Monday, 28 June 2010


Dress: Courtesy of Urban Outfitters. Shirt: American Apparel. 
Loafers: TopShop. Bag: Balenciaga. Sunglasses: Rayban. Nails: 'lemon' from Barry M.

My absolute favorite thing about these pictures is the lady with the blue nails who's looking at the camera like "WTF!?!?". Hilarious!

I went Bikini shopping in Oxford Circus today. I adored all the ones in my earlier post but they were all £100 and up. A little too much for scraps of material right? Anyway I found a very cute one in River Island that I'm in love with.

I think the frills add a flirty vibe and the print feels vintage. I'm very happy :) If any of you fancy one of these get the size up, the bikini pants are so tiny! They almost showed my whole bum!

There was some great stuff in River Island today... For those of you that don't already know, River Island have done a Miu Miu 'inspired' shoe... They come in both navy blue and pink. I didn't buy a pair but I've done all the research for you. They are obviously not as gorgeous and lovely as the Miu Miu ones but I think if you want a little fashion fix then for £50 they're great. 


  1. Photos in the middle of Oxford Circus?! You brave, brave girl. I nearly get run over every time I go :p I loooove your topshop flats!

  2. I absolutely love this bikini, I actually need a new one, I'm off to the seaside this week, then again I do mean in England so maybe I won't need one!

    So jealous of all your Urban Outfitters freebies, how did that come about if you don't mind me asking!

    nice loafers too x

  3. Such a cute bathing suit! The colours would be amazing on you.

  4. I swear I cracked UP when I scrolled to that lady with the blue nails ALL up in your photoshoot!!! You could've easily chosen to leave that photo out, but those random bits of humor + candid moments you put in your posts really make your blog that more enjoyable. Love these crowd shots (and that bikini!)


  5. oh! how i miss Oxford Circus!!!
    lovely pictures!

  6. Great outfit. I love the dress

  7. yeah you are right...river island have some lovely new stuff. TopSHop has a sale but unfortunately they don't have nice clothes. They do have some really gorgeous clutches. Check my twitter and i posted two. Anyway I love your loafers.

  8. i love your pink bag, I wish I had one just like it!

  9. soo pretty! i loved that look x)

  10. OMG I want those loafers!!!! So many bloggers are wearing them, such a shame I dont have topshop nor forever 21 here. Plus H&M and Zara aren't exactly in stock with EVERYTHING! Looking good dear!
    follow me?

  11. oh yes, the slight awkwardness in taking photos for your blog is encountering those kind of randoms:)
    adore that bikini, its too cute!


  12. Perfect bikini. in love with the colours and frills!! I love cute swimwear.

  13. fab shoes.... :)))


  14. great outfit!!i love bikini!! Ilaria

  15. I reallly love your photo in the middle of Oxford street!Soo awesome! and I really love simple but nice outfit!

  16. bussing the same loafers in black today! You look great as ever. ck :) x

  17. Beautiful outfit *_*
    I like this dress


  18. love this look ashley, these pics make me miss living in london! I managed to snap up some of the acid wash jamie jeans in topshop sale yesterday, been looking for them since your post wearing them!!

    Did I read correctly that your clip in hair extensions are head kandi ones? I have long blonde hair, but have been thinking about extensions for a little bit more oomph!

  19. Loved the second pic, hilarious. These pics look like a professional magazine spread, great outfit!


  20. You're a brave girl! Lmao @ the woman with the blue nails (her nail colour's kinda hot though huh?)!

  21. stunning! love the shoesies
    great blog
    gorgeous posts
    stop by some time xx

  22. i loveee your pink balenciaga bag!

    read me at:


  23. Stunning from head to toe dvrling ;)


  24. Your loafers are very cute
    I love your dress !

  25. So gorgeous!

    Ashley.. I'm so sorry for this inappropriate question but what is the model of your RayBan sunglasses?
    I'm in love and I'm looking for them the whole day. )

  26. I really wish there was a river island here in the USA. Or at least ships here!

  27. Lizzie- Companies sometimes give bloggers clothes. I will always put 'courtesy' of if I haven't paid for something but I would never post an outfit that I didn't love!

    Mel- Yep, head kandy. I've had them for a while now and they've held up pretty well :)

    S.Ella- I thought the same thing!

    Echo- They are the classic black wayfarers... Medium sized lens I think.

    Lainey- It's a shop I always miss when I'm in LA... However you guys have all the best online stores and I have to pay huge customs fees to ship here so it balances out!

  28. I looove this street of happiness :)

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  30. Your outfit is amazing <3
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  31. Ha i love these ! you stand out so much !
    Love the contrast of you standing still and evryone just minding their own business.... ceot for the blue nailed lady :)

  32. I saw these in River Island on Saturday and I knew they looked familiar! I had forgot that they were similar to the Miu Miu ones! I think they are pretty cute and so is the bikini :)


  34. Oxford Circus! That reminds me of last summer when I walked around Oxford street by myself! Only my uncomfortable loafers ruined the day.