Friday, 14 May 2010

Miu Miu moment

Jeans: TopShop. Shirt: American Apparel. Shoes: Miu Miu

I am OBSESSED with these shoes! 

My favorite TopShop 'Pippa' skinnies finally died. Bless them. They gave me many good years of service but I had to let them go. I bought these TopShop 'Jamie' skinnies in this colour and an acid wash to replace them. Goodbye 'Pippa'... Gone but not forgotten. 

'The Pink House' isn't being picked up. Alas.... but that is the way of pilot season. And in other TV related news: There will be another series of 'Secret Diary of a Call Girl' but Bambi will not be part of it. She is a happily married woman now so can't be selling her body to other men ;) 

Fear not though the boy will still be in it playing the gorgeous Ben!


  1. Love the Miu Mius !
    the heels are unique:)
    i have similar style shoes, love the straps :) can match with almost anything :b nice taste !

  2. WHAT???????? NO BAMBI?!?!?!
    I am genuinely, genuinely, GENUINELY upset (sorry to repeat myself).
    I hope you find something

    ps: those shoes are beautiful, i have them their suede and wooden clogs

  3. i want thats shoes, are great!!!! Like so much your blog, visit mine if you want:

    Happy Weekend!!!

  4. Hhahah, that is such a great obsession to have!

  5. So jealous of the Miu Mius, they are beauties! Sad about the Pink House but I'm sure something awesome will happen in the future!

    tweet tweet tweet


  6. Oh! Sorry about the Pink House and Secret Diaries! I'm gonna miss you and Bam Bam soooooo much!

  7. oooh my gosh! those are my favorite miu mius by far! i think they're timeless and simply beautiful! such a good investment! love it!!!

    xox VIcky
    Bikinis & Passports

  8. I haven't seen that particular pair, they look great!<3 I hope there will be more The Beautiful Life episodes in the future^^

  9. i don't have insurance if you fall out of the window x

  10. NOOO! I love Bambi, she's so cute!

  11. Love the outfit! Youre so frikkin pretty!

  12. Thanks for letting us know about 'Secret Diary'. I love that show. Totally the only British show I can stand watching at the moment.

    Would geniunely love to see you on more TV, especially American...that would be inneresting. Would they ask you to put an American accent then?

    Oohhh how many accents can you do?

    G'd Luck with everything!


  13. Oh dear Ash, please do share with me your Miu Miu secret? I really want to get my hands on a pair!! :)


  14. ohh I love them also!! How much do they cost? I'll be so thankful if you tell me :)
    By the way my blog is:
    If you want you can have a look at it!
    Nice blog!
    I'll be waiting for your answer, thank you!!

  15. Those miu miu's are insanely beautiful. Nice breath of fresh air seeing those, instead of the print ones I've been seeing everywhere it seems.

  16. you look so beautiful, here. i just love how you have juxtaposed the prim shirt and the sexy miu miu heels!

    your hair looks lovely, if you wasn't so kind and sweet i'd be so jealous of how pretty you are!

    it's such a shame about bambi, she was my favourite character. i hope you at least make a few cameos!

    have a lovely weekend! xxx

  17. tastythreads - I love doing accents! If I hear it then I can do it :)

    Ana Larruy- The Miu Miu shoes are from Liberties in London and they cost £380. Worth every penny!

    Madeleine George, Emi_Li, Clare, guava girl- Thanks for the Bambi and Pink House love! xxx

  18. My heart just died a little! No Bambi?
    *le sigh*

    P.S. I LOVE the last picture. And another P.S.? I LOVE your hair. Simple bun with side part is always gorgeous.

  19. MIU MIU <3 No wonder you're obsessed ;)
    And it's a shame to hear about the lack of Bambi, but I'm sure there will be something else that comes up soon.

  20. we want those miu miu shoes... lucky girl! your blog is fabulous

    stop by our new fashion blog, we hope you love it !

    xx .sabo skirt.

  21. Ahhhh flat hunting - it's worse when you have a real image in your head of exactly what you want but just can't seem to find it anywhere! Good luck with it.

    Wow, I love the massive block heels Miu Miu are doing at the moment. They're ace!

    I'm a massive Pippa fan too, mine just got way too big on me so I had to sell them, I was wondering whether Jamie jeans would cut the same cloth.. they look just as good though so perhaps I will invest!

    Ace style as always x


  23. Sorry, but I will not watch Secret Diaries if there is no Bambi! Bambi was the first time that I had ever seen you, then one day Perez Hilton had a TBL poster and I was like, "that girl looks familiar." It took me a while, but I finally figured it out. Do you still have a place in L.A.? Seriously, L.A. sucks anyway. I would love to move form L.A. to NYC.

  24. no bambi??
    would you appear at last in the next season to say bye????


  25. Love the shoes! I had an obsession-style week a couple weeks ago with a new Badgley Mischka was kind of disturbing actually

  26. oh wow, I was trying to figure out where I recognised you from.... I guess that happens a lot!
    Great blog! And great news on the apartment.

  27. I'm so sad to see Bambi will not be in Secret Diary anymore. I absolutely love the show and am loving your blog!

    xo from NYC!


  28. :( Bambi was my favorite character in the show!!
    You definitely will be missed. I honestly didn't think there would be a 4th season but....

  29. Your perfect gorgeous feet with red nail polish and those shoes. I'm speechless. Those are the moments that make life worthwhile living. Thank you. A guy from good old Europe.

  30. Your feet are so beautiful. Can't stop looking at them.