His and Hers aka Jungle Fever

Cocktail Dress: Garbelle for Trainerspotter. Men's Shirt: Trainerspotter. Sunglasses:Rayban

This is another shoot from back in the day. Trainerspotter is a really cool british label that I have a lot of love for. I was nuts about this shirt from the moment I saw it. Those lovely (and very smart) boys saw how Cyrena was making hot dresses and gave her some of the same material.... The dress above is what she came up with. Genius. And it fitted me like a dream. She also made another dress with a sick hood attached but I'll save those pictures for another day.

I love how the shots for the dress are sassy and feminine and then the shots with the shirt have a rockerbilly vibe. The boy killed it with the lighting. It looks like it's the hottest day in the jungle ever when in fact it was bloody freezing in my back garden and you couldn't even see the sky through the clouds.

Um, how small is Oscar here!? Adorable!!!! 

It was his first photo shoot and he nailed it! God I miss my baby!

I'm in the middle of pilot season at the moment. I spend all day in my car going form audition to audition and then I come home and learn lines for the following day. It's hard work but there is something really satisfying about working towards something and chasing the dream. You gotta have a dream, right?

(Just saw that I finally made it to 100 followers. Thanks so much guys! It made so happy to see that! Mwah!)