Thursday, 20 May 2010

Elephant Parade and Give Away Time!!!

Elephant by Lulu Guiness ;)

I miss the sunshine and open space of LA but London is where my heart is. I love London for many reasons and yesterday the elephants in random places were added to the list.

Elephant Parade is a conservation campaign to bring attention to the plight of the endangered Asian elephant. 250 painted elephants can be found all over London.... I actually plan to visit them all and maybe buy a mini gold one for my new flat. I had my lunch in Soho Sq with two of them yesterday and then I came across this sexy fella on my way home in Carnaby St.

Give Away Time!!!!!!

I have a cute collection of goodies to give away to my wonderful readers to say thank you for all the support and lovely comments.
  • 'Elf' Lip Stain 
  • 'Elf' Nail Polish
  • 'Collection London' T. Shirt
  • Hair Clip from 'Bow!'
  • 'Butterfly Twist' ballet pumps.
For a chance to win follow the blog on bloglovin (or blogger if you prefer) and leave a comment on this post with your name and email address. I'll announce the winner  on Monday so you have all weekend to enter. 


ari said...

wow, that is so cool, good luck finding all 250 elephants :)


danni said...

I love the Lulu Guiness one, I'd love to go and see it :)

Marie said...

So many elephants! Best of luck :)


Alexandra said...

Ashley you're amazing... really...
I love your blog, I love your twitter, and you're my fashion icon too!!:-)

kisses from hungary

Alexandra (m33dra)

Marie said...

So many elephants! Best of luck :)


Li said...

I feel like I must visit London sometime. (:

Thank you for the opportunity for this giveaway!
Li -

Asta said...

So nice that you are sharing your collection with others :)


The Fashion Cloud said...

So cute I want to see this one, I saw a couple in Carnaby street.
they did this with cows in Belgium two/three years ago, love the idea!!


oh emma said...

i love elephants! they did a similar project to this around christmas time, and had an ice polar bear in trafalgar square. it melted for a week i think, and it was to raise awareness about global warming etc.
count me in for the giveaway! :D xo

Amy said...

that elephant is amazing, i hope you get to visit all of them :)

amy -

Jazzabelle said...

yes, good luck with finding all of the elephants! there are two outside the v&a if that helps you at all! hehe :)

love, jazmine


rpattzlawyer said...

What a cute idea!

rnkennedy119 at gmail dot com

Carla said...

your blog is soo great!
loved you on the beautiful life and your style is so inspiring to me, because i have kind of the same style! I didn´t shop a long time at american apparel, but now i´ve seen your great looks, it´s definitely my next shopping address:)


Amelia said...

Waouw sounds fab I'm following you over at bloglovin and my email amelia "dot" baldie "at" bluewin "dot"ch

dania said...


love your style!!! love this blog, adorred you in secret diary

S. Goldie said...

Can family enter?.... lol only joking... i'm also one of your no longer secret readers... xxx

MissMinty said...

i think they did this with cows here in san diego too..

Mindy C

Isabel said...

Enter me pls doll,
Lovely outfits.. blog! You're stunning.

Rebecca Starr said...

Ash: I want to thank you for intro-ing me to Bloglovin'! What a fab way to keep track of my fav blogs - including yours!

Rebecca Starr

rebecca said...

I've heard about those elephants! Hopefully I'll be able to go into town soon and see some :)
I'm following via blogger.

Anonymous said...

I will say just one word "inspiration".!



Adele said...

I have seen those elephants all around the blogosphere recently... I'm already a follower of both... Love your blog

Adele Joanna

- Adele

miriam mast said...

Love your work and your clothes!

Unicorn Princess said...

That elephant has to be the cutest thing I have seen in a long long time! <3

Loving the outfit!!!!

Georgie xxxx

Lorenia said...

Awww wish I can be there.
London baby will be sooner than later.



Kristina said...

Great blog!!!

xxx, Kristina (

Nerissa The Dreamer said...

Have fun finding all the elephants, im hoing to go round myself! i remember some years ago when i went on holiday they did a similar thing in Lisbon, Portgual but it was with Bulls (they were against the killing in bull fighting).

