Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Video Killed The Radio Star

Denim cut offs: Vintage Levis. Body suit: American Apparel. 
Pink Chuck Taylors: Converse. Belt: Vintage. Matt black wayfarers: Rayban - borrowed from the boy. 

A couple of days ago the boy came running into the house... "The light outside is perfect and there's an old TV in the street!!!" To him this meant one thing: Photo shoot. 

People were driving by giving us the "you are crazy" look but we took the shots regardless. One of the hazards of having a fashion blog is people looking at you strangely while you stand and take pictures in the street. Oh well :) I think the first shot is awesome. It's very 'attack of the 100 foot woman'....

I got some exciting news today.... I'm gonna be shooting a new TV series! I was planning to go back to LA at the end of the month but I don't think I will now because I'll be busy filming here until November. That's a loooooooong shoot. I'll give you all the juicy details when it's all locked in and finalized.

Meanwhile I'm shooting 'Victim' the movie and loving it. The boy came down to set and took a few shots so I'll share them with you later this week.

p.s Do any of you have any good blog recommendations? I read loads of them already but I'm always on the look out for good up and coming ones.


natasha1821 said...

The shots do look awesome, don't worry about those people that drove by. They just don't understand! Congrats on your TV series. That's so cool. Can't wait to see the shots from the movie!


Eden said...

LOVE this photos!:))

oliolioli said...

Congrats on being in a new TV series!
That first picture looks amazing indeed. Superwoman! haha xx

Fashion Chalet said...

OMG the angle in the first shot makes you look 8 feet tall. I miss my pink chucks.


xx www.fashionchalet.net

Elle M. said...

love the first picture too:)
i like the 2nd to last pic too :)

i read Alice in Wardrobe Wonderland http://wonderlandlondon.blogspot.com/?zx=d906031a6da86513
and Coco's Tea Party which you already have :b

whats your new show called?
n those kind of glasses just look so good on you
its not fair :(

kitty said...

OMG Congratulations. Will the series only be shown in the UK? I would like my Ashley fix here in the US:).

You sound very happy, Ashley.

Anonymous said...

The first shot is my favourite! And the stares should be normal to you, no? If not for the middle-of-the-road-photoshoot, it's your looks -- you're gorgeous

xo www.fashion-feline.blogspot.com

iva said...

love the combination with the shorts and the all star! ;)

Anonymous said...

you can never go wrong with stylescrapbook.com
you should check her out because her style is amazing!

Paislea Elyse said...

woo hoo! these pictures are gorgeous!


oliolioli said...

Ohhh also a few blog recommendations for you. Have a look at mine if you like, it's http://ohoholi.blogspot.com/

Blogs I enjoy reading is the German one called Amy & Pink which now also translates each post into English

Then these are really lovely and inspiring


LookinFab said...

That's exactly what me and by guy were discussing today. It's hard for me to take pictures one the street, I don't like all the extra attention...

What an amazing TV, you boy was right to take you this photoshoot!

Sandra said...

Wow, your leggggs are awesome! I love pinky convers!

Li said...

Wow, love the mini photoshoot! Your boyfriend is adorable! Congrats on your series!

Amy from Forever Curiouser said...

love the converse, such fun shots! =] x

Jehh said...

Your legs scream "envy me" louder than anything else. If only my legs complied with my commands of growing longer legs.

I agree with the strange looks from other people, they're like "wtf are you doing, and who do you think you are?"

Project details!! I'm so excited to see more of your work, because your role in TBL was so good
I hope your movie comes to Canada!

love you!

rainbows & fairydust said...

awesome pics x

Naked Geek said...

Love the photo shoot. The first pic, where you long really tall is cool. I also like the last picture, cute outfit.

Check out my blog at:


Lluvia said...

love this! I need a pair of converse deperately.

xx lluvia

via www.lluviaforallseasons.com

JJ said...

This is such a cool blog :)

I love these photos especially. I first saw you in Secret Diary, but I'm very sad to say that advertising for TBL was very poor indeed. I LIVE IN NY and did not hear about that show until it was canceled! I'm going to have to watch it on line, because I adore you and will watch you in anything <3

have fun with the new series, congrats!



Lucy said...

Omg i love your legs :D!!
Great simple outfit. Looks chic.

Joy said...

What an amazing pictures! And on the first pick you look so extreme long! Love it!
Maybe you can check out my blog: http://www.justlikesushi.com/

Alexandra said...

You're stunning, I love this outfit.

Love Alexandra


tastythreads said...

v. cool outfit..n yes indeed the first photo is awesome!...i totally have that movie poster on my wall....
i'm gonna do some shameless self-promotion and let u know you should totally check out:

my blog ;) its got great fashion inspiration n music!


