Friday, 2 April 2010

From me to you...

silk dress: BCBG

Time for the give away... This size 2 silk dress was a gift from BCBG. I've worn it once (it still has the tags on) and now I want to pass it on to one of my lovely readers. (Although it is a size 2 it feels more like a 4 to me).

Here's how you enter: 
Follow the blog and then comment on THIS post. Your comment has to say where you're from and why you want it. Convince me that it should be you! I'll pick the winner and post who it is on Wednesday. The winner will then have to email me their address. If the chosen winner doesn't respond by thursday evening I'll choose a runner up.

I'm excited to 'see' some of the readers who don't usually comment! 

***Forgot to say the sizing is US so a 2 is a UK 6... But like I said it's at least a size bigger then that.***


  1. Ashleyyyyy,
    So I'm Allison, and I'm from Houston, Texas.
    I'm currently in college in this small small town in East Texas.
    Being in college means my money is tight, like most college students, and I don't get to go out shopping like I used to.
    I would love to have a dress that I can wear when I go out, because currently I have one dress that fits that category.
    And you really don't want to wear the same dress every time.
    Plus winning the dress would give me a reason to go shoe shopping, which you and I both love to do :)

    Thanks for doing this, and I love your blog as well as your always entertaining tweets.

    Talk to you soon on here and twitter, I'm @allisoniskiller


  2. Hey!

    I would soo love to win this dress! I have a Spring Formal dance in Chicago on a ship.. uh mazing you would say, but I have NOTHING to wear. :( Did I mention that I have had a crush on this guy for, ohhh about 3 years. I want to look nice, and I think this dress would be PERFECT. Hook me up, girl!! :)

    (P.S. I'm SO mad that TBL was cancelled.. I was starting to get obsessed with it. :/ )

  3. Hi Ashely! My name is Rebecca and I'm from Brooklyn,NY.
    I love your blog and I love your style! I loved you on TBL and will continue to love you on your future shows!
    I would love to own this dress because I have exactly one dress that looks good on me. The shape of this dress would really flatter some of my good assets! Unfortunatly for me, money is a little tight right now and I can't exactly go out and buy a dress like my friends can. I have prom coming up and that would be a really nice dress to be able to wear :)
    Thank You so much! Hopefully I will talk to you soon!

  4. P.s. My name is Jessica Forshey and I'm from Champaign, Illinois. I am 21 years old.

  5. hey ashley!

    My name is Jessie and I live in Austin, Texas.

    I am definitely not a size two, but one of my best friends is.

    I recently moved to Texas from Arizona.

    I am currently unemployed and a full-time student.

    My friend Jes' birthday is next week.

    Jes is an amazing friend. She took me under her wing,

    and she showed me what great places I need to

    go to in Austin, as well as introduced me to some

    amazing people. Jes and I both do not have a lot of money.

    She is such an amazing person with a kind heart. She works two jobs,

    and claims she hasn't been shopping in over a year. She is an

    amazing singer, she's in a band called The Lings. She has such

    incredible, fashion forward style, and this dress would be

    perfect for her next performance! I just want to show Jes

    how much her friendship means to me. I can even imagine how

    she would accessorize this dress. She would make it fabulous,

    as always. I can't afford a nice present for her, so this would,

    hands down, be the perfect present! Thanks so much for doing

    all that you do! You're truly an inspiration to all of your fans!

    Stay Sweet!

    Jessie :-)

  6. OH MY GOD I want this dress!! I am in DESPERATE need of a new summer dress because I am going on vacation to Europe in a month as a graduation present and I have literally no money to go shopping, and this would be soooo perfect!! The color os beautiful, and I can actually pull off yellow, which can be hard to do :)

    Thanks so much for the opportunity!!

  7. Beautiful dress! you looks so adorable!

  8. Hi Ashley!!
    It's my birthday TODAY and I turned 23 1hr and 34 minutes ago - yay!! This past year i've been made redundant and lots of other stuff too.... but having a big night out later on in the month to celebrate ... sort of like a 'screw it... life's too short....let's celebrate!' sort of party with friends.... and i'm in desperate need of a brand new party dress - I love the colour and i have the exact same skintone to yours so I know it would suit me already! I'm also from London too, recently on benefits and you know how expensive EVERYTHING can be in London!!! I'm hopefully gonna get those hair extensions from the website you mentioned too for my birthday, so if i win, which i hope i do, i'll tweet the pics! I have my own blog on here so will put them up there too... I've been in desperate need of a Topshop fix down oxford street and i'm sure I don't need to tell you how hard that is to resist!!
    xoxo :-)

  9. Hi! This dress is the perfect completion to my total mermaid look. I have the flaming red hair, now all I need is a gorgeous flowy strapless number, JUST LIKE THIS. :)
    I live in Lexington, Kentucky, USA. (That should be reason enough to win, right?)

