Monday, 3 May 2010

Long weekend

You can barely see what I'm wearing in these! But I'll tell you anyway;)
 Jeans: J Brand. T Shirt: Kain. Tux Jacket: TopShop. Bag: Alexander Wang. Nails: OPI- Done out in Deco.

It's a bank holiday weekend here in England which means GUARANTEED rain! Seriously it has been freezing cold and raining all bloody weekend. Ugh!

Friday night me and the boy went to our favorite cocktail spot in London- Claridges. I adore going there! The bar snacks are yummy and the cocktails are simply the best you'll ever have. We convinced Kevin to join us and we spent a couple of cosy hours in Claridges before getting a taxi over to Soho house for burgers and more cocktails. We some how ended up finishing the night in a funny little bar in Angel that only served 'classic' drinks and had no vodka on the menu. We all had to have whisky sours... not a bad drink actually!

Kevin took all these pictures and I'll be posting more of his work in the coming weeks. He shoots on the same camera that Terry Richardson uses... forgive my ignorance but I can't remember the name of it! If you want to see more of Daren's photography and read some of his lovely writing you can find him here


  1. Vampire kiss in the cab is pretty cute! ;)

    Love red lips.


  2. Yep, rain here for sho! Looks like a super fun evening, hope you're enjoying!

    tweet tweet tweet


  3. just found your blog and I love it!

    check out mine if you like:


  4. Love these photos x

  5. I know you said you cant remember but pleeeeeeeeeeease find out the camera, those pictures are AMAZING.

  6. ohhh i love Claridge's cocktails - sooo amazing! looks like you had an amazing weekend :) i love your blog!x

  7. love pics + red lips

  8. Love your style and clothes, especially love you as Bambi. You are a riot on the show! Are you friends with Billie Piper? If so, say her I loved her in "Doctor Who" (and "SDoaCG") and wished she was back as Rose. xoxo

  9. all these pics of my two favorites is making me sad...i miss you guys.

  10. Hiya
    Can you clear something up.
    Have you and Daren ever come to Bikram Yoga?

  11. I go to Bikram yoga at least 3 times a week :) Daren has only been the once though... In the evening I think!

  12. Would have said Hi when my friend and I saw you at Bikram.
    So Hi :) love your style, love all the characters you've played. You're an amazing actor.