Clog debut....

Shirt: TopShop. Shorts: TopShop. Men's Belt: Vintage. Clogs: Jeffrey Campbell. 
Lunar Gold Ring: Lara Bohinc.

The clogs are surprisingly comfortable! I wore them all of yesterday evening- to dinner and to bungalow 8 and my feet were fine. This is good news because I plan to wear them alllllllllllll summer long. 

It's so good to be back in London! I do feel as though I am in limbo though. I can't really commit to fully being here until I know the fate of The Pink House. Obviously if it gets picked up then I'll be back in LA in no time but if it doesn't then I'd like to set up home here in London.... it will be so nice to  finally take all my stuff out of storage! 

Speaking of storage.... I left loads of clothes back here in London and it's been really nice to rediscover them. It's like buying them new all over again! I do need to do a massive clear out though. I think I'm going to set up a Ring My Bell shop. I have many fabulous things that I'm not wearing and they need to be sold to a good home. I'll keep you all posted :)