Sugar free

Denim Shorts: Vintage. Crop T. Shirt: American Apparel. Shoes: Jeffery Campbell
Belt: Vintage.  Brown Topaz cocktail ring: Lu Shae. Glove ring: Mummy :)

When I was a little girl my mum would always wear lots of rings. At LEAST three on each hand. I was obsessed with her jewelry box. I'd sneak in there whenever I had the chance. I loved playing with all the rings, they seemed very magical to me.

She has this bad ass snake ring that winds up to her knuckle and has two diamonds for it's eyes. Amazing. I've got my eye on it but she's yet to give it up. I'll keep working on her.

She also has (or HAD because I relived her of this one last year! Ha!) a glove ring... This ring is special to me because I went with my dad to buy it. We went to this antique jewelry store in Hatton Garden (the jewelry quarter in London) and I got to pick which ring we would buy for my mum. I couldn't have been older then 6 or 7 but even then I knew a good ring when I saw it.

I've had a love affair with rings ever since so when Lu Shae jewelry contacted me about checking out their stuff I went straight to the ring page. I was lucky enough for them to send me this cocktail ring (thanks!) and it fits in perfectly with my collection. I tend to wear 5 or six rings on a day to day basis and this one is lovely. Some people save cocktail rings for the evening but I rock em out whenever I feel like it.

Have a peek at Lu Shae. Pretty stuff, reasonable prices and it arrives very quickly. The  absolute star of the site is this ring but it was sadly out of stock when I got mine. I'll keep checking back though because this one is a real beauty and tanzanite is my birth stone... I think.