Kevin is wearing; Carrot jeans: TopMan. Shirt: American Apparel. 
T.Shirt: Own design. Sneakers: Puma. Bracelet: Gucci

I am wearing; Dress: Vintage. Belt: Gucci (vintage). Loafers: TopShop.

Kevin and the boy came to visit me on the set of 'Victim'. The dress I'm wearing is part of my costume.

Kevin is one of my oldest and closet friends. I love these pictures of us because our body language is so warm, you can tell that we spend practically all our time laughing when we are together. There is an ease between us that has grown over a decade of friendship. As well as making me howl with laughter he also has impeccable style ;)

I can finally tell you more about my new TV show.... it's a series that I'm shooting in Manchester called 'Bedlam'. I won't ruin it for you but I will say that the scripts are very spooky and I got quite scared reading them!