- http://fashiongrunge.com/
- http://5inchandup.blogspot.com/
- http://www.leblogdebetty.com/en/
- http://ilovewildfox.com/
- http://www.stylesightings.com/
- http://newdressaday.wordpress.com/
- http://wizzystyle.blogspot.com/

enjoy xx

Christing said...

these pics are amazing...love the first two!! congrats on the new tv show!!

this is ting, kristyanne's friend by the way :-)


Kookie B. said...

oh yeah. Video Killed The Radio Star used to be my anthem when i was younger.

Man, the shots are def cool. lucky you for chancing upon an old TV left in the middle of the street. And i'm diggin this 90's look with sneaks and hi-waist shorts. very rad indeed.

do send me some crazy lovin' at deathbyplatforms.blogspot.com :)

Stefenie T said...

These photos look great - the staring is definitely one of the pitfalls of blogging!
Congrats on your new tv series :)

a couple of blogs that i like..

my blog is..

haven't been doing it for very long so still getting used to it!

Anonymous said...

greatest blog ive seen in a long time. also updates frequently.


Anonymous said...









pkjb said...

cutest Converse. . . ck :) x

lilypebbles said...

Visit my blog if u fancy!

Love yours x



Allegra said...

wooow! that shoot's amazing!
you're so lucky to have such a boy ;) I always have to beg that anyone "wants" to take some pics of me :/ fortunately, I have a new camera and a stand now... hehe

well, check out my blog via www.allegrabj.blogspot.com

have a nice week!!
PS: I'm so looking forward to your new TV series. I loved you in TBL!!

M said...

i love your outfit!

Aisa.Pax.Paking.Paxie said...

love the shots!!! I do get stared at sometimes when I shoot for my blog it's funny how they can't relate to the joyous world of blogging. Anyhoo, congratz on the new series! Are you still doing Secret Diary? I LOVE that.:) And cute chucks!

Love, Paxie

Beckerman Girls said...

LOVE IT! Any opportunity for a photoshoot, right?
We've even posed with loo's and ovens put out to the curb, lol!!! hmmm...Now that I've said that out loud, it doesn't sound so hot!! OY!!
Fashion n bloggin just makes us crazy I guess!!!! :)
The Beckerman Girls


MissZuri said...

love ur blog and love this impromptu shoot!!! the tv is the sh*t......great job

I just posted a DIY tee & Beyonce inspired wishlist ; )

come check out my new fashion blog comment& follow...xxxxo.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, would love to see you on the tube again. Will bambi be back for the final season as well?

Valentine said...

Great photos !!

Have a look at my blog and let me know what you think:

-diary of a fashion stylist-

Or else check that list with the 50 coolest blog:


SHAMEEN said...

simple and fashionable. i love the outfit

Anonymous said...

Being thin, rich and pretty are sure the important things in lfe, eh??

bit superficial isn't it?

you may be rich (are you really though?) and you may be pretty (apart from that moon forehead)... but your thiness is nothing to make me insane.

You need some fat, some boobs and an arse. You have the body of a 12 year old for gods sake! How Iddo can want to go to bed with that...

slappedactress said...

I LOVE the ensemble! It's very chic rocker. (And I'm jealous of there just being a tv in the street. I wish that happened more often where I live.)

I can't wait to hear about this new series! Since you said Bambi won't be back on SDOACG, I wasn't sure where we'd see you next!

As for blogs, I only read three others, aside from this one.
A college friend's daily blog: http://transferlife.tumblr.com/
A fashion blog: http://whatiwore.tumblr.com/
A friend's music blog: http://scratchedintooursouls.wordpress.com/
(And then, there's always my blog, which is somewhat comprehensive of reviews and fashion and whatever else I feel it's necessary to blog about!)

Always, Cait

Ring My Bell said...

The MOST important thing is being happy. Which I am :) And all smart comments from me aside I think that is what must be driving you insane.... otherwise why would you keep coming back to the blog? It obviously distresses you in some way. However it's your life (eh hem) and if this is how you want to spend your time- then good luck to you.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Splashing about your negativity under the safety of 'anonymous' is lame. No face- no game.

Live it like it's golden.

Kim said...

Love the shorts! you're so pretty :) also, i don't know if you'll bother checking it out but the latest blog i subscribed to was


Not that many people know about him - he deserves more subscribers! hah :)

SL said...

These are amazing darling!



Anonymous said...

Great photos! And congratulations on the new tv series.

IceQueen said...


Iana said...

This is my fave photo shoot by far...simply gorgeous! Ignore the anonymous hater and good luck with the new show xox

Ring My Bell said...

Thanks for all the recommendations! I'm going to check them all out :)

Lana- You are so right! I think I will just have to ignore 'anonymous' from now on. I just remembered that Mark Twain quote: "Never argue with a fool; onlookers may not be able to tell the difference"


Anonymous said...

congratulations on your TV series!!!these photos are so beautiful,and I love your outfit,simple but strong!!!kiss from Italy, Ilaria

Shhhh said...

I love the first photo you look amazing, so fierce and your tanned legs go on forever!


Kara said...

Your blog is definately my favorite! Your legs are Awesome! Dont even pay the slightest bit of attention to the sad, jealous fool! Its so obvious why they are hating.... You Rock! ;) x

Lizzie T said...

I love the photographs and the cool and simple styling! I wish I had legs like yours.

As for a blog to recommend, I recently started one, so that's up and coming, right? =) Feel free to have a look!


One of my favourite blog is:
Very feminine and girly styling. She's already pretty established though. Maybe you've seen it?

Congrats on the new TV series!

Yas said...

Hey -
I recognize my street and even my living room window. :)
All the shots are good - I think I like the 3rd one a lot, if you could airbrush yourself on the pic, it would be perfect ;)

Not as exciting as yours, but that's my blog: I keep telling myself to update it more. http://zyasmine.blogspot.com

Congrats on the new show! :)

Anonymous said...

I think I saw you on marylebone high street the other day with your friend Kevin, was going to say hi but you were on the phone (you looked sooo pretty though)!!!

Simone said...

Great photos girl, love it!

Anonymous said...

This shoot is AWESOME! I love it!!!

I discovered intermediatetones.blogspot.com surfing through the blogsphere and it has good writing bits. The pictures are very amateur like, but the writing is definitely worth taking a look at it.

stylescrapbook.com is a good fashion blog too.

Check them out.

Anonymous said...

Ignore the haters hon, we all wish we were thin and young and pretty. There will be plenty of time later to be not thin and not young -- enjoy everything life brings you along the way and you'll have no regrets!

RaindropsofSapphire said...

This is definitely a very funky photoshoot! It's got that 80s retro vibe to it :D Love it!

Congratulations too on the TV series and the movie you are shooting! That's great news :D Can't wait to see the behind the scenes pics!

You already read most of the blogs I do and you know about mine as it's in your blogroll so I can't think of anymore :( Sorry!


love the first shot!!! & congratulation on your new tv series!

Anonymous said...

I love you. Every single post is perfect because its you. Your blog is my favorite. Love the 1st pic the best. :)
-el paso tx

Clazzerati said...

Lovely meeting you yesterday hun, hope you had a good time at Jacques! x

jamie-lee said...

These photos make your legs look miles long - gorgeous as usual.

Exciting! I can't wait - I loved you on The Beautiful Life so will be great to see your acting chops in a new show xx


S.Ella said...

why does my bloglovin not let me know when u update??

I love that first shot so much! Ignore the idiots. Funny how the more they spew negativity the more successful you become (congratulations on the new TV series btw).

As for blog reccommendations, a lot of good ones have been posted already so I'm going to do a shameless plug for my own - strutt mode

Kyli Rochelle said...

LOVE! You have the longest legs ever! And the tv in the middle of the street... love it!

Alaina Figueroa said...
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Jennifer - Stylish Clin d'Oeil said...

Stunning photos!!!

Sabina said...

Is it too selfish if I try to recommend my own blog to you? :))

QuiteQuaint said...

I really like these images, amazing luck to find the old tv in the street! Plus your legs look absolutely incredible! Hah.
Congrats on the new series. I thought you were really good in Secret Diary of a Call Girl, I'd never seen your blog at that point, so it was really nice to stumble across it.
As for blogs, I have a few favourites, but of course Im going to shamelessly suggest my own hah! But if it doesn't take your fancy, I've added a few other links too! x

Quite Quaint
Fashion is a Playground
Another Day to Dress Up
Lulu Letty
Fancy Treehouse

WeShop said...

A TV in the middle of the street = the perfect photo opp! The boy had the right idea, these photos are great. Just found your blog - really like it. xx
PS Hi from Glasgow!

chloe said...

how come i never find a tv in the street!? hehe, your boy certainly has an instinct for photoshoot opportunities!

as for blogs, i'll give you some greek ones: http://ordinarypulse.blogspot.com/, http://batteredcouture.blogspot.com/, http://aleccarox.blogspot.com/, http://sugahspank.blogspot.com/
a uk one: http://vintjunky.typepad.com/blog/, and a usa one: http://noirohiovintage.blogspot.com/
the girls are so different but i love them all :)

and mine, from humble little cyprus: www.chloetonic.com
would love to know what you think of everybody x

Chioma said...

The first shot, is my favorite. Check out these blogs:

Bub said...

WOWWWWWWWWWWW you are gorgeous!!! I love how simple this outfit is, yet so chic! I love the pop of colour coming from your converse! Great outfit dear.

Natalie Louise said...

Hey, only just discovered your blog today! It's so great, i knew i recognised you from somewhere!
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