Hard Drive

I've raided the boy's hard drive and found some pictures from last year when we were living in New York.

Look at my baby just hanging out on mummy's shoes. Bless him. We're going back to London next week and I want to go straight from the airport to my mother's house just to see my Oscar.
Damn these shades are big! This was taken seconds from our Chelsea apartment.
I took this one. That's why the sofa and wall are in focus and not the gorgeous boy. Photography is not my talent.
This was hanging in a gallery downtown. I love it. I miss the era of the 'supers'
If you can't beat em, join em!
I feel old saying this but I remember when mobile phones were rare and if you made arrangements to be somewhere you had to show up. You couldn't send a lame text saying "running L8. C u soon :(". I hate lateness, love public phones though for some reason.
Mr Tolga Safer is a true mutual friend of the boy's and mine. We all met 5 years ago whilst doing a play. Contrary to popular belief I didn't meet the boy on Secret Diary ;)
When I think of Tolga I think of two things: Laughter and food. We spend our time together eating good food, playing monopoly and laughing our asses off.
We also watch a lot of America's next top model (yep even the boy!). Here Tolga is doing heroin chic. WERK!

Dress:ASOS. Boots: TopShop. Bag: Balenciaga.