Candy Cane

Skirt: American Apparel. Cotton blouse: American Apparel.
Studded pumps: Brian Atwood.

The second I saw this skirt in American Apparel I knew it had to be mine. It's such a cute shape! I'm going to enjoy wearing it this summer. The studded shoes were my 'yay I got a job' present to myself. I adore them. Seriously, the first day I brought them home I kept taking them out the box and admiring them. I have a wedding in May and I already know that these shoes will be the base of the outfit and everything else will have to work around them.

All of the comments on the 'from me to you' post are amazing. You really do all sound like awesome people. It's making it very hard for me to choose!

This week I'll be busy with 'The Pink House'. I'm really enjoying the process of doing a multi camera pilot. We will be rehearsing all this week and then on friday we'll do the live taping. Eeeeeeek!

P.s Hello Christina!
Christina is my manager and I keep telling her I'll put her in the blog... I need a picture of you!
Just found out how to make a gif. Beyond excited!