.

The white shirt I'm wearing comes from Club Couture. I am of the belief that you can never have too many shirts. This one has sparkly buttons so it's completely different from the 6 other white silky shirts in my wardrobe. At least that's what I tell myself ;)

Props to for this gorgeous skirt.... Makes me feel like a ballerina and since it's black that must mean I'm a black swan ballerina. Yes I am!

p.s Have you noticed Oscar peaking at me from the corner of some of these shots? He gets so excited when me and the boy go outside to take the blog pictures. I'm trying to make a gif of him ambushing me during this shoot. 

p.p.s This outfit was only made possible by the two pairs of Uniqlo heat tech leggings and my M&S thermal vest worn under it. God bless thermal!