Anyway i love your blog and your style, thankss for the opportunity of giveaways !


Roxanne said...

I love your blog... I am new and have practically read the whole thing.

dinosaurpop said...

I was sure I was following you on Bloglovin'! But anyways I prefer Google Reader!! =]

I'm planning to visit all the elephants too, just as soon as I free myself from this solitary confinement!!!!! Spotted a herd in Notting Hill Gate though, when I was able to get out (for work! =[).

Thanks for blooooogging!


dinosaurpop x

Wendy said...

Hi. Just love your blog. You have such a great sense of style.
Greetings from Czech republic

Wendy said...

Hi. Just love your blog. You have such a great sense of style.
Greetings from Czech republic

MAGDArling said...

gosh, this elephant looks so cute;D i think i need to take a trip to Londom and look for some;)))

Madeleine George said...

Aha, the elephant is sooo cute!!

Leni George

Georgia said...

ahh Ashley you're style is incredible!. every post makes me die!!

Georgia -

Holly said...

looking gorgeous as always ashley!



Melanie said...

what a cute picture!!

Kate said...

Your blog is magnificent, easily my favourite blog around

Kate Mitchell

Jessie said...

I love the ellies! the ones outside Harrods are lovely too :)

Jessie Callaghan

sarah said...

It's great how you are able to incorporate everyday brands with designer brands and make it look like a million bucks! Many people often have the misconception that certain celebrities only can wear this brand, and only can wear that brand and can never be seen in 'day to day brands'. Love that you are able to use both ! and show people it is possible to still dress fantastic and mix and match vintage, high end, and middle.
Love also how you are able to incorporate everything around you as inspiration, and show this through your style!


Salena Kerr-Mason said...

Your style is SO amazing!! Totally makes me want to go shopping! haha :)xoxoxo <3

Name: Salena Kerr

augustlovers said...

What a fantastic campaign! I think it's amazing when people go to such huge measures to bring awareness to a city (country, the world!!) :)

thanks lovely!! xx

Julia Dry said...

Those elephants remind me of the painted cows! Your style is ABSOLUTELY stunningg! I hope you get to visit them all :) This is a great cause and I advise to also support PETA which also supports other animals in need!


gryffinclaw said...

I have no regrets about moving to NYC, but I miss London so much!


Rachel said...

I love these elephants! I love the one at the bottom of Carnaby outside Liberty. Don't remember who did it but it's called Candy and its lots of bright neon colours.
Great jeans too, love your blog!

ani said...

Cross my fingers and squeezing for good luck!

much love, x


Anonymous said...

Love your blog!


Michelle McNeill said...

Coco has pictures of the elephants too:) Taiwan had cows cause it's the Chinese Year of the Ox !!

Michelle McNeill

V said...

Loved your blog since watching TBL (which you were great in!) and would love to win :)


gryffinclaw said...

I have no regrets about moving to NYC but it is moments like these that I really miss London. Such a creative way to bring attention to a worthy cause.

Name: Samantha


rachelle said...

i heard about elephant parade. that campaign is brills! and you are looking cute as usual! <3

rachelle -

Mel Budiman said...

Do take tons of photo!
Would love to see you with all the elephants..
I wish I live in London.. :(

Btw, I Looooooooooooovvvveeeeeeee your style!
esp. you with your red lips.
Am thinking to try use red lipstick, but haven't get the courage to. any suggestion?
Coz, I don't have the small lips as yours.

Thank you... xoxo


corrie said...

aw. i already follow you. but i think you're adorable and was so excited when i found out you were a fashion blogger (long time secret diary fan, i must confess. and fellow blogger!).


lockedheart said...

Why not?
I dunno.

deanna said...

Love the elephants!


Lainey said...

Such an adorable picture! I love elephants. They're good luck in my culture.


MadisonL said...

love it!

madison virginia lovo

Nibella said...



Hannaliis said...

what a wonderful elephant! :)



arsyparsy said...

aww the elephants idea is awesome LOL
love your style! you suit everything ._. like for real. you make it all look nice! envy*

Alice -

thank youuu :D! ♥

yaa said...

j'adore your blog and the pictures.

yaa (

chintz said...

