Sunday, 11 April 2010

Big Tease

Jeffrey Campbell Charlie clogs

I'm teasing you with a quick snap of my new clogs. I'll do a full outfit post with them when I'm back in London and all settled in. I remember when clogs were hot in the 90's.... My mum had a great pair with a Gucci inspired horse bit buckle. I would always sneak into her room and try them on with my full length denim dress. Ha! So not a good look!

It took me a while to choose a colour, I deliberated for ages but went for black in the end. Thanks to all my fellow tweeters for helping!  The tan didn't show any off the lovely stud detail and the beige blended into my skin tone too much. I feel like the black ones look the most like the Chanel ones that I so crave. I've been OBSESSED with them for ages.
Alexa's chocolate brown ones are very yummy. If they had chocