Wednesday, 23 March 2011


This is a snap of where I spend most of my time at the moment: My trailer. Actors get paid to wait around, the acting we do for free.... I can't remember who said that, if anyone knows let me know. It's so true!

Since outfit posts will be few and far between until the boy gets out to North Carolina (one week and counting!) I thought now would be the perfect time to finally do that long promised FAQ post...

*How would you describe your style?
Un-committed. I find it hard to stick to any one style. I love trying new things and get inspired by magazines, street stye and other blogs all the time so I'm always changing it up. I do have a penchant for anything studded, leather, patent or leopard!

*What are you wardrobe staples?
Leather jacket, skinny jeans and good t.shirt. I wear my Miu Miu shoes (both loafers and heels) a lot.

*Most expensive item in your closet?
My Chanel bag. 

*Most wanted item?
I'm on the look out for a small vintage Chanel bag. Preferably in red. 

*Favorite designer?
It changes every season but Alexander Wang has loads of stuff that I want/need.

*Do you prefer highstreet or designer?
Both! With vintage mixed in :)

*How much do you spend on clothes?
Depends on the month and what I'm up to. I'm not afraid to splurge on items that I feel will last and bring a lot to my wardrobe. For example my Miu Miu shoes. They were expensive but I wear them LOTS and they go with everything! My Chanel bag will be with me forever and it will only get better with age!

*What are your favorite places to shop in London?
My absolute favorite shop is Liberty. I could (and often do) spend all day in there. It's filled with lots of gorgeous things and is less stressful then Selfridges. I always have time for TopShop in Oxford circus. I like to go at 10am midweek. It's always quiet and they have more stock :)

*What are your favorite place to shop in LA?
I like LF on Robertson for casual everyday items and I love Decades on melrose for special vintage. The vintage market on the corner of Melrose and Fairfax is also really good. I get all my vintage levi shorts from there.

*Favorite fragrance?
I have three that I love. Chanel 'Beige', Frederic Malle 'Lipstick Rose' and Chloe 'Love'.

*Are you sponsored by any brands?
No. Several brands give me items to wear on the blog but I only wear items that I actually like and really want to wear. If I've been given something for free I will alway put "courtesy of..." If I'm sent something and I love it then of course I say so.

*Which camera do you use?
The boy takes the majority of the blog pictures using a Canon 5D. I edit all pictures in iPhoto. 

*Which blogs do you read?
I adore Andy's Style Scrapbook and Sabrina's afterDRK. Other favorite's include Fade to Black and Made By Girl. I follow around 50 blogs.

*Why don't you update everyday?
Because I have a job! If I'm not filming then I'm auditioning or preparing for auditions. Ring My Bell is my baby and I love doing it but acting pays my bills :)

*How did you become an actress?
I always knew what I wanted to do and I followed through. I went to acting and drama classes as a teenager and eventually went to the only free performing arts school in England,The BRIT school. I attended open auditions and got a job from one of them which in turn got me an agent. 

I always believed in the need to train fully as an actor so when I was old enough I auditioned for several drama schools and was lucky enough to get into RADA.  I go out on auditions every week.

*Will there be anymore episodes of 'The Beautiful Life'?
No. Sorry!

*How tall are you?

*Do you smoke?
No. And I never will.

*Which ethnicity are you?
I am mixed raced. My father is half Swiss, half Nigerian, born in England and my mother is English.

*How do you maintain your figure?
I go to Bikram yoga 2-3 times a week and I eat healthily for most of the week. I always let myself have one day where I eat whatever I like and that's usually a burger and fries.... or pizza... or bagels..... or apple pie.... mmmmmmm

*How do you get loose waves/curls in your hair?
I use a ghd straightening iron and this video on the ghd website here shows exactly what I do. 

*Which hair extensions to you use? 
I use a 'full head' set of clip in extensions so that I don't have to commit to them for too long and they are less damaging on my own hair. I usually buy my extensions from Head Kandy and have mostly been very happy with them... although the last set were not up to their usual standard so I may have to find a new place. 


  1. love the FAQ ! always interesting to learn a little more about the people behind the blogs that you follow!

  2. Bikram is A-mazing! I love it!

    Thanks for doing the FAQ


  3. Hey doll!!! you look fabb in your trailer!!! Love this gotta go with Chloe in LA to the store Creatures of Comfort (and they have a cool online shop), if you haven't been there yet..its loads of fun with amaazzzzzzing designers and the BEST SHOE selection!!!! Have FUN there!!!! MWAHHHHHHHHHH
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  4. Love the FAQ!

