Smells like...

Skirt: American Apparel (alternatives herehere).
Nirvana T.shirt: H&M Mens (get the look herehere).
Concealed Wedge Sneakers: Isabel Marant 'Beckett'.

I'm not a big fan of sneakers/trainers that are actually high heels (if you want heels wear heels) but... for some reason I fricking LOVE these Marant's! I think it's because they are so big and juicy looking and because the wedge (which is very minimal) really is concealed. The concealed wedge is where I think a lot of the cheaper copies got it wrong :(

These seem to have sold out pretty much everywhere but I did manage to find them still available in gold over on the Net-a-Porter UK site: Here. Lucky for those of you that live there!

Below are some alternatives that I think are worth checking out.... Hello leopard!