Here Come The Girls

Becca, Me, Elizabeth, Jenni, Zahra and Krystelle aka Stepford.
Shorts and denim shirt: TopShop. Lace bodysuit: American Apparel. Clogs: Jeffery Campbell.
The Boy...

I had some of my friends round for a cake extravaganza. Krystelle aka Stepford kindly baked the cakes for us. We were spoiled with lemon drizzle cake and the best brownies I've ever had in my life. I don't cook but I am excellent at presentation so I opened packets of party snacks and placed them beautifully on the table ;)

I asked the ladies to dress in what they felt best showed their personal style and I think they all look awesome... 

The boy (patient as always- there would be no blog without him) took the group shots and the ones of me and I took the rest! Some how I managed to actually get some pictures in focus.