Friday, 18 June 2010

Kandee GIVE AWAY!!!!

Shirt: American Apparel. Skirt: PINE. Boots: courtesy of Kandee. 
Socks American Apparel. Bag: Chanel.

I woke up feeling a million times better today :) I got sent these boots by Kandee and immediately wanted to wear them. They're called 'The Milky Bar Boot'. Cute, right!? They have a kittenish lolita vibe which I love. Kandee is an extremely cute shoe line based around yummy sweets and candy. The shoes have names like 'lemon sherbet pump' and 'dolly mix wedge'.  The idea is just too cute for words.... which is why I've used the word 'cute' a thousands times already so far in this blog! You can see Kandee here. This line will be huge! It's already been featured in InStyle....

Those lovely people at Kandee not only sent a pair for me they also sent a pair for one of YOU!

Dippa Stick ankle boot.

I tried these on today and they look amazing with jeans, the yellow heel is a great pop of colour. I was of course tempted to keep these beauties for myself but I love you all too much <3

Here's how you can win...
  • Follow Kandee and Ring My Bell on twitter here and here.
  • Follow Ring My Bell on Bloglovin here.
  • Comment on this post with your name, email address and Twitter name! 
  • The give away will close on wednesday 23rd June.
Good luck!

*These boots are a size 40 but they come up a little small. I'm a 39 and they fit me perfectly*

Kandee are also offering 10% discount AND free shipping. Enter voucher code ''IWANTKANDEE''. 


Clare said...

Gorgeous shoes! Plus they're in my size, hoorah!

I follow you on bloglovin and twitter m'dear.

I'm doing a competition on my blog at the moment if you fancy it!

tweet tweet tweet


Desirée said...

hi ashley! i don't want to say the same things but i love this shoes and i actually didn't win something in these give win a pair of shoes will be very very amazing!
Desirée,, desidesid

KatrinaLouise said...

Perfect size :)


They are amazing!


To Vogue or Bust said...

Great giveaway!

My name is Alexandra G., twitter account is ToVogueOrBust, and my email is

Jennie Nhi Nguyen said...

lovely pictures!


Nerdic.. said...

You look great in the white version of the booties!
My name is Ilanka, and Fashionnerdic on twitter.


natasha1821 said...

Natalie R.

Thanks for this cool giveaway. These shoes are so cute.

Lucy said...

Omg!! These shoes are gorgeous!

Laura said...

Those shoes are stunning!
Name: Laura Brown
Twitter name: Laura7889


Anonymous said...

OMG...Shoes to DIE FOR.!!!
I cross my fingers.!


twitter name: AlexandraQst

Jazzabelle said...

you look beautiful, i love this series of pictures. the skirt and shirt go together perfectly, and your cat just looks so cute in the background. amazing boots, i'm only a size three, hehe. good luck to everyone that enters!

love, jazzabelle. xxx

Allister Bee said...

you are gorgeous. i love your blog. ♥

Allegra said...

OMG these booties are amazing!! and also the ones you are wearing!! wow! how cool is this? I'd love to get them :D

twitter name: allegrabj

all the best, hun!
xoxo allegra

Allegra said...

oh yess, I'm following you on twitter and bloglovin and I also became a follower of Kandee!

great idea!

loublogs said...

I love kandee shoes! I have blogged about them too!

Following them and you on twitter! ( @lou_tweets) and also following you on bloglovin'!!

iza said...

amazing your boots . Look soo cute , i loved..

dania said...

i looove this outfit as i do all of them. please give meee i live in kingston, jamaica, and opening a store next month. i would stand out!!!!


dania whyte

vicky h. said...

ahhh such an amazing giveaway!! already a follower on everything possible :)

xox Vicky
Bikinis & Passports

twitter: vickyheiler

Ileana Magno said...

My name is Ileana, my email:, my twitter IleanaMagno.

Cocoa-Heats said...

WAAAAAAAAAW, Omg, just saying : I'm a 39 too :)
So my name is Chloé
My email add
My Twitter : ZooeyC

xxx Hope I'll win this time :)

Barbarella said...

