Wednesday, 7 July 2010

80's Purple. COMPETITION!!!

Shorts, Vest & Two finger ring: Purple Label- Courtesy of 80's Purple
Shoes: TopShop. Gold 'Apollo' ring: Lara Bohinc

I flipping LOVE this outfit. Double finger ring- AH-MAZING! 

80's purple is a super cool online shopping destination that I've been aware of for a while now. They have an amazing selection of drool worthy items from various labels and their own in house 'purple lable' is pretty sick too. I've got my eye on this little baby:
Florence dress Um.... Yes please!

Anyway, when they contacted me about doing a competition/giveaway for the lovely Ring My Bell readers I of course said yes.

Here's what's up for grabs: 

*80's purple are giving away $100 to one lucky reader to spend on!!! *

You could get a whole new outfit with that kinda dough...

The last few give aways have had the winner chosen totally at random so I wanted to make this one a bit more of a focused competition... This is how you enter:
  • Make sure you are a follower of Ring My Bell on Bloglovin
  • 'Like' 80's Purple on their facebook page here.
  • Leave a comment on this post with your name, email and facebook profile name. Tell me which is your favorite item on the 80's purple site and why. Include a link back to the item so I can see what you're talking about :)

May the best girl (or guy!) win.
*This competition is open to all followers but if the winner lives outside of the USA they will have to pay for the shipping of the items if they win.

Competition closes on Friday July 16th


  1. I love that outfit!!!

    It's so adorable and bright!
    Perfect for summer here in Tacoma Washington!
    email is

  3. I definitely hyped this outfit last night on lookbook. And, because it's so cute, I'm going to enter this competition. Yeah. That.

    Caitlin Postal - - facebook: Caitlin Postale

    Oh goodness, I love the rubber duck acid wash boot. It's simple and chic, yet would make a great accent on any ensemble, whether it be a floral print dress or leather pants and a rocker tee. My favorite color shoe to wear is grey, so it covers that, plus it's individualistic and urban though it will match to anyone's particular style, dependent on what they pair it with.

  4. Great contest!

    My favorite item would be the Dolce Vita Helix Sandals ( because they're at a comfortable walking height, has studs along the bottom of the heel (and I'm sold if anything has studs), has cowboy-esque buckles, and is strappy enough to support my feet, plus I think it'd look great with dresses in the summer time, or paired with socks and loose ankle grazing trouser for those chilly days, or jeans and overcoats for the winter months. All in all, it'd be a great investment for every season, which is why I love them :)


    Hope I'm lucky!

  5. oh my god. i adore your outfit so muuuch <3 i'm drooling right now.

    okay. and the contest info:
    name: traci nakagaki
    email: ( i know it's ridiculous i made it in like 5th grade. Lol. )
    facebook profile name-traci nakagaki
    favorite item: Hellz Bellz - Women's The City Dress. which is this-
    i absolutely LOVE this because it looks very loose, comfortable, and the way it kind of connects in the middle gives the dress a assymetrical feel. plus, it is not only very chic, but very grungy as well. you could totally dress it up with a pair of cute heels, or dress it down with some combat boots. this dress is my love <3

    ps: thank you for having this contest! i love 80's purple, and your blog! :)


  6. Name: Julia Dry.
    Facebook name: Julia Dry.

    My favourite piece of clothing on this site is Obey's summertime dress. I love the bustier look on the top and the tight looking fit down the rest of the body. At the same time the dress is denim making the piece more casual and fun.


  7. Miriam Dwyer
    Facebook: Miriam Dwyer

    I'm in LOVE with the custome dept gold lux dress!!!! I'm pretty sure anytime I wore it I would have the best dress at any party. Not to mention sequins are a staple in my wardrobe. At that price a little discount would go a long way.

  8. i've already seen this outfit on your lookbook but again- it's great and u look lovely! ;)

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  10. absolutely love those rings! where do I find 80's purple shops?

  11. Wow, this is one of my favorite shoots of you, if not my favorite. I love the colors and your hair and makeup look astonishingly perfect !
    -following Ring My Bell on BlogLovin
    -liked/fan of 80's Purple (their stuff is so cute/chic! love it)

    Michelle McNeill
    FB: Michelle McNeill (
    Favorite Item: Dolce vita - women's silk electra dress -Because I love dresses and I love the back cut out. The design is amazing- its unique and chic!
    I actually really liked the dress you picked out too !
    Thanks for sharing this site btw, i like it a lot:)

  12. Agreed! Your outfit is adorable.
    But as for the competition..
    -Megan Leonard
    -Facebook profile name is Megan Leonard
    -My favorite item is the Noir women's double finger dagger ring in gold. It's super cute! I've really been into double finger rings lately. This one is girly, yet gives me a tougher look even though I'm a total wimp. It isn't too big or bulky.. Also it's not completely out of my price range like a lot of the jewelry that I fall in love with seems to be! And that is a definite PLUS.

