Sunday, 9 January 2011


Denim Shorts & Belt: Vintage. T.Shirt & Coat: TopShop. 
Bag: Mulberry. Shoes: Miu Miu. Sunglasses: Kiss.

The weather was so nice today that I got to wear one of my 'lighter' coats. I bought this one over 5 years ago and it's still one of my favorite pieces. I don't keep it with my everyday clothes so when ever I come across it, it's always a nice surprise. 

Me and the boy will be off to LA soon. We're going for a couple of months to do some meetings and auditions. I looooove being in LA! I'm already planning when I will be hitting the vintage markets.... For some reason LA has THE best vintage! I plan to stock up on this trip.

p.s I want to do a f.a.q post... Ask anything you want to know by commenting on this post or by sending an email to and I'll answer in the next post :)


  1. I love your chunky heels! Great outfit!!

  2. your amazing. brilliaant shorts x

  3. your amazing. brilliaant shorts x

  4. Love this so much..The leopard belt is really brought out with the tartan coat <3

  5. I remember this cute coat from years back, your legs are looking amazing. xx

  6. Oooh, love questions :) I have a few actually.
    1. What is your favourite part you've played?
    2. I quite like Bambi's style. Do you choose your own wardrobe on Secret Diary of a Call Girl, or have anything to say about what your character wears?
    3. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

  7. Cute coat :)

    I love the Mui Mui shoes..chunky heels are the best


  8. Hii ashley! Which MAC lipstick and eyeliner do you currently use?I am not happy with the eye pencil I use and would love to get a red lipstick for the first time, as I am 20 and never was bold about that before. As there are types of MAC lipsticks for red which one could u suggest? And eyeliner? I would be grateful for your help and hope to see u in a tv show soon!

  9. ---
    Q: Do you have future projects?
    Q: Who is your favorite designer?


  10. You look so cute, love those pictures and your outfit!

  11. So today I found myself telling my boy that I was going to try to go as long as possible not buying anything new because my wardrobe is now complete (since buying a pair of leather trousers!) and then I see this coat! phewww.... better avoid all shops in case I come across something similar !

    London Girl Up North

  12. What a great jacket...loves it!!


  13. as one of your new obsessers...expect an email as soon

    love this outfit, its an inspiration. Can wait for the springy weather....even though i JUST purchased a bunch of knitwear :s

    Have fun in LA for the both of us <3

  14. yes i have one

    is it possible to do a tutorial on how you edit your photos? because they always look amazing!


  15. Hey!
    Can you tell about the progress to become an actress? Like, what did you do when you first started, do you have an agent etc..

    That kind of stuff interest me :)

    Love the shoes by the way.

  16. Oh, I love that coat so much,. it's amazing!

  17. I love this look! And yay! You get to go to LA, that must be so much fun :) I love LA so much! So many of my friends are there.

    I would love to know what your favourite jeans and shoes are?

  18. Lovely, your style is the best :)!
    Ok I have some questions (hope they're not too weird or technical, but I guess these are just some things that I think about)
    1. Isn't it a hassle when you move to different places all the time? Where do you keep your London stuff? What about all the administration and things like that? How about finding a place to live each time? (I'm just really wondering :))
    2. What's the best part about being an actress?
    3. The worst?
    These are the first three that I can think of, can't wait to see your L.A. adventures!

  19. i like tartan in skirts
    altough this coat is amazing
    i love it
    cool shoes by the way

  20. love your outfits! theyre gorgeous!! i deeply covet the belt and the jacket from this outfit specifically.

  21. That coat is beautiful!
    I hope you have fun in LA! So sad I won't be around then. I would love to meet you.

  22. love the outfit! cute shoes

  23. love the tartan jacket paired w/the denim shorts!

  24. I like the combination of patterns in your outfit. I can think of a couple questions right off the bat:

    1) What cities have you lived?
    2) What 5 places do you want to travel to next?
    3) What are you favorite shops in the states? (LA, NY, Chicago?)
    4) What's your favorite food?

    Can't wait to see your answers!


  25. I love this outfit! So right about the coat - its a beauty!

  26. You look so lovely!
    Nice coat!!!

    Stacey from

  27. 1. Was Secret Diary of a Call Girl fun to shoot? And was Billie Piper nice?
    2. How do you get into character for a movie/tv show?
    3. Do you get sent free items from designers and make up brands?
    4. Favourite place in the world?

    Haha, love you blog!!!

  28. Amazing look! The coat is perfect!

    Love, Aily

  29. looking lovely girl! dont have a question only a compliment! you are a good actress and you will be big soon!