Completely in Love!! I already follow you on Twitter, I'm Misskittenpurr

Wardrobe Warrioress said...

Those shoes are really cute. I love the white ones!

My name is Katie
Blog is
Email is
Twitter is WWarrioress

Georgia said...

Score, this is my size!

Anonymous said...

amazing boots!
Twitter is josieburns

Natalia said...

Love the outfit!
And these shoes are a must!!!!!


Kat said...

My size and I have fallen in love with the contrasting heel AND the zip on the back!!

Name: Kat
Twitter: Kat_Chambers


Cherith said...

Super duper cute :)

anna said...

the combination of socks + boots is perfect!

twitter: annaislovely


Madeleine George said...

The shoes look amazing! And my size..perfect ;)
I have been looking for a pair of shoes like this, and I love how you teamed them with socks.

Leni George


Melissa said...

you look great!

twitter: @melissaman_


Sara said...

Ah I love these! Im been hunting for perfect heels and these are it! :) Ps. love the photos with your pretty cat! Adorable!
twitter: @saralynnmorton

Sarah said...


I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better.

I loveee those shoes! The idea of candy like shoes is so much fun! I looked on their website and I'm pretty sure I'd purchase all of them if I weren't a struggling student (foiled again by finances, if only we could live off of shoes!).

Name: Sarah
Twitter: SarahBookPaiges

It must be fun being in contact with fans from around the world. My friend and I are in Canada and follow you (wow that sounded wasn't meant to!)

Anonymous said...

I have just made Twitter because of this boots :))
I wish I win, I would be incredibly happy:)
However, ashley-ringmybell blog ♥
greetings from Hungary

Name: Regina Csicsman
Twitter: kandeeboots

Cherokee said...

I adore the outfit and the quality of the pictures are fantastic. I look forward to reading your future posts.


Cylia Loves Smiles said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG! *smiles all the way*

Name: Cylia Tedjawirja
Twitter: SheLovesSmiles

LittleMissJadeykins said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mariam said...

I love your outfit and your shoes!!! Just lovely!! Congrats.
xo xo



japantoypanic said...

Lovely shoes! :) x

Lannie said...

outfit is so cute! i really think american apparel should give you some acknowledgment -- you wear so much AA stuff and it all looks phenom!!


Karen Hsiang said...

Gorgeous shoes ! <3

Name: Karen Hsiang
Twitter: KarenHsiang

^ Creative, I know. :D

Bub said...

Love this outfit and the shoes look amazing! Great pictures - it turned out so well. You are so gorgeous!
follow me?

mikayla said...

wow, those shoes are so cute, i really love the yellow heel,
and the cream ones you have, i must get myself a pair

name: mikayla

x wish me luck

joy said...

Keep the fab fash coming!


augustlovers said...

toooooo cute! I neeeeeed these =D



Elle M. said...

MY GOD that is my DREAM Chanel bag !!
And the shoes are to die for !
and the beautiful cat just completes everything:)
Done, done, done, and hyped.
Thanks for your blog posts, they're actually the only ones i really check for every day, really !
And just moving from Taiwan where everyone's shoe size is less than 37, Im ecstatic to hear that these shoes are 39/40, just my size:)
My feet would also be ecstatic to wear them !

I'm Michelle McNeill btw, im "michellelovessU" from twitter and email:

three thumbs up(:

Elena S. said...

love them! and my size - i have been your follower for a while
twitter name - lenaaa88

sabthaglam said...

I'm already a follower. My Twitter screenname is @SabrinaRey and my email is



arsyparsy said...

awww you look gorgeous- as always! love the shoes! and the cat is so cute :D

name: Alice
twitter: arsyparsy


Océane said...

Lovely shoes !! oh and they are the right size ?! amaaaaazing !


Valentine said...

Very cute outfit !!!
-the diary of a belgian stylist-

Anonymous said...