  10. yeah I know we havent posted for ageees, we're just been lazy busy bumblebees. eheheehee.
    you look great in like anythingggggggg! i swear! however I'm not interested in the dress so like yeah. But I found the remainings eps of TBL on youtubeeeeeee, thank god! and I really want more. and your still my favourite characterrrrrrrr forever and ever and ever. I love your personality :D its so awesome how you say "sleeping!" attitude girl! ehehe
    yours truly, cathy

  11. anything you wear is worth me trying to win it! so when are your jeffrey campbell ticks up for the prize? :)

    no interesting life story to tell aside from being an aspiring blogger in perth; a place where no one really notices nor do we have BCBG stores:/

  12. Ahoy ahoy! Let me preface this by saying that I LIVE for Call Girl and am such a massive, massive fangirl of you in particular. (I'm not a creep, I promise.) My name is Joanna and I'm from Chicago, Illinois proper.

    I moved here in October to pursue my education in nursing and let me tell you—being 22 in a big city, in a tiny tiny apartment, in the medical field does not=spare time, spare money, looking fabulous. (It does however, = lots and lots of time wearing scrubs and *cringe* crocs and feeling like a frumpy toad.) I love the fact that I'm going to be helping people and caring for them, I take a lot of pride in it, but I don't like that I'm too broke and too busy to be able to feel as proud and beautiful as I do about my job in my off time.
    I'm mixed as well (represent) and I LOVE wearing yellow because it makes me happy and compliments my colouring. And I would love to be able to go out in that dress and enjoy a night on the town for all the hard work I do for others; I rarely get a chance to do it for myself.

    (Plus, I have a pair of BCBG pumps I got for my 20th birthday that I would look SO FLY with this little number ;] )

    Have a fabulous weekend (Which you will... Because you are)


  13. Ok so I just recently started to follow your blog after I noticed you on I thought you looked familiar and I literally just realized your Bambi! I'm so excited that I stumbled on your blog, I love it!

    Now about myself and this lovely lovely dress...My name is Kimberly and I live in the San Francisco area. I am a new blogger myself and am in the process of finding perfect dresses to picture myself on my blog. I absolutely love the shape and construction of this dress, the way it drapes, and the color! I have zero yellow in my wardrobe and this little number would be the perfect addition!

    I am a big fan Ashley! Please check out my blog when you get a chance :)

    xoxo Kim

  14. I like the dress, but yellow washes me out. My vote is for actnaturally. She seems like a hard working young girl and it seems like she needs to glam it up a bit.

  15. Just want to say how much I'm loving reading all your comments. You all sound like awesome people! It's gonna be hard to choose!

    Cathy- That was one of my favorite lines in the whole series!

  16. Love yellow! It's good on you!)

  17. Hey Ashley!

    I'm from Australia!

    Wow I actually stumbled across your blog from a photo of you on someone else's blog! You looked so familiar so that's why I clicked on it- only to realise after seeing other photos that you are an actor in The Beautiful Life (love it btw!) and The Secret Diary of a Call Girl which is also fabulous. I love how you live such a busy life (or so I assume) and can still find time to do something normal like blogging!

    The dress is beautiful, the drape, the symmetry and the colour is perfect. I am so glad that I found your blog at the right time!

    Keep up the good work Ashley, can't wait to see you in The Pink House!


  18. i never win contests but i don't give up !
    My name is Océane, I live in Toulouse, France (south west of France) and I'm 17 years old(and a half!) I read your blog everyday and if there isn't a new blog i read the old ones over and over again . I don't know if the contest work oversea but Im gonna try anyway :)
    Im not familiar with the brand BCBG because it isn't sold in my town but I've been hearing about it for so long!
    This dress would complete my wardrobe because then it would look like a rainbow. This particulary color is the one that's missing ! Also I would love to have tis dress because I already have the matching shoes :) And i'm fond of dresses and that would be another occasion to make this particular boy notice me . I'm just saying ... ^^

    You are a fashion inspiration to me but not in the "i copy your outfits" sense (okay maybe i do copy your outfits but only because you are awesome and clever and put clothes together that a few would) :)
    Even if I don't win I thin it's great that your interact with your readers because WE ALL LOVE YOU :)
    bisous de Toulouse, bisous de la France :)

  19. amazing look
    lovely blog!!