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  14. Leave a comment on this post with your name, email and facebook profile name. Tell me which is your favorite item on the 80's purple site and why.
    My name is Stefanie Gramm, my email is lostemilie(at) but also tessshipper(at) (for facebook) and my facebook name is Stefanie Mina :)

    My favorite are of course the ray ban - aviator 3025 plum/silver/lavender - a very classic pair of sunglasses in a great color!

    and the Diesel - New Surface Protoscience Leather Bag (Silver Grey) is simply amazing for a good shopping trip

    PS I also love these shoes but I am no good in high heels :(

  15. Hi Ashley, I just wanted to say Thank You and 80's Purple for being so generous! I love love love Purple Label. Simple and Sexy! However I am going to favor with this little temptress number by David Lerner. This dress would give any woman (myself) confidence with it's great silhouette and sexy neckline. My wardrobe is rather simple and not complicated and would LOVE to have something shake it up a bit.

    P.S. Your style is rockin, Lady. Thanks for sharing your wonderful outfits with all of us!

    Cora deVe
    FB: Ginger Lane Earrings

  16. Tori Baker
    fb: Tori Baker

    I've become a huge fan of you after seeing you all over LB, I just want to say you're amazing!

    I picked out the grey duct tape skinny jeans! I don't own a lot of jeans and I would love these! They are unique and edgy, and I don't own a grey pair.

  17. Hey!! I'm so excited about this contest!! I hope I'm LUCKY!!

    Name: Samantha Nadres
    favorite item:

    80%20 sandal!! I already own this and its starting to break because I literally wear this almost everyday! Its my favorite shoe you can wear it fancy or casual it goes with anything. When I first bought it I was hesitant at first, but then the leather stretched out a little bit and now it fits perfectly! It's so comfortable and is the perfect gladiator sandal!! This is something I would totally buy again it was seriously worth every penny!!!

    Facebook: Samantha Marie Nadres (

    P.S. Please PICK MEE!! :) k thanks

  18. :) new favourite online shopping website

    Name: Sarah McCarthy
    FB Profile Name: Sarah McCarthy
    Favourite clothing: dolce vita - women's clarabelle fringe skirt (grey leather)

    Usually when you hear fringed leather skirt it would be disgusting, but this one is suprisingly subtle. Teamed with the top like it is in the photo, the leather is balanced out. I spent ages looking through the sight and nothing really jumped out at me, until I saw this. Its unusual, but the leather and the fringes on this work really well together, without looking to stupidly cowboyish.

  19. Núria García Blàzquez
    FB: Núria García Blàzquez

    Just a weeks ago I discover this site, and I think it's great. It's extremely difficult to choose just one piece: there ara too many lovely shorts, basic dresses absolutely cute, very original jewels, amazing bags...but lately i'm in love with jumpsuits so I would choose this one:
    A sweet soft colored romper, a bit vintage that I got in my mind combined with grey socks and wooden wedges. I think it's so sweet and the ways it narrows at the waist makes a very femenin shape!

    Besos! XXX

  20. Hello Ashley!
    My name's Simona Aleknaite
    fb page:

    And I'm already following you on blogloving & like you're page in facebook.

    Wow where is so much I love in that store but I guess my favourite would be those wooden wedge booties ! I love them because I was searching for the booties like that for ages but I couldn't find the right onces with nice price and good looking. But now when you're giving one item away, my dream finaly could come true:) 2nd reason why I love it, because when I saw them I imagined what it could paired with. Maybe this would look great with light grey tights, black tights, or even no tights! Then I would pair it with a lace cardigan or dress.
    Well I would be realy happy if you choose me, I'm living in Lithuania and have no possibility to own this item :)

  21. Such a brilliant competition!

    Name: Mona Irén Pettersen
    Email: (guess my favourite band, lol)
    Facebookname: Mona Irén Pettersen

    It was so hard to choose just one item, there were so many lovely items! But in the end I chose these Cheap Monday pants, which would look awesome with a pair of wicked heels/wedges, a fitted top and a statement necklace.

    I'm also lusting after these items:


    Oh, and I've been following you on Bloglovin for ages, ever since I first saw TBL.

  22. I love your outfit,and you are so beautiful in these photos!!! kiss from Italy Ilaria

  23. So I'm feelin' this dress hard lol I love the contrast of the girlyness and the badass zipper in the front. I recently donated most of my clothes and am trying to revamp my wardrobe so great timing :)

    Name: Cherith S.

  24. Hi Ashley! Love your blog...

    Name: Kandice
    Facebook: Kandi Janeen

    I would totally get this from 80's Purple if I won the contest:

    Reason: I'm going to Las Vegas with my boyfriend at the end of August and I would love to have this cool Dolce Vita dress. It would look great dressed up or down with the perfect heel/sandal.

  25. Hannah Dempsey
    Facebook: Hannah Dempsey

    Amazing. All I can say.
    There is so much to look through, took me an hour minimum to get through a quarter of the website.
    I have been looking for the perfect bikini all over the internet and finally
    The criss/cross of the constrasting patterns and the cut is amazing and would be so flattering. I am actually in love.

    Love you blog x

  26. Hi !

    I'm Martina Buttini from Milan
    e mail :
    Facebook :

    My favourite item :

    I love this jumpsuit because it seem comfortable but also glam it depends of what you match it with ! Perfect for taking a walk in the city during the sales (like now in Milan) , perfect in the evening with high heels or wedges , and perfect for my holidays... this kind of clothes are great because they follow you in every occasion like a good friend
    LOVE IT !!!! NEED IT =D

  27. name : Karolina Januleviciute
    email :
    facebook profile :

    i'm following you on bloglovin and just liked 80's purple facebook page.

    so, it was hard to find the one and the best, but i think, my favourite will be this dress I love the mixed grey and black details and i think, it would fit perfectly with sandals for great summer pool party !

    i would grateful if you choose me :}

  28. I think this han cholo earpiece:

    would look amazing with hair in a top knot and this edgy hellz bellz dress:

    A perfect casual/ edgy summer outfit :)

    Becky Qa
    facebook profile: Becky Qa

  29. You have a great blog!
    From now on I follow you!!

  30. I'm now following you on Bloglovin': saucy.baby21[at]gmail[dot][com]

    I've liked 80's Purple on Facebook under: Nicole O.

    It's hard to choose a favorite cuz I love so many things but if I had to choose, it would be HELLZ BELLZ "CAN'T AFFORD ME" TANK. I've had my eye on this tank for awhile. I love it!

    Thanks so much for the chance! =]

    xo Nicole

  31. This would pretty much be AMAZING to win! Wow, thanks so much for having this giveaway Ashley. (That's my sister's name, by the way, so I automatically feel a rush of gratitude to all Ashleys)

    I follow you on Bloglovin, and I follow 80spurple on FB (Amber H).

    I have a serious crush on the Jenny Han Pleasted V Neck Dress (, I love the buttercup yellow shade! Perfect and bright for summer. I also like the Insight Sexy Rexy Dress (, it would look cute with heels, or with a belt around the waist, leggings, and wedges. I also really like the Purple Label Curved Oval Crystal 2-finger ring (, my empty fingers on my right hand are sort of jealous just looking at it on the product page. So cute! Girl, you know I couldn't pick just one favorite, to there are 3 of mine, hope you liked my picks!

    Thanks so much!

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  32. love your outfit!
    here it goes:
    facebook name: ari cabral
    e mail:
    item: Sabre Vision "acid aloha" sunglasses
    I just love these sunglasses. I have many squared and flat top sunglasses already, but have been in need of a round vintage looking shape and these glasses fit the bill. Love the stripe detail on the side, these sunglasses are amazing, and will make any outfit I wear 100X better!
    link :

    thanks :)

  33. Bloglovin follower:
    + liked on facebook by Stacy Long :)

    I'm currently diggin' the Insight Navajo Gypsy Dress in the nights colour! Such a fun, flirty dress that you could dress up or down, and the tribal print is so funky!

