Tuesday, 6 July 2010


We moved over the weekend and I've spent the last few days in my denim cut offs and one of the boy's t.shirts... No need for you all to see that mess! Here's a shopping update instead...

After trawling the internet for what felt like a lifetime I finally found the sunglasses I've been lusting after. I've been in love with the Grey Ant Status glasses for a while but I haven't been able to find them in a shop so I could actually try them on. They're quite pricey so I figured trying them on first would be smart... I could not find them ANYWHERE and it drove me crazy! When I want something I am a woman on a mission.

The real deal Grey ant Status glasses on Beyonce

I found these Grey ant-alikes for a fraction off the price on ebay. I can't wait for them to arrive! I got both colours because they were so cheap. $6.99.

Grey ant-alikes from ebay

I also snagged this faux fur leopard coat from TopShop. I know it's the middle of summer but I couldn't resist!
You'll be seeing lots of pictures of me in this come autumn. I've already worn it around the house a couple of times because I'm so excited. That's normal, right?

*you can buy the grey ant-alike sun glasses from this ebay seller: here :)


  1. i LOVE the grey ant look alikes !!
    could you possibly post the ebay site where you got them on? :)
    and the leopard coat is actually very lovely !!
    you got gooood taste :)

  2. The sunnies are adorable...
    And I have no words about the coat...can't waiting to see you ROCK IT.!!

    much love,

    P.S. Congratulations for the new home!!

  3. ohh these are really nice, who was the seller if you don't mind me asking? :)

    Thanks sweetie


  4. omg the sunglasses are amazingggg! good eye :)


  5. hahaha!! yes it is normal.. atleast i do it.....!! haha

  6. I bought the same sunnies...ebay is a magnificent place! hahaha

    We should get together soon and rock them in the streets of London :P


  7. I posted the link to the seller guys :)

    Andy- Anytime my friend!

  8. Love the sunglasses but the seller has NO ITEMS FOR SALE !! I'll just have to wait, but indeed you have great taste

  9. Fab sunglasses!!!


  10. Didn't wait long... they're back on

  11. gahhh - you're my favourite person right now, amazing glasses! x

  12. oooooohhh praise you honey for the link!!! + yay! congrats on the big move :)


  13. Beyonce looks gorgeous in those. Love her lip gloss as well! :)

    Ugh about the blogger comments. It keeps "eating" mine because I see them in email but not online?


  14. thanks sooo much for the link to the sunglasses, I have also been drooling over them.... but I feel like I need to try them on before I purchase them!! you arethe best :)


  15. I understand about the coat! About a month ago, I bought cropped boots for LA in the summer. They've been sitting next to my armoire, crying.

  16. I am absolutly in love with the sunglasses!!!! great!


  17. I understand about the coat. A few weeks ago, I bought cropped boots for summer in LA. They're sitting by my armoire, crying to be worn.

  18. You were amazing in The Beautiful Life! I adore your character so much- so sweet and funny. I used to play on my mp3 two moments with you all the time- when you were saying "walking-talking target for PETA" and when this boy (main character's brother) kissed you. Hahaha, it was so funny!
    Anyways, I just wanted to say that I'm so happy that I found your blog!

  19. I think the glasses were originally from Urban Outfitters? Not sure though. But they're awesome!

    xo www.fashion-feline.blogspot.com

  20. great purchases, have been looking to get that jacket myself but haven't been able to spot it on the website!


  21. sweetie thanks so much for the tip on the sunglasses! They are so awesome!! Loving the coat too- i have a major leopard obsession right now!!

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested in winning a See by Chloe purse! xxxx

  22. Great purchases! I've been looking to get that topshop jacket myself but couldn't spot it on the website, you lucky thing!


  23. jamie-lee - I got mine from the Oxford circus store.

    Anonymous- The glasses are orginally from a brand called Grey Ant. Urban outfitters also did a copy but they're not in store any more :)

    WERONIKA- Thanks!

    ari- I'll post loads of pictures of them when they arrive :)

    Fashion Chalet -They're back now! FINALLY!

  24. Love the sunnies!

    I hope you do a blog post w/ these sunnies cuz I would like to see how they look on a person.

    xo Nicole

  25. Hey Ashley I have been away but keeping a watchful eye on my fellow London girl :) just ordered these specs... I'll send a pic over when they get delivered! hopefully the sun will hold out for their delivery...

  26. ASHLEY!!!! We are totally lovin' with your style and your blog girl! You totally rock it!! STUNNING!!!
    Love those glasses - I had a fav pair of Wayfairer Sunnies - they were camoflague, but they've grown legs and disappeared, lol!!! Maybe these should be my next pair!!!
    Lots of love and kisses,
    The Beckerman Girls