  20. Hi Ashley!
    My name is Lauren. I live in Lakewood Washington(I'm from Colorado) I am 21 years old and a Mother,Student and Army wife.
    My husband is currently deployed to Afghanistan. I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE your style sense! I LOVE this dress. and it's not something I could afford on my own. Even though soldiers work very hard, unfortunately their paychecks don't show that.
    Ok well have a good day:-)
    Lauren Elizabeth.

  21. Hi Ashley!

    I am a 21 year student at Columbia University, in New York, NY. I would love this dress, because yellow is not a color I usually wear, but would love to try! I love how you've worn it with red lipstick and loose hair. I think I would with my new strappy gray heels.

    Keep on the amazing blog!


  22. Just wanted to say it is so kind to give this lovely dress...
    (i dont try to win it...not my size!!!)
    Take care!
    The french girl.

  23. My name is Julia Dry, I live in New York, NY.
    I'm a junior at the United Nations International School.
    This dress is absolutely stunning.
    The color is creamy and soft. It compliments tan skin perfectly.
    The shape is fitted and loose all at the same time so you feel as you just threw it on and casual but you still have a figure.
    This can be used for any occasion, casual or fancy you just need to know how to wear it.
    I really love this dress and I hope I get it!
    P.S: i love your blog and you were my favourite in TBL :)

  24. Hi Ashley,

    Im Tanya from London. Im trying to be an actress and look to you for inspiration in everything seriously! You are amazing!

    I think I should win because my mum just walked passed my computer and saw the pic of you in the dress and said "Is that you?" (I recently got hair extensions you see..)
    So, I should win because 1. My own mum doesnt recognise me lol and 2. That dress and I clearly have a shared destiny as my mum thought it was me in the pic!!haha

    Youre the best!! Such an inspiration!

    Tanya x x x

  25. First-timer commenting, but I've been following your blog ever since I saw you on TBL - utterly crushed when it was canceled; I loved you, Sara, and everyone else. I am a university student in LA and as you probably know well, LA really isn't the easiest place to get around in. It's even tougher for a struggling student, but I love it here and it's home.

    I would love this dress because BCBG is definitely one of my favorites. Max Azria is amazing and I love his work. Honestly, I probably don't deserve it as much as some of the people before me, I would adore it as much and even more. This marigold yellow is my favorite and the only shade of yellow I would ever wear because it's such a whimsical, playful color that defines the transition between summer and fall. It's a golden color that I would LOVE to own - it's a serious struggle to find the perfect color(s) in clothes.

    I would be undeniably and indefinitely blessed if I could own this lovely dress. If not, thanks for giving us the opportunity! ♥

  26. Ashley!
    I did promise my friend I'd enter for her as she' on holiday atm so here goes!
    Maddy is a wonderful girl and an amazing friend of mine who currently studies art at BRIT and seriously follows all of your blogs and is really obsessed with your clothes! She knows your blogs so well to an extent of that she knows your birthday!
    She makes her own clothes (which are wonderful) as a result as, like alot of the people her, can always afford to buy nice dresses.
    She adores fashion so much, that I dont even know how to write about it, as I don't know that much about it!
    She follows your lookbook, twitter and your blogs without having any of them herself, which is silly, i'll get her too! here is a lovely dress she made herself! And this is maddy!/photo.php?pid=4957804&id=701956899&fbid=271580196899 the lovely ginger one, who is wearing a lovely fur coat which you cant see to well :)
    Although Maddy probably wont win because it would seem unfair as I am your cousion and people might think you made an exception because I'm your cousion, please take her into account :)
    She is lovely :)

  27. If we're doing votes.... I vote actnaturally. I love this dress, but I am an UK10 so no good for me! I am a midwifery student and know exactly how actnaturally feels, I think it would really make her day. It's difficult to feel good about yourself when you have to wear the same things repeatedly.