    Thanks for this lovely giveaway!

    x Stacy Long

  34. Your makeup always looks so perfect! What do you use on your brows?

  35. Name: Natalia Rubio
    Facebook: Natalia Rubio or

    Omg, I LOVE your outfit. I saw it on lookbook & you seemed so familiar & then I realized your from TBL! I was like OMG! ahaha. But yeah, I looooove your outfits. Your so pretty<3 Anyways, there's soo much cute stuff to chose from! I can't just pick one, ahah.
    I love this dress: It's cute & simple. It's sexy but not too revealing. I also like this monokini: Perfect for the beach! Oh, and I'm in love with this bag:

  36. as usual the outfit is amazing!
    Lilly Sarian
    facebook name: lilly sarian

    my favorite item has to be

    this dolce vita dress, its so simple but edgy and intricate at the same time! and i love the cut out in the back!

  37. OMG you look STUNNING :))


  38. kt vn lw- I'll do a full make up post soon :)

    bloo- Thank you. That's very sweet of you to say!


  39. i love the shorts and ring ! you Do look stunning !!
    i could really use this 80's purple thing, my parents both got unemployed a couple months ago, no one's hiring, and my wardrobe is dehydrating/starving/crying :(
    butttt, 80s purple is now one of my new favorite shopping sites :)
    if theres any more great ones like this, we'd love to hear of them !
    thanks for evrything <3

  40. Name: Christin G.
    facebook profile name: Christin Julia

    Hey Ashley! Just remembered you from TBL. You were my fav character. Sad that the show stopped. :( But NOW i love your blog and its a big inspiration for me! thank you!
    Here is my favorite Item:
    80's has so much fabulous things and when i say the truth: i really couldnt decide. But i chose this "Outfit" because its fresh, a little bit glamurous and i think something special, because who has white pants with black stripes like that? it's really awesome!
    HEARTS - christin

  41. Dayna Wilson!/profile.php?id=595615031

    This is my favorite Item because I am going to Ibiza soon and its perfect, Im not a fan of bikini strap tan lines so bandeaus are great, I love the fact that its plain and simple a great investment piece that I can use again.


    Because I've wanted a jumpsuit for EVER and this one's gorgeous!

    name & fb name: Hannah Helliwell

  43. Name: chiara

    my favourite item?
    Why? because it's simple and funny,perfect for the summer's very 80s and also it is PURPLE!


  44. I live in Canada and will be willing to pay shipping if I'm given the chance to win!!
    I'm really loving the 'dolce vita - women's stella silk cotton romper (black)'. The material looks so soft and airy which is especially perfect for summer because of the heat! For summer because of the weather my motto is as little clothing as possible without looking too revealing. This romper seems like the perfect match for my description. AND it is chic. It looks like it could really accentuate the legs (always a bonus) and it can be worn casually or dressed up. It is high fashion, AND guys would be able to appreciate it as well. It is often that the really fashionable pieces are appreciated by women...but not often alot of guys out there! For those of the guys that do - come in rare unfortunately. Also what i love about this romper is that it is so versatile! I love so many things but the problem with those are that we get sick of them so easily! Because it can be dressed up or down, it can also change faces just like that by changing a bag, or the sunglasses we pair it with, to the shoes we wear, or the jewelry that we wear (or don't even have to wear with this staple)The cut out detailing at the back also gives it an added appeal and air for the heat of summer! love this

  45. Name: lainey
    FB: Elaine Valerie Nuguid


    I'm absolutely in love with this ring! I hope I get it. :)

  46. Hey Ash!
    Delmis here (:
    Facebook name: Delmis Rivera ( )

    &&so here I go! I have LOVED boots since I can remember and I absolutely melted when I saw these!
    They look super gorgeous!! Of course i cant afford them but a girl is allowed to dream no? (:
    I must add that I have been wanting to become a model since my mother gave birth to me (seriously!) and you are one of my biggest inspirations! Plus, i LOVE your taste in fashion :D
    Bless your heart!
    xoxo Delmis (:

  47. Name: Margaret
    Facebook Name: Margaret Zhang
    SO in love with purple label's light blue avril pants - they look amazingly comfy and I've been searching for the perfect high-waisted, tapered and transeasonal pants for so long - this pair is all of those.

  48. Adrianna Traxler: Find me on facebook by looking up my name

    My favorite item

    This would be a piece so different from what I have in my closet. This dress has such a vintage inspired look that I fell in love.

    Thanks for introducing me to such a great online store..they carry such edgy yet girly pieces

    Michelle Flores
    FB: Michelle Flores
    I chose the women's Obey summertime dress. It is perfect for this season and can be dressed up or dressed down. When styled this denim dress can be edgy or sweet and that is why I think this dress is amazing!

  50. Hi Ashley :) These competitions you run on your blog are a fab idea! Love your outfit above so much, so the chance to win from 80's purple makes me so excited!