Hi, I don't have a twitter account but I'd be so happy to win this amazing pair of shoes!!! You're very kind to do this giveaway...good luck to all of you girls! My name is Roberta Libralato, I'm an italian girl and my email is
Kisses to the most lovely actress :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my good!!! You´re Bamby (Secret diary...)I love see you here, in lookbook.I love all yours outfits! I´m Diana,a girl spanish and now I follow your blog. xoxo

lyndah.ahh said...

They're gorgeous!
My name is linda
Twitter name: YvesSaintLinda

Lorna said...

You look beautiful and your cat is adorable! I love the markings! I really hope I win as those booties are my size too =D I'm so excited! I already follow you on Twitter and Bloglovin and now I'm following Kandee on Twitter too =) My Twitter is @LornaRaindrops Thanks for this great giveaway!

ShoeGal said...

Oh wow, gorgeous shoes !! I doubt I'll win cos I'm usually unlucky with give-aways.'s hoping!! >_<

Name : Halima Babalola
e-mail :
Twitter name : HalimaBabalola

April said...

Ahh they are amazing! It was my birthday on wednesday - best present ever if i win! And in my size sob sob.
twitter: aprilnatalie

Jo said...

Yellow heels so cute, but not as cute as your cat and I am a shoeaholic!!!Thoe boots you have are gorgeous too, they look comfy too.
Those boots are my size I have to enter.

Thanks so much,

Follwing all as asked for



Anonymous said...

love these shoes!

Holly K said...

name: holly k
twitter: hollypatana

this is such an awesome giveaway :) love those shoesss and you're totally rocking your pair too!

Nerissa The Dreamer said...

These shoes are stunning ! What a fantastic giveaway ! I have been craving for shoes just like this.

After a sixteen year old has a right to shoes !

Name; Nerissa
Twitter: Nerissa_Gamboa


Meekay said...

I love your style!! I love the shoes!!

Twitter name:justlove_Kay

Anonymous said...

Can't decide which is cuter: cat or shoes?? Love them both!


Anonymous said...

Amazing outfit Ashley!!your cat is so sweet!!!shoes are amazing,I hope win...
I don't have twitter,but my mail

sarah said...

Hey ashley!
Love your blog. I hope i can win this because I've never been able to win anything, ever ! , when it has come to luck and chance. Maybe I am unlucky! haha
Anyway, these shoes aren't my size. But they would be my mom's size, so i'm hoping that if i win them, i'd give them to her. She always is extremely selfless and buys me things, but never really buys anything for herself. I can't get her anything because I am not of age to really work anywhere.

I alawys had a twitter account but didn't bother to use it, so i am for this!!!\

Izzy "Elizabeth" Eliza said...

Love the shoes!


Charmaine D'Silva said...

Hello Ashley. The boots look great on you and the ones for the giveaway do as well. I missed the reason that you were not feeling all that great...glad you're back and better!
name: Charmaine D'Silva
email address:
Twitter name: artbycharmaine

Mayflower said...

Wow! These are some killer heels! And they're just my size <3 I love your blog so much! And I really liked your acting in TBL =) x

Mayflower3 (

Anonymous said...


My name is Michelle.


Twiiter: Pinky_Shell

I follow on Bloglovin and Google!!!

Hope I win!

Shamini said...

love those ankle boots!!
name: Shamini
twitter id: MinishaM


Jazza. said...

Love the shoes :)

name, email address and Twitter name!

Name: Jazmin
Twitter name: Jazza17

Thanks! said...

Love your outfit! The other day I was out shopping at some vintage stores and found this great pair of black 4" heels (been looking for the perfect black heels for a while) and I was like you know, this is totally some ring-my-bell style, I should try them on. Fit perfect and I picked them up! Thanks for being an inspiration!

xxbilliepiperxx said...

They are gorgeous!

Name: Amy


Twitter Name: amyguest95

Thank you :) x

Dorota said...

This outfit is amazing (I just found you on LookBook, you totally got my intention ;) ).

And the yellow is awesome! :)

name: Dorota Was,
twitter: kiciakicia

*Alberta* said...

I love the shoes, particularly because I don't have any high heel boots. So they will be my first and I love the conflicting colors.

Name: Alberta <3
email address:
Twitter name: AlbertaaAsam

Ring My Bell said... What a lovely comment! Thanks!

