Fade to Grey

Skirt: Random shop in NYC. T.Shirt: American Apparel.

Grey is my second favorite colour to wear. After black of course! (um, if you are reading this in America and are wondering about my spelling- that's how we spell colour in England!) I love the waist band on this skirt. It's just the right side of tight and it sits perfectly on the waist. 

There is something really cosy about grey. If I'm buying sweatpants or a hoodie I nearly always go for grey. Case in point below.... I think even my nail polish is grey in this picture!

Pilot season is in full swing now and me and the boy are busier then ever. We call our apartment 'acting camp'. We each have our own area. He works in the dining room and I work in the bathroom.... Dont ask me why, I just like the vibe in there. It's very feminine and serene! I actually have to go back to acting camp aka the bathroom now because I have lines to learn for tomorrow :)