    R xox

  28. Hey Ashley,
    I'm from the lovely state of PA. I would really like your dress because I'm an extreme fan of yours. I love all of your work & not to mention, your gorgeous! I follow your blog and twitter, and have seen everyone of your posts ( kind of creepy?) hahaha! Well anyways, thanks for reading this comment! <3
    Love, Caylee xoxo

  29. Sorry, I'm commenting again,(I'm a pain in the butt lol) but I forgot to say that I have a farewell dance this year and I haven't found a dress like that one. Which is just what I was looking for. Thanks for reading. Bye<3

  30. Hey Ashley!

    First of all, absolutely love you and everything you've been in! I love your fashion sense too :)

    My reason for wanting this dress is that I have been working really hard at eating healthy and getting in really good shape again (college, you know..) and as great as it feels to have accomplished my goal, it means new clothes are necessary, which is a little difficult with the ridiculous amount of money college tuition is these days. This dress would the most amazing first smaller item of clothing now that I can fit in it! :)

    No matter what, thanks for the fun contest! Whoever wins the dress is one lucky gal!


  31. totally in love with your blog..........good luck to the winner.

  32. Hi!
    My name is Emilie and i'm from Aix En Provence (south of France). I'm a 23 years old psychology student and the reason why i need this dress is beacause you don't want me to go out in underwear!! Indeed i don't have anything yellow in my wardrobe except panties... but do you really want me do go out in underwear?!!
    Btw i love your blog that i discovered through lookbook, it smells sun, summer, everything i need in these rainy days!!
    Bisous, Emilie.

  33. Dear Ashley :)
    I am Mrs Cole from France and I absolutely love your blog and style. You are always gorgeous and elegant, and your beauty is natural.
    As it is my birthday next week, I thought the dress would be the best present! I love fashion and especially shoes but I started to wear dresses only two years ago! (I am 27) I always loved dresses but I was sure it didn't suit me. I've always been feminine in my looks but never bothered to buy some dresses because I was not confident enough.
    Now I got plenty of dresses but no yellow!!! So I guess it would be perfect in my wardrobe! hehe
    You are an inspiration to us all, you are a great woman who encourage us to wear what we wanna wear without thinking about what people will think :) So thank U for this!

  34. I wish I could post a private comment! I think it's great that you're giving this dress away! There's definitely some good candidates there, it'll be a difficult choice to make. I don't envy you.

    Good luck to the lucky, lucky gal!!!


  35. Hey Ashley!

    I'm Li, and I live in Budapest, Hungary. I would never be able to fit into a size 2, but I would like to win this dress for a fashion show that me and my friends are putting together. The fashion show will be held on Earth Day, April 22, in my school, and we are using clothes that various parents and students have donated to us. We try to make them our "own design", so we add bits of this and that to the clothes to make them more "us". After the show, we auction off the clothes to parents, and give the money to a charity (I think we're choosing Haiti). And I am sure that this BCBG dress will color our show by... let's just say, a lot! Plus, Hungary doesn't carry brands like BCBG, so I am sure the bidders will love this dress! Wouldn't you love to know that your dress went to a good cause?

    Either way, thank you for the opportunity of winning such a beautiful dress! And, love your blog!

  36. Hello, lovely. My name is Jazmine Rocks (no, seriously, that is my last name, haha), though on my blog I go under the name of Jazzabelle, and I'm a full time art student from London :)

    I have a similar skin tone to you, and my friend has been telling me for some time to buy some mustard/yellow clothes as they would suit me, but I have never believed her up till now.

    I would love to win such a beautiful dress, as I will be turning eighteen soon, so it would be a great excuse to go out to a bar with my best friend. Also, I tend to shop on car boot sales and charity shops, as I am not one to part with a large sum of money for an item of clothing, but if I won this I would treasure it forever.

    I hope you have a lovely day, and I adore you in Secret Diary.

    Love, Jazzabelle.

