Kevin Morosky tagged me which means I now have to reveal 6 random things about myself.... Dunno how revealing this will be after the 'Hated' list but here goes anyway:

1. I'm afraid of deep water. Not so much the swimming pool but I'm terrified of unfathomable water. I hate not knowing how deep it goes. I'm fine swimming at the beach as long as I can see the shore and/or my toes but I will never be one of those people who jump off boats and go swimming. Never.

2. It snowed heavily on the day I was born. That's why... "I'm as cold as ice" ;)

3. I had a pet ladybird when I was a kid. I kept her in a tupperware box with pin pricks in the lid. She died after two weeks because I didn't know what to feed her.

4. I have a huge barbie collection and they still all live in my parent's loft.

5. My favourite dish is pasta, cheese and bacon but I don't eat it very often. Alas.

6. I've been in 3 car accidents and Lauryn Hill was playing on the stereo during every single one of them. What did I ever do to her!? Still love her though and the song below makes me cry.

Now I've got to tag someone else so I choose Ricky.... and my boy (I'll post his 6 things up for him coz he don't do blogging)