  30. im loving the mix of prints, leapard and tartan. really nice outfit! x

  31. Your shoes and belt. very casual outfit!

  32. Love the shoes! Have fun in L.A. and keep us posted :) M.

  33. I love this blog. Your style is just fabulous. Very inspirational I love trying to mimic your looks. Thanks for sharing!!

    Check out my blog. I think you'll like it!

  34. Hey!
    Yet again you have a great outfit post, I am in love with those shorts and that leopard print belt! :D
    Can't wait to see what you do next...

    Sian x

  35. Hey Ashley!

    I really enjoy reading your blog and I remember you mentioning in a post (I think a skin routine one) that you used to have bad skin when you were younger. How old were you when it 'stopped'? I'm 19 just now and my skin's getting me down... I'm turning 20 this year and hoping that will mean that my skin will miraculously be free from spots!
    Is there anything you can recommend?

  36. Love your outfit, beautiful photos! That is a great jacket! Have a fun time in L.A.!

    Kirstin Marie

  37. i love questions.ok here are some:

    1. I've currently started to follow your blog. so who's the boy? your boyfriend?

    2. where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    3. do you habe a dream? a special wish?

    4. what are the first five songs in your playlist on your ipod or somewhere else?

    i'm looking forward to seeing your answers!

  38. I have a similar coat to this, which I've kept in the back of my closet for years. I might have to bring it back out, seeing how cool you rock it in these pics. Love the look.

  39. Hi Ashley, I have a few questions.

    1) Do you think tha tyou will ever move to the states full time?
    2) Do you plan on having kids?
    3) In an alternate universe, what profession would you pick (you can't pick actor)
    4) Favorite vintage store in L.A. and NYC
    5)things you love and hate about America.

  40. I like the jacket!

    juliet xxx

  41. i love those shorts where can i find them?

  42. what's your favourite vintage market in London?

    What piece of clothing can you not live with out?

    What are you looking to buy for SS11?

    Blackberry or I-phone?

    What kind of music are you into?

    haha, loads of questions but I'm curious!

  43. Hey :)
    Great outfit!
    I have a few questions;
    1) My brother is 15 and REALLY wants to be an actor, and I genuinely believe (without being naive or biased) that he has the look and the talent it takes to make it big. Do you have any tips for him? How did you start out? I'd love ANYTHING that might help him jump start his career.
    2) How tall are you?
    3) This isn't really a question, but I really love your style, and it would be great if you could do a post of your fashion basics and how you build an outfit from certain items. Almost like a 'how to wear high waisted jeans' or 'how to layer an outfit' in your style. I'm trying to work out what my wardrobe is missing :/
    Thanks again,
    Love Chloe

  44. Beautiful coat and amazing light!

  45. Loving the Miu Miu's <3

    only a few questions...

    1. Where are you favourite places to shop in London?

    2. Where do you get your hair done? I'm mixed race too and sometimes I find it tricky to find someone who can handle my barnet either curly or straight !!

    3. Who/what do you use as fashion inspiration?

    All the best in LA :)

  46. lovely post! im abit of a fan of the tights and jean shorts combo.
    my questions are:
    what is your most embarrassing moment whilst filming?
    most favorite item you have bought?
    what things couldnt you live without?
    how did you meet the boy?

  47. Hello!
    I love your everday looks and you always look gorgeous. I was just wondering if, being in 'show business', obviously there is a certain amount of pressure on the way you look. How much pressure do you feel from producers, agents and the general public to look good? aka maintain your weight, spend money on hair etc.

    Also, what's your favourite place to eat (lunch/brunch) in London, i'll be there for lunch in the next week and want to sit somewhere nice to eat!

    Thankyou and keep creating GORGEOUS outfits! Sarah x

  48. i directly go here after saw you on denimology.
    perfect outfit.
    you still my fave actress and fashion blogger!

  49. 1. Do you have a recommended dry cleaner in London? Mine has just ruined my 100% silk blouse and i'm gutted!


  50. ooh I love this look! I'm a big jeans-shorts fan! :)


  51. i love your tartan coat! and the shoes! and i am so tempted to have a lovely leopard print belt of my own now! ah, im so obsessed with your blog <3 you're so beautiful!

    aindrea from RAGS

  52. Beautiful pictures! Your belt and your coat are amazing! xxx

  53. Wow! You are gorgeous! I'm watching 'Secret Diary of a Call Girl' - it's the first time I've seen it, you look great and I love the accent :)

  54. tartan and leopard?? unusual but it works really well!

  55. I adore this coat!

    Prissy (Rush Our Fashion)

  56. Hi Ashley!

    I have one question for you: What are your roots (Your last name kinda sounds African) ?