Cosy weekend & why I took a step back

Jeans: Nasty Gal. Sweatshirt: Y.M.C. Beanie: H&M.
Sneakers: Isabel Marant.

I'm back in Louisiana and shooting the 2nd series of Salem. After a long week of shooting in a corset I love my cosy weekends spent in snuggly hats and sweatshirts stolen from my husband. I tried (and failed) to resist these leopard Isabel Marant sneakers but the leopard lover that I am was like a moth to a flame. 

I know that my updates have been few and far between over this past year and I wanted to talk about why that was....

Ring My Bell was born out of a genuine love of fashion and in particular street style and whilst these are still huge passions of mine, my first love and real job has always been acting. After leaving 'Revenge' I was hungry for another project and to play a different character. 'Salem' was just what I was looking for and I put nearly all of my focus and energy into that. We shoot 'Salem' on location in Louisiana (away from my closet!) and our shooting schedule doesn't always allow me the time to update Ring My Bell as much as I might like.

Then there was the influx of other actresses who in the last year or so have also started fashion blogs. It had me questioning if I wanted to be lumped into that over saturated category and if my blog added anything different or if blogs were even relevant any more? I still don't have the answers but...

Ultimately I still really enjoy sharing my personal style with you and I'm so grateful that you all take the time to visit this site and leave me comments. Ring My Bell is here to stay and I'll keep updating as often as my filming schedule and access to my closet allows. Thank you for sticking around!

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