Wynee said...

Name: Wynee
Twitter: wyneephan

Marisa Scott said...

i just stumbled across your blog and its become my new fave! keep up the beautiful work!! Can't wait to see more posts! Lovin' your style


Fashion Chalet said...

Aw your cat!
Love the skirt!!


Liv said...

I have recently developed a shoe fetish..I would kill for these heels! amazing!


coffeepixie said...

Hi sweet girl! I finally beat an entry deadline!

Name: Trisha
Twitter: coffeepixie

Pixie Dust said...

Please enter me, awesome shoes :))
Twitter name: fraupixiedust


Beate said...

Beate Zatina
those shoes aree amazing :)


The Style Rawr said...

We LOVE the blog, the boots, and your cute kitty!

We are @thestylerawr on Twitter.
Jade & Tara at

Thanks! x

Jeniffer said...

I really love their website... lovely shoes...


Charlotte said...

love love love the boots!
am just back from my year abroad in la and they would certainly help the post LA blues and jet lag!



vicky said...

Fab shoes!

Elle M. said...

i like the new title picture of you:) its pretty and the colors look good on the page !

Wendy said...

Hi. what a great shoes. And I love your look (like all of your looks). it is always pleasure to visit your blog and I thank you for that :)


Ilenia F. said...

Ehi.... I Like you and your style... Simple and cute, smart enough, comfortable.... and your heels!!!!!!! Oh my God, they're so lovely! Wow....very very Cheers!

Come visiting me at

MELISSA Z. said...

Unfortunately those boots are too big for me but I want to say that I love your look!
That skirt and that denim shirt match perfectly!

Ckeck out my blog

Irene Colzi said...

I want those shoe sso bad!!!!!

My email is!!

Have a nice day!

♥Irene's Closet♥

lockedheart said...

well why not? beautiful shoes. killer blog. pretty girl.

Nicole L.

"now where's my lucky perfume..."

Cara said...

oh my god do i have an outfit for these babies! CORRECTION .. outfits!!


Lin_me said...

Gorge photos. and love the white booties. Your cat is very photogenic x


Emily said...

Twitter - @erd10
Email -

love the black boots. The yellow heel looks fantasic!

Derrina x said...

Beautiful boots; their collection is gorgeous!
Am following you on Twitter & Bloglovin, praying so much I get them, they're lush! :)
Perfect sizing too, you give away the nicest things to your fans!

Lots of love,
Derrina Jebb XXXO

Miyan said...

Uh-mazing shoes!!! Love, love, love the dipped stick heel in yellow. Would love to prance around in these with dark wash skinny jeans and a bright pink silk blouse :)

Following you & Kandee on twitter & you on bloglovin (for a while now)

Love your blog and your style!!!!!

Larissa Serpa said...

Hi, I've just found your blog and I love it!
Love your style!
And those shoes are perfect


super cute outfit the shoes are hot!

Jess said...

Love this outfit! The shoes are GORGEOUS
Would love to see the faces on all the students if I wore them out in Leeds - perfect fit aswell (fingers crossed)

Jessica Barrett
Twitter Name: jessbarrett227

Anonymous said...

oooooh!! i know tday is the last day, but im feeling lucky :) and they are my size! ive never won anything so this would be an amazing first win! i love love your blog btw. much love all the way from Nigeria.
ps. im in london in 3 weeks so dont worry about getting them t me. there is always a way! *yep, staying positive here. hehe*
Benita Okagbue.
twitter: WildBerry7

Kara said...

Amazing give away! Love these boots... sickness! Congrats on number 1 up and coming blog too, love it! :)
Kara Smith
Twitter: Misskarasmith

Merilin K said...

Love your blog!

Lansky said...

Cool !!!!
Twitter: LanskyR


Anonymous said...

Love the "Milky" version you're wearing in your pix (which are FAB btw!), and the yellow kick in the heel of the blk bootie is like the icing on the cake...super cute!!
Reynada is the name,
@SwankyAintShe is the Twitter handle, and
You can reach me at:
LOVE the blog btw ;o)