    My name is Becca Lea.
    I don't use facebook - hope I am still eligible to win though!
    This dress is ADORABLE. I love this item so much because to me it could be so versatile. It could be a fantastic day look, worn with a a simple long cardigan and sandels. It would also be great for night time and cocktail hour... teamed with some chunky shoeboots and edgy accessories as shown in the picture on the site. I love the front zip at the bust, the shape of the dress and the 'evening plum' colour is just delicious.

  51. Name : Abi Tanner (also facebook)
    email :

    couldn't find a particular favourite but this was in my top 5 :) perfect for summer, especially with the heat at the moment and the button detailing is really nice.
    its also a different type of 'nautical' not just stripes which is what i think attracted me to it the most.

  52. lovely! I've just found your blog and liked it a lot.

  53. aw, for some reason i couldn't get onto the site.. oh well, just wanted to let you know that you look fab as usual! love your outfit

  54. firstly i love your whole outfit and just want it all

    name: mikayla
    facebook: mikayla kuczerepa
    favourite item:
    why: i was instantly attracted to it, the main reason i love it is because it reminds me so much of the fall/winter 2010/2011 balmain collection, the long sleeved mini, the low cut front, the gold sequins, it really is amazing

    and thankyou for this post because i would never have discovered 80s purple

  55. the outfit is grate :)

    name: Olga
    facebook profile name: Lora Palmer :)

    my favorite item on the 80's purple:
    It's love from the first sight I guess. :)
    And this sandals caught my eye.. ahh.

  56. Wow, I'm 1000th Bloglovin follower, congrats :) And I flipping LOVE this outfit, too :D

    I'll go check out 80's Purple now.

  57. Christie Broom,
    Christie Broom

    I absolutely adoreeeeee the elephant print ruffle dress! (
    Becasue, it's really summery, and looks really light and fresh. It could b dressed up or down. and it has pockets. Now, often these kinds of item don't have pockets, which I personally love, and are really useful, but this does! The pockets are definately a redeeming feature.
    Also, I like the way it is pulled in at the waist, and that it has a racer back neckine, so you could put another funky coloured vest top underneath it for a day trip out, or shopping, an it's really mkae the colours pop :D
    It's just really cute ^^
    P.s, I loveeee your blog :) I find it really inspiring, keep up the good work :)

  58. Amalie Nørløv
    facebook: Amalie Nørløv

    My favourite item is the dolce vita noah shoe! Its so AMAZIng, and perfect for summer, with dresses! Im soooo in looove! The silver details makes it more like rock, but still you can pair it with a flowerprint dress, and look fabulous and cute! want, want, want.

  59. Name: Joy
    FB profile name: Joy meursing


    It's really an item that can spice up your whole outfit! Further it goes with everything. Also I think it will look cool when you combine it with some cute socks! AND it just look ultra feminine!

  60. BEEBOP! : okay so that’s the first word that popped into my head with the black-white striped slouchy tank you have on.
    I love the innocence of this piece, with its ability to be so seductive and feminine at the same time!

    80’s Purple Competition: Alright, so I’ve been in fashion/shopping withdrawal for a few months because I’m in a village in Eastern Europe working on community development to prevent heavy alcoholism within these villages. (I am from Toronto)

    I will be back home soon and winning this contest would be an awesome start to my city-life again! (also, checking out Topshop’s arrival!- I know, lame… we get it so late!)
    Hazel- Lace Shrug in Black.

    This definitely caught my attention! I love the layered ruffles and its versatility to pair any summer dress (in a light hue) or even over a very simple tee.
    It’s one of those items you want to throw on when lounging around in a cotton romper isn’t enough…! =)

    Name: Jenny Bae
    Facebook: Jenny Bae

  61. BEEBOP! : okay so that’s the first word that popped into my head with the black-white striped slouchy tank you have on.
    I love the innocence of this piece, with its ability to be so seductive and feminine at the same time!

    80’s Purple Competition: Alright, so I’ve been in fashion/shopping withdrawal for a few months because I’m in a village in Eastern Europe working on community development to prevent heavy alcoholism within these villages. (I am from Toronto)

    I will be back home soon and winning this contest would be an awesome start to my city-life again! (also, checking out Topshop’s arrival!- I know, lame… we get it so late!)
    Hazel- Lace Shrug in Black.