    Thanks for the hair curl link! :)

  5. love it

  6. love it

  7. Love this post!

  8. your're looking a little thin Ashley... :(

  9. Great answers, you must let us know if you find a better hair extension place, I'm interested in some. : )

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  11. Could you please make reclame for my blog?

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  12. U look great Ash!

    love your mobile phone...♥

    Greetings from germany,
    xx D.

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  15. Love reading FAQs ;)

    PS: Come and check out my blog (& follow me if you like):

  16. OMG! You're part-Nigerian! I knew I recognised the the "I have a job!" response...I actually pissed myself laughing!! Love your blog boo xx

    Xisses, Onyxsta

  17. WAIT A MINUTE HERE LADY. You are in North Carolina!? Hello I live here now! :D

    Meet up?

    x X

  18. Great blog! As for that small red vintage Chanel bag check out This is the online boutique for an amazing vintage shop in Paris specializing in Chanel and Hermès. I hope this helps!!


  19. oooo i love this post - it appeals to the nosy side of me. chloe 'love' was on my christmas's simply gorgeous! xox

  20. that's so sweet that you're (a bit) swiss! have you ever been to switzerland?

  21. Good insight into the world of Ashley! I love it!

    I always wanted to go to Wilmington since they filmed One Tree Hill there and it's kind of a guilty pleasure of mine (bit old now for American teen dramas but who cares?)... but it sounds pretty boring!

    Ohh, my boy is away for 9 days on a stag week (who goes away for a WEEK on their stag do!) and I miss him so terribly - do you have any top tips on making the days pass quicker til you see your beau again? x

  22. Thanks for the FAQ!!
    Very insightful :D

  23. lovelovelove your blog
    just wondered what length hair extensions you wear?
    thank youx

  24. Not sure of the length.... Maybe 22". But you should never go too much longer then your own hair or else the extensions won't bend. My extensions add only a couple of inches of length.

    Hope that helps!

  25. Hi Ashley this Q&A was intresting. I'm an aspiring actress and I agree about the whole getting appropriate traininning unfortunately I didnt do enough research and went to uni it was a good experience but not in terms of training me as an actress anyway how long did you spend at RADA, and in your opinion which one was best?

  26. Yeah it did, i thought 22" sounded really long but i think yours are a lovely length!
    Thanks for getting back to me!

  27. feedmefashion- I did a 3 year acting degree at RADA. I got into several other Drama Schools but enjoyed he audition process the best at RADA so decided to go there.... In my opinion drama school and university are two very different things. One is not better then the other and you can certainly do both- Lots of people at RADA had already attended university when I was there :)

  28. Oh my god, I just found this pic! I have the exact same Iphone cover too!! lol

  29. Hey Ashley, I really enjoy your FAQ. Thanks for posting it up! I really enjoy reading your blog. :). I am new to blogging and I wonder how do you set all your blog posts in a listing form on the right side??

  30. I think you have to customise the template. Not sure how exactly you do that- My template has been this way since I started the blog and I got someone else to set it up for me!

  31. Thanks Ashley. I will try and figure it out :) Love your blog :)

  32. ohh my gosh hahah :) NOW I know why you looked soo familura to me!! You were a model in The beuatiful Life right? Wow!! Thats so cool I loved that show and watched on youtube because it never came out too bad they stopped filming it I loved i and you looked amazing!! Such a cool thing that you blog and act!! Keep it up girl!


  33. Hi Ashley,

    Love the way you put your looks together. Do you have any Nigerian style influences?

  34. Hi Ashley,

    Since watching the first episode of Revenge, I noticed everything about you. The beauty and the presence is just remarkable. I love all the clothes that you wear, makeup, hair and lastly, I need to know what your regular diet or exercise. I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.


  35. Hey Ashley! I can´t believe I found your blog, I just saw Revenge last night (I´m from Colombia and it´s still going on down here) and thought to myself what an absolutely awesome style you have! love your clothes, your shoes and finally that energy you portray through the screen, in other words, I absolutely LOVE you! and I´m now hooked to your blog! if you ever want some wild adventure, come to Colombia and I´ll take care of you!!! :)

  36. Loved this Ash! Excited to watch the new ep of revenge tonight and jealously stare at your outfits.

    I was actually wondering if you style your own outfits on the show or if someone else does it for you?

  37. Hi Ash.. Try
    It's works to me

  38. I love your style and Miu Miu shoes too. You're life sounds so exciting in LA.