That's really similar to the Go SuperLambanana and Go Penguins they've done in Liverpool lately, loads of fun hunting them all out in the city! When I graduated they had a "SuperLambanana BA (Hons)" and it had on the exact same robes as me, made for dead good graduation photos!

Oh, and Lucy Blakeley :)


Anonymous said...

What cute elephants!


Carrie said...

I just stumbled upon your blog today and I love it!

Namuna said...

Oh i wanna win!!!! anything ... haha

I love your blog, and i liked TBL so much, wish there were more...


karlwho said...

Helen :)x

Celeste Ladd said...

I fell in love with your style on Secret Diary and when I stumbled upon your blog on LookBook I have been following ever since!! Also love the photography :)

thao. said...

is it worldwide?

thao nguyen

Anonymous said...

Love the post, and the elephant. I'm completely in love with your blog.


Charmaine D'Silva said...

How wonderful of you to do a giveaway! I love the photos and continue to read daily!



quirien said...

Your blog is amazing, your style is gorgeous and you are too! love to watch every day at it with joy :) great you are doing this!
and the elephant is so cute

xo Quirien

Jackie said...

A newcomer to your blog but loving it already:)


Anonymous said...

A newcomer to your blog but loving it already:)

Jackie (

krystal said...

Love that elephant! Love your & your blog, as always! :].

Emily said...

You have just made my life so much easier, i dont know why i didn't already use bloglovin', i love it. Its weird that you say you will buy a mini gold elephant, i used to have a teeny gold one which i liked, i think because it was so small but also quite heavy.

rachel said...

I love it! Good luck flat-hunting.

xx Rachel

rachel said...

So cute! Good luck flat-hunting AND elephant hunting!

xx Rachel

coffeeholic said...

wow Ashely ure amazing <3
my name is Amanda
my email is
I would love to win cuz I need new pumps sooo badly :D

Claire said...

have been following you for weeks, such an added bonus xx


vicky h. said...

love the picture!! so cute!!

xox Vicky

Wida said...

Do you know that to help support the charity, they also have the elephants "paint" their own paintings? I would really love to own one! What you're doing is amazing!

Wida Suttisamut

Worldexpanded said...

I hope I get a chance to visit London very soon.


goodbyestockholm said...

love ur blog!


Pixie Dust said...

Wow, amazing giveaway, thank you so much for the opportunity <3


PS: I am also having a giveaway on my blog, check it out :))

labelfreementality said...

Love you blog!

Tammra :)

Kelly said...

I've been dying to live in London. I love LA, but random elephants in the street? Totally sold.

xx Kelly

thatsteneisha said...

I really love the elephant!

Kat said...

I saw this exact same elephant on my way to a job interview! Love the sparkley one in Selfridges too. Keep blogging!

Kat x

Anonymous said...

That's really cool! Now I have something else to add to my list, for whenever I visit London!


Rudo said...

Wow, this is too cute! Hopefully coming to London end of this year/start of next year!


ps. it's my birthday monday and pretty sure i would die if i actually got this lol :)

Romzs said...

Another reason to love London <3


Josy- said...

the Elephant Parade Campaign is incredible; those cute little things!! def.a good idea.
love your style a lot! i'm inspired by what you wear so keep posting pics up please:)

spla$h mooola said...

love elephants. and you are absolutly beautiful!


Cara said...

Elephants are just such a great species. I help my friend with his charity called The Elephant Project .. .. It's really cool! There's a ton of celebs on there, you should check it out :)


Natalie said...

Cute Picture! :)


Mariam said...


I love your style and TBL too! : (
Thanx for the give away! : D
xo xo

Mariam* (from Spain)

monkeyr159 said...

I love that idea and i hope you get a chance to visit them all one day! :)


ccboobooy(charity) said...

I'm following you on blogger. I've been to so many places, but London is my dream trip. Thanks


charisscharity at yahoo dot com

Cathy Tran said...

Youre MY fashion icon!!!

Onika said...

Onika Lewis

Anonymous said...

olivia said...