Nowhere to stop on Mulholland Drive

Dress: LF. Jacket: TopShop, studded by moi. Boots: TopShop.
Denim shorts: TopShop. Purse: Chanel

I snagged this dress in the LF sale. It's totally see through but I don't let that stop me- denim shorts with some lace layering and I'm good to go! Me and the boy wanted to take pictures up on Mulholland Drive but as the title suggests there wasn't anywhere to stop. Every place we found had other cars parked there and I felt like it was too spooky! We took these on Sunset Blvd instead....  although now I'm looking at them we could have been anywhere!

Sooooo tired this week. I don't think my brain can hold any more lines! I've decided the best way to sum up pilot season is that it's like going to work all day but without getting paid. Still.... I'm glad to be doing it :)