Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Goods....

A few of you have been asking about products I use... This picture is pretty much what I look like day to day if I clip my extensions in and the things below are what I use the most.


Shu Uemura cleansing oil. I wear a ton of black eyeliner and this is the only thing that gets it all off and doesn't sting my eyes. You massage it all over your face (whilst it's dry) and then rinse it off with water. Best. Thing. Ever.

Ren Facial Wash. Smells gorgeous and is free from yucky chemicals.

Shiseido protective moisturizer. This is quite pricey so I only buy it when I'm in duty free at the airport. If I don't use this then I use Olay Complete. I always use an SPF!

I always wash my make up off before I go to bed. Always. Even if I'm drunk! I used to have really bad skin as a teenager so I really look after it now.


Moroccan hair oil. I have the worst split ends and this helps them look a little less dry.

Fekkai Daily Fortifier. I use this after I was my hair to help protect from all the heat.

GHD hair straighteners. Could not live without mine! I use them to get my hair straight and create beachy waves. I find them easier to use then curling irons.

I have quite curly, frizzy hair naturally. I've never chemically straightened it. I rough dry it and then use GHD's to get it straight/wavy. I part it into sections and clip in the extensions. I then go through the whole thing and loosely curl my hair with the extensions to kind of blend it in.

Make up:

MAC Face and Body foundation. I've been using this for nearly 10 years. I love the light coverage it gives. I hate to look too 'made up'.

Touche Eclat. Nothing to say about this except: It's the #1 beauty product sold worldwide and there is a reason for this!

Mac Fluid Line in "Blacktrack". I use this everyday! I love the density of the blackness and I find it easier to use then liquid eyeliner. I use it with an angled brush to get a really good flick.

Stila Convertible Colour. I think have nearly every colour of these! I use them on my cheeks and lips. The packaging is very cute.

I have a huge make up collection but these are the things I use everyday. I have my daily make up routine down to a fine art now, it takes me about 7 minuets and then I'm good to go.
* * *

Even though pilot season is over and I'm back in London, me and the boy are still doing acting camp! Because we're not in LA we have to put ourselves on tape for projects and send them off. This can be a long process because we are actors and therefore NEVER happy with what we've done! We're always saying "lets just do one more take". Cut to 4 hours later and we're still on the same scene! I might start setting an egg timer to speed us up....


  1. i've read about GHD irons and now am gonna get one. i want those waves!

  2. Awww this is awesome!
    Thanks for sharing.
    I will have to try the Mac Fluid Line because I suck at putting on eye liner.

  3. what kind of clip in extensions do you use? I have such thin hair!

  4. Thank you for showing us your daily make up routine! Good luck with your camp! (:

  5. Awesome post. I love reading about beauty products. You say that you use a lot of eyeliner? I cannot tell. I have the same flat iron and I cannot, for the life of me create waves. I can only get somewhat of that look with a curling iron. I am awesome with make-up, but I suck at doing hair, which is why I get my hair blown out twice a week.

  6. Seriousllly thanks for sharing :), but I was also wondering what colors of lipsticks you use because I love them ALL!! So if you wouldn't mind please SHAREEE! Thankss!

  7. Great product and lovely shoots!! I now what you mean by never being satisfied and seeking perfection


  8. I saw you on carnaby st on Saturday afternoon, i was with my boyfriend and trying not to make it obvious that we were looking but you looked amaaaazing and i really wanted to come up and say hey but i daren't lol!!haha. Loving your work xx

  9. Great post, i love mac fluidline!!

  10. Style Funkshion- They are a full head set by Remi and I got them from Head Kandy. I think the trick is not to go too too long if your hair is short. My hair is just above the breast line so it blends well with the longer hair. These will definitely help you get thicker hair!

    kitty- You turn the flat iron at an angle as you pull it through your hair instead of just pulling it straight down and voila! Waves!

    Samantha- I'll do a lipstick post soon!

    Leigh- You should have come and said hi!

  11. I think im going to invest in some of this stuff! Your stunning. Do you have twitter?X

  12. I LOVE this post. I love knowing what people use in their everyday routine or to cook with etc.

    Do you wear only eyeliner daily? I don't wear any shadow and only do a cat eye liner and people find that odd. Maybe I am not alone? lol ;-)

  13. very interesting post m'dear, so with you about MAC, it's the best. Hope all goes well with auditions etc!

    tweet tweet tweet


  14. will we ever get see you with your natural hair? :)
    i have curly hair too and i wonder if your hair ever gets curly beacuse of the moisture. I also wonder what kind of hairextensions you use. It looks so natural!

  15. Thanks for sharing beauty tips (hair clip ins and how to make waves, especially)!!

  16. Yay! Thanks for the beauty post! I've been wanting to try the Shu Uemura oil and MAC eyeliner. Ordering them now :)

  17. I cant live without GHD! my hair is always perfect with it!!!
    Nice blog, i like so much!!
    I invite you to know mine: if you like it follow us!


  18. hey!

    i was just reading my daily read of one of my fave gossip blogs (the other one is perez hilton, lol) Dlisted, and they/he made a post on your character Bambi! It's pretty have to take it with a pinch of sult cuz the blogger sense of humour is a little crazy, but i think you might enjoy it!
    Here's the link:


  19. I've been looking at getting morrocan oil for my hair... and it looks like it works if your gorgeous locks are anything to go by!

  20. Life of an actor. As I'm sad to hear that you're back in London, I hope one of these days we'll bump into each other at an LA audition. You have such a flawless face. It's great to know what you use.

  21. Adele- Yep. Twitter info is on the sidebar of the blog :)

    Rebecca Starr- I hardly ever ever wear eyeshadow! Just eyeliner is my preferred look. The more the merrier!

    Amanda-The extensions are Remi hair from Head Kandy. Extensions only look fake is your own hair is too short to join with them. My own hair is pretty long so it works well. My natural hair is always being shown on the blog. Read back over the older posts :)

    Justine- Enjoy!

    Sara y Paloma- Cute blog!

    tastythreads- Thanks! Nice to know there is Bambi love out there :)

    Lainey-I'm always back and forth to LA so I'm sure we will!

  22. hey there Ash babe, im a gal from Singapore in Asia(no,not in China hurrhurr).. well anyway, was wondering wat powder you use on top of your liquid foundation. I like the no-make up look sometimes, bt most times ill just use tinted moisturiser for that purpose..kudos to your fantastic find of heels!!

  23. I don't really use powder... I have MAC's blotting powder in my make up kit but it's rarely used :)

  24. How long does it take for you to get your hair straight?

  25. To do everything including clipping in the extensions 35mins. Obviously longer if I do it from wet :)

  26. i just discovered ur blog today and i followed straight away! :)

    ur skin is amazing!!! u said u had really bad skin... what helped u clear up ur skin?

    im trying everything and i never clear up for good :(