  37. hello ashley!
    i was on lookbook as i usually do every single day to see what inspiration holds for a new outfit..and i always see yours and i absolutely loved the candy cane look and i remember that i saw your face from i went to your profile and clicked the link to your blog and realized you were on TBL and i was like WOAH BUDDY!! i couldnt believe it was you! i absoluely loved you on the show! i am sure you hear that all the time but you were my absolute fave! so i should tell you more about me i think. my name is nicole rodriguez. i am 15 years old and live in prattville alabama. you've probably never heard of it before. its a small southern conservative podunk town filled with conformists and closemindedness. i of course am the complete opposite and get talked about because of the way i dress and think and look ( i am dominican so i look a bit different from the typical american girl) but i am a firm believer in staying true to yourself. my dream is go into fashion in some form or way. i originally wanted to be a model but being 5foot1 that was simply impossible. i went to newyork last summer and i felt as though i was home. people think im silly but i absolutely adore fashion!!! its my comfort! i have always been a fan of bcbg but i never thought i'd actually own anything from there. being in prattville i dont really have that many clothing options but i do go frequently to thrift shops and to bigger cities to get some designer duds. i got lucky and came across a bcbg store ( i was singing hallelujah and did a happy dance and everything) and found my cotillion and prom dress. people asked where i got my dress at both events and i told them. lets just say they had no idea what i was talking about when i said the 4 letter brand. anyways im rambling.i have a fundraiser fashion show coming up with my friends that we're putting together for haiti and various other charities. this dress would absolutely completely be perfect for the finale dress and would completely i believe be perfect for me as well:) i absolutely adore their clothing, you, your fashion, their unique designs. i think what your doing is fantastic and i believe it is a great opputunity for those who do not have the fashion oppurtunities buzzing about them like most fashionistas.thank you so much for this:)

    your small town dreamer fashionista,
    nicole rodriguez

  38. hello, my name is madeleine morgan and i am 15 from brighton, england.
    i am extremely interested in fashion and would love to be a designer when i am older and do currently design and make some peices of clothing, mainly dresses. i do this mostly with vintage and second hand fabrics that i pick up from jumble sales and the likes, as i do with most of my clothing. the reason for this is that i do not have alot of money and so cannot afford expensive or even normally priced clothes; most of my clothes cost around 50p or £1, and i do not have anything in my wardrobe that cost me more than a tenner. although i do like my clothes and am happy when i get a good bargain at a market, i never feel special or glamerous in what i am wearing, as it costs so little and usually does not look new or in with the current style. if i were to get this dress i would cherrish it, love it, look after it and im sure that i would wear it alot. much love, madeleine xxx

  39. My name is Miriam, I'm a 19 year old middle eastern girl from Toronto, Canada.

    I love girls who have that olive/caramel skin tone and know how to work it! I think you are such a fashion inspiration because of this. Your clothing not only flatters your skin but it compliments it as well. I love wearing colours that flatter my tanned skin and that gorgeous mustard yellow dress would definitely do so. I've wanted a mustard yellow pocket skirt from AA for quite a while but they've sold out and haven't been restocked so I've been a sad panda. I also love BCBG dresses! I wore a BCBG dress for my highschool prom and I loved it! I thought that would be the only time I'd ever wear one but if I get this one then that would be such a treat.

    I love clothing and fashion. I'm studying english and political science in university but I'm transferring to Ryerson's school of fashion design because I want to do something I love and am passionate about. I had always though I'd be a lawyer and was going to apply to law school but I kind of felt uneasy about the whole thing. I didn't exactly enjoy law, I just chose that career path because it's a respectable and steady job in a social aspect. And I understand how hard it is to get a job in fashion design and how competitive it is but I've been sewing and reconstructing clothes for several years and fashion means is so much to me it makes sense to pursue a career in it. Theres a bit of negative stigma in my culture around jobs of that nature but my mantra is "Do what you love and fuck the rest".

  40. Hey Ashley!
    I'm Claudia, 16, and from Vancouver, BC.

    I'm a fan of you on and one day I was going through your looks and I was like "She looks a LOT like Marissa from TBL" and it turns out it was you! Hahaha I was so glad to find that you had a lookbook acccount because I absolutely loved you on TBL and your style is so hot, quite like mine! (I got the same cropped sailor shirt from F21 you wore in the fifth episode and then when I rewatched that episode and I noticed you wore it and freaked out because I realized I must have good taste. lol)

    Anyway, I absolutely love this dress! So sweet of you to give away! I'm a poor aspiring fashion designer so it would be a granted dream to recieve this dress, let alone from you!! I hope you do pick me =)

    xxo, Clauds (

  41. Hi!

    I´ve discovered your blog just a few minutes ago but I must say that you really interested me. I love your style, your clothes, their combinations...I love everything...your sense of fashion is just great.

    And I would really love to join this little ´competition´.

    When I firt saw this dress I´ve fallen in love (does this happen also to someone else...because It happens to me quite often...when i see something and I know that it must be mine=)

    But about this dress. I love everything about it. I think it would be the best choice for hot summer days not only on the beach...but i must say that this lovely yellow coulour is also perfect for some party..just add some accessories and it is done=).

