Denim Shorts: Vintage. Jacket: TopShop. Boots: Rag&Bone. 
Vest top: Courtesy of 80's Purple. Bag: Mulberry

The boy came to spend the weekend with me in Wilmington and it's been so bloody nice having him here! I'll be very sad to see him leave on Monday :(

These Rag & Bone boots are the ones I posted about here. They've lived up to all my expectations- Soooooooo comfortable and seem to go with everything. I packed a very limited selection for my time in Wilmington so buying these online last week was a nice way to break up the boredom I was having with my clothes. 

p.s My bloody macbook has died on me. Does anyone else find that apple products seem to have a 2-4 year life span? It's like they make you buy a new laptop. Ugh!