Friday, 11 June 2010

Full Length

Maxi Dress: Miss Selfridges. Leather Jacket: TopShop DIY studded. Bag: Alexander Wang. Boots: TopShop

Do you remember in 'Friends' when Joey had "eating" pants? Well this is my "eating" dress. I wear it when I know I'm gonna eat a hearty meal and thus get a food baby belly :) I wore it to lunch with the boy today. We went to Jerk City in Soho, it's our favorite lunch place and whenever we go we both eat a little too much. I adore Caribbean food! Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Thanks to all of you for entering the 'Glow' reader give away. The winner is: That Fashion Student- Natalie Jade. Congratulations! So far summer has been a joke but at least now you will be lovely and bronzed.

More give aways lined up! 


  1. Lovely dress on a lovely person :)


  2. beauutiful. the bag is amazing too x

  3. love your outfit! I agree I have two maxi's and they are def my "eating dress" also if I were to ever to go to a buffet style restaurant be sure I WILL be there dressed in a maxi ;)

    I saw a similar style to this dress on the F21 website, but I need to go to the store to actually try it on!

    have a great weekend :)


  4. great photos!! i love the dress and the alexander wang bag!

    i totally just recognized you from that show with mischa barton on cw! i LOVED IT!- so sad that i was cancelled !!!
    great blog btw - i am now following you ! id love it if you can take a look at my blog
    i have a giveaway going on right now- you should enter!

  5. Love jerk city!!!
    I have one dress like that too, and as a matter of fact I wore it today... it got stripes too. ;)
    -belgian fashionista-

  6. You are so pretty! That bag is a dream come true <3

  7. everyone needs an eating outfit.. especially for those of us who are foodies! happy weekend!

  8. HA! I remember that episode so well! Oh I wish Friends still continued. Anyways, I love this dress with the leather jacket and you look sooooooo gorgeous, I cant get over how pretty you are.
    follow me?

  9. Love this outfit, the dress is amazing!

    Love, Alexandra

  10. Yum...Carribean food - I need to check out that place sometime :)

    stop by my blogs!

  11. haha I know exactely what you mean with "eating" dress.. for this reason I like to wear my brother's shirts.. ;)

    I just checkt out your lookbook looks. I love them, your hair looks so perfect and the outfits look effortless chic. amazing!

  12. Oh girl look amazing! I love striped maxi dresses and I'm crazy about that leather jacket! Great outfit!

  13. Love your every post!)
    Especially new look amazing!

  14. love the jacket and bag !!!!!

  15. Great outfit! and a great british street : D

  16. you look amazing in this maxi dress!

  17. beautiful! and btw, i recieved my goodies from the last giveaway a couple of days ago, forgot to say, but thank you so much! :D emma xo

  18. maxidresses are the best...

    I looove your leather jacket with studs on the collar. It looks really fitted on you, something that is sometimes a bit difficult with a leather jacket, but you actually rock this completely.

  19. Wonderful Ashley, I've got something for you, go check it!!!

    The headband you wanted is now on Topshop, a perfect copy of it, you should be glad to see this..

    A fan of your style and other stuff from France...


  20. Thanks Anne. I've seen that headband. I'm still going to make my own though... I like the turban feel of the other one :)

  21. Gorgeous dress!! You look fab.

  22. I need more maxi dresses in my life and how tall are you by the way? I've been so hesitant to give into maxis not cause I don't want to, but because I'm convinced I can't pull it off due to my height.


    come visit sometime & follow if you like:)

  23. So cute and you look so happy. Love your dress but would NEVER be able to pull it off (*sight* oh to be tall)

    Drop me a line sometime :)

  24. I was watching the Pilot episode of TBL last night again :( ah I miss it. I kept thinking how cool it is that I kind of "know you" now though. ;)

    I have a navy/white striped dress like this. Wore it in Miami.


  25. it's a gorge dress and you look amazing in it!

  26. Hi Ashley, I was just looking on the TopShop website and I came across a studded headband, really similar to the one you were in love with, and great news its cheaper! Here's a link:

    lol sorry hope you don't think im a loser that I thought of you when I saw it! but I did think it looked really cool in the your previous pic/post.

  27. amazing outfit! you are so beautiful in these photos!! Ilaria

  28. Fashion Chalet - I miss is too! It was such a special moment in my life. Ahhh well, on to the next! xoxo

    Asanda- Thanks for pointing it out! I've already seen it. It's cool but I still plan to do a DIY... If I ever get round to it!

    Fashion Fabrice- I'm just under 5,8" and I'm wearing a slight heel in these pictures so I think this dress must be really long!

    pink powder- Lots of lovely things come in small packages! :)

    oh emma- You are most welcome :)

    Love to all! x

  29. I love this blog so much!! :D
    I want to ask you to give me some advices in fashion, can I send an e-mail to you please?
    You outfits are awesome. Keep the good work, xx

  30. As a newbie to the blogging world...i LOVE your blog. Your fashion is amazing and inspired me to do a few DIY things of my own!!
    Check out my blog.

  31. you look lovely, love the braid and dress!

    love your blog, one of my favs!


  32. im sure you get this all the time but i was like "this girl looks like bambi"
    (i loved bambi)
    and i was very happy to see that it IS you! or you were bambi but now you're YOU (am i making any sense at all!?)
    enjoying your blog very much!

  33. wow wow!
    that dress is gorgeous....i've been dreaming about getting a cute maxi dress like this!
    However, I think no matter what I will have to take it to the tailor as I'm pretty petite.

    Btw, your hair always looks you spend much time on it?


  34. I'm much like tastythreads, still in search of the perfect maxi dress as they are limited for petite people!