    And what else i like about this dress? It´s the fact that it is asymetric (does this word even exist? =). and last but not least that it is SILK...and silk is a material i really enjoy wearing. It so soft and fine ad one word just perfect.

    So now I can just hope that it will suit me at least that much than you (because it look way too great on you=)

    I know the choice will be hard but i hope you will do your best =)

    from a fashion passioner from Slovakia

    xoxo Rebeka

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. Hi Ashley! Great photos.

    My name is Irina, I'm from Russia, Moscow. I'm an architect and interior designer.
    I like fashion and photography.
    I follow your blog for ~5-6 months .
    The dress looks great on you, and yellow color good for your skin and hair.

    I'm blond with long hair and I'm sure the dress will 100% look perfect on me too :)

    my blog

  44. I love that you're getting all these entries!!

  45. Hi Ashley!
    I'm Rudo, Eighteen Years Old from Melbourne Australia. I absolutely love your blog, been following it from early on when you first got it. I think you have an amazing fashion sense and your personally a fashion inspiration to me. Your also quite a regular on my blog and i always get the "whose that she's pretty comments" so thanks for the boost! lol. You seem like such a genuine sweet girl and i actually always regulary chat to you on twitter and your always so sweet, just recently bought remi hair extentions you recommended to me and they are perfect!
    So anyway the dress. i adore this dress, its such a gorgeous colour and the shape is lovely, i could definately rock it ;). I think its so sweet of you to give it away, and hopefully i'm the lucky one to get it. Thanks

    Love, Rudo

  46. Hey ASHLEY!
    My name is Linda and I'm 15 years old from Melbourne Australia. I need a dress for my year 10 formal, and i think i found it:) This dress would go with so many items in my wardrobe so therefore i could wear this for my formal and wear it out to dinner and any other occasions. I would love to wear this dress with my vintage blazer for my formal! haha enough of that. Good luck to everyone and thanks Ashley for reading my comment

  47. Hey, Ashley!
    My name is Cynthia and I'm from Brazil.
    I probably wont get the dress 'cause I live like far far away, but I just wanted you to know it's really beautiful, divine. Which is why I admire you. You have GREAT fashion sense and I get little tips from you all the time. Like the other day, I got myself this Mint nail polish 'cause you twitted about it. Actually, we've spoken a few times on twitter before. You're really cute and caring with your fans and I admire you for that. I'd also like to add that I was pretty sad 'bout TBL but I'm excited to see more of your work 'cause you are very talented, guess everyone here agrees with me on that.

    I wish you the best.

  48. Hey Ashley.
    My name is Rebecca from Brooklyn,NY and I'm !7.
    Sorry it took so long for me to comment!
    I LOVE you and I love your style! I have been following your blog and twitter for months now and I think its pretty safe to say I have somewhat of an obsession! Times have been tough for me and my family lately and I cant go shopping as much as I'd like to. While my friends are out prom dress shopping I'm at home watching reruns of TBL (;)). I have been shopping around and I can't seem to find a dress that looks good on me and fits my tight budget. Judging by the pictures, I think this dress with show off my good assests without revealing too much.I think the color would play off nicely with my skin tone. Getting this dress would take a lot of pressure off my parents and myself and I hope you choose me :)
    Wish you all the best and I hope to hear from you soon! :) Good luck with your new show!

  49. Hi Ashley,

    My name is Iris and I'm from Holland.
    Since you're originally from London, I bet you have been to Holland at least once. If you didn't, grab that last minute flight to Amsterdam -it's an amazing city :)
    So maybe you already know that most people here don't care for fashion and what they are wearing. That's what Holland is (next to drugs, clogs and windmills) famous for I guess. A lot of heads will turn for someone wearing a gorgeous dress like that!
    But, as much as I love Holland, my big dream is moving to Spain and having a job in the fashion industry right there. But back to the dress:
    Ahhh I would do the triple salto backflip if it was mine haha!
    I would definitely wear it everyday if I'd carry a washing machine in my handbag, but since I don't... I would wear it as many as I can (I'm such a dork, lol).
    To school and work, with a nice blazer. For outgoing with some cool grey or black pumps. And next to that, I'm addicted to necklaces, they can spice almost everything up. My cute little owl necklace would look stunning on the dress!
    The colour is simply WOW,
    I'm seriously in love with that color yellow!
    daaaaaayum i lalala love the whole dress :D

    Also good luck to the other girlies, you all deserve it!

    Love from Holland