Tightly Laced

Lace Dress: American Apparel. Nude Tube Dress: American Apparel. Boots: TopShop
Bracelet: Vintage

I've had this lace dress for a while. I was immediately drawn to it because its short with long sleeves but it's taken me a while to actually wear it because it is completely see through. (Why, oh why do I keep buying un-wearable see through things!?) I ended up solving the problem with a nude tube dress and was very happy with the result.

The bracelet is one of my favorite pieces. The boy bought it for me early on in our relationship on a trip to LA. I think it's 1940's.... I could be wrong. Whenever it's from I adore it! LA has great vintage finds. 

The lipstick I'm wearing is Lady Danger from MAC. It's my new lip obsession. I saw it on Chloe Sevigny on the cover on British Elle and needed it in my life. It's a very orangey red. Such a great cover.
This will be my last post from LA because we're leaving to go back to London on Monday! I'm so excited! Last night we did the live taping of The Pink House. I was really nervous before we started but the second I got out there I relaxed because the the audience were  so lovely and made it lots of fun. I loved how the writers would come up with new jokes between takes and we would have to do the scene different every time. If the show gets picked up we'll be doing that every week....