Mon Chat....

Jeans: TopShop. Sweater: Uniqlo. Boots: ASOS.
 Beret: Vintage Mary Quant.

This sweater actually belongs to the boy but he has trouble doing the washing when I'm not around and shrunk it. It's now the perfect slim fit sweater for me. His loss, my gain!

I saw these boots on ASOS and went straight to checkout. I think it's my fastest online purchase ever. Leopard print. Check! Pony effect. Check! Platform. Check! 

I'm kind of obsessed with this lip stick. I actually don't even remember buying it... I think it came free in a gift bag. Anyway, it's "Super Stay Colour" by Maybelline and it really works! It stayed on all day and didn't dry my lips at all. I highly recommend it! What are your favorite lip sticks or glosses?