Dress: Courtesy of TFNC. Coat: TopShop. Boots: Jeffrey Campbell "Lita". 
Socks: ASOS. Clutch Bag: Alexander Wang

These boots are SO comfortable. Totally worth the stress of selling my other pair and getting these because they don't even feel like you're wearing heels. They have a huge platform and they're surprisingly light. If you can bear to pay the custom fees then it is really worth getting a pair.

It's hard not to just spend all winter in my leggings and huge jumpers because it is so bloody cold right now. I'm trying to keep my fashion flag flying high by wearing thermal layers under everything. You can't see it in these pictures but I had thermal knickers, two thermal vests and a body suit on under this dress....  Next time I'm going to add another pair of tights.  I hate to be cold!

'Bedlam' is totally finished now, I loved working on it but I'm happy to be having a break. I'm going to fill my days eating and sleeping until christmas. I might throw in a bit of reading but I'm not promising anything... I have a lot of food to get through.