We moved over the weekend and I've spent the last few days in my denim cut offs and one of the boy's t.shirts... No need for you all to see that mess! Here's a shopping update instead...

After trawling the internet for what felt like a lifetime I finally found the sunglasses I've been lusting after. I've been in love with the Grey Ant Status glasses for a while but I haven't been able to find them in a shop so I could actually try them on. They're quite pricey so I figured trying them on first would be smart... I could not find them ANYWHERE and it drove me crazy! When I want something I am a woman on a mission.

The real deal Grey ant Status glasses on Beyonce

I found these Grey ant-alikes for a fraction off the price on ebay. I can't wait for them to arrive! I got both colours because they were so cheap. $6.99.

Grey ant-alikes from ebay

I also snagged this faux fur leopard coat from TopShop. I know it's the middle of summer but I couldn't resist!
You'll be seeing lots of pictures of me in this come autumn. I've already worn it around the house a couple of times because I'm so excited. That's normal, right?

*you can buy the grey ant-alike sun glasses from this ebay seller: here :)