Keep Clear

Dress: American Apparel. Clogs: Jeffery Campbell. Socks: Virgin airlines :)

I love the pockets in this dress, they give it a slouchy relaxed feel. The socks are those free ones that you get on Virgin flights. I love them! I collect them every time I fly with Virgin.

It's been a while since I've had the boy take my picture and it's great to have his photography skills back. His pictures make my timer shots look like a joke!

Lots of you ask about my hair... You all want the loose curly waves and I promise you they are super easy to get! I've thought about doing a hair video for you all but I realized despite being an actress the thought of talking to camera as myself freaks me out way too much! I've found a video that shows exactly what I do: LOOSE CURLY WAVES.  The only difference is that I use a slightly smaller straightening iron.

*Take a one inch section of hair and comb it through until smooth.
*Clamp your straightening iron at the root of the section of hair and with your free hand hold on to the ends of the hair.
*Rotate the iron 180 degrees and glide it down the length of the hair until you reach the ends.
*The slower you move the iron the tighter the curl will be.
*Try to alternate the direction that you rotate the iron with each section so that you get a more irregular look.
*When you've curled all of your hair run your fingers through to loosen and break up the curls. 

I like my hair to look a little messy and tousled so I usually prefer it the next day after I've slept on it!

p.s I use clip in hair extensions. They only work because my own hair is long enough to blend in. My own hair finishes at breast level so the extensions don't look so obvious. If your hair is shorter then neck length then really long extensions like mine wont work! xxx