    This definitely caught my attention! I love the layered ruffles and its versatility to pair any summer dress (in a light hue) or even over a very simple tee.
    It’s one of those items you want to throw on when lounging around in a cotton romper isn’t enough…! =)

    Name: Jenny Bae
    Facebook: Jenny Bae

  62. crap!

    Facebook name is Eirryn Porter

  63. Gah! How exciting! All done! The choice was super hard but in the end I went with the Dolce Vita - Women's Noah Platform Wedges in Black...I'm a sucker for shoes & these are the perfect mix of pretty & grungy.



  64. Name: Magda
    Facebook: Magda Kantor (!/profile.php?id=100000535556546)

    I fell in love with this dress:
    It's simple and beautiful. I'm almost 21 and recently started wearing dresses more often and I don't have them too many right now. If I could afford buying this one, I would definetely do it :)

  65. Charmaine D'Silva

    I gotta say that I love this Dolce Vita Silk Electra Dress. It reminds me of that "I used to worship Madonna" time of my life! Its a gorgeous dress with that fantastic cutout..

    Great Contest!

  66. Name: Claire Cipriani

    I'm completely in love with Secret Diary of a Call Girl. When I came across your lookbook one day I did a total double-take! Awesome blog!

    My favorite 80's purple item is purple label's celeste woven pant:

    I think there's nothing more stylish than an interesting and classic silhouette. These pants could be taken in so many different directions and paired with almost anything in my closet already. The light navy color also keeps these pants fresh for summer, spring, and even fall!

  67. Name; Iris Cogolludo



    Favorite item;

    I'm all about the dresses and this one is totally adorable! With the nice shoes and the nice accerssories anyone can wear ir :)

  68. Name: Marine Coderch


    facebook: Marine Coderch

    Favourite item:

    I'm basically obsessed with dresses. I'm always trying to find the perfect one, and this one has a great color and great design.

  69. OMG I SO dont know which outfit to choose!!!
    Im totally into playsuits right now, and I guess this one is the cutest..

    Or maybe this cut-out dress that I've read about on NYLON too. I believe that if you style it correctly it will look so good! (even though you can totally make these cuts yourself haha)

    Name: Helen Kaplanis
    Facebook profile: Elena Kaplani!/profile.php?id=789530252


  70. Name: Carla Zeller
    Facebook: Carla Zeller (
    this is such a great competition, thanks so much for the opportunity!

    my favourite item is:

    this ring is so gorgeous! double finger-rings have always something special and this one is just great. LOVE is such a great message, and the ring looks so chic. if you have a simple outfit and put this ring on, it brings the special something.

    love your blog ashley, keep it up!

  71. Hi, my name is Nicole, facebook profile is Nicole Ehrenbergerová and e-mail

    I fell in love with these headphones and the reason is simple. They're just perfect :D

    In the end I'd love to tell you, that I love your blog and style!

  72. Such a beautiful outfit, love the way its put together.

    My names Sophie Miller,
    Facebook 'Sophie Miller'
    I have fallen in love these wedges.
    I adore anything with studs and buckles and I'm a huge fan of the cute quirky socks combined!
    Huge believer that the shoe makes the outfit and these would give any cute little dress a rock n roll edge. These would work so well with a lace dress! Getting excited just thinking about it! (:

  73. Kietzke

    the lovemade x han cholo earpiece is my favourite because it's gorgeous, unique and you don't need any other accessories when you wear it because it stands out so much. even a white t-shirt can be made fabulous with it!

  74. Ohmygoodness, ashley you are the most prettiest girl i've ever seen in my life!! I'm terribly upset that they cancelled TBL, I was already getting so into it! Just wanted to tell you that you were amazing and because of your hair, I decided to trim my bangs and have full bangs as well.:) I love you!!!!

  75. Amanda!/profile.php?id=1282410184

    Hey Ashley!!
    I'm a new follower of your blog and so far I love it! The florence dress is really cute, but I think my favorite item is the Jenny Han smocktube prism dress:

    It's really adorable and perfect for the summer and even great for the transition into fall. I have a cute black leather jacket that would be perfect over it when it gets cold. It's very versatile and can be worn on so many different occasions. I love it!

  76. you're so beautiful, I haven't knew you are an actress :O greetings from Lithuania! xoxo

  77. i always love the outfits you put together! :)

    Holly J

    my favorite thing on the site would probably be the "Bijules - Mini Curved Bar Ring" I love this ring because I don't think i've ever seen anything like it before; its different from other bar rings i've seen. (and black gold is always a plus :) )