Red Riding

Dress: Garbelle

Another photo shoot from the archives. This one was done while me and the boy were filming  season two of Secret Diary. We both had a day off and we got up super early to head over to Thom's place and shoot in his garden. The whole purpose of this shoot was just to practice I guess and I love that we did that... Thom wanted to practice make up, Cyrena wanted more dresses for her collection and the boy wanted to test out his lighting idea. Just being creative for creative's sake. 

Please note the black lipstick. Waaaaaaaaaay before Chanel did it!

I really love how Cyrena attached the hood to the dress. Like I said in my previous post there is also a Garbelle for Trainerspotter dress with a hood that I plan to post. All those images are on the boys computer and he's always using it when I want to. Eh hem :)

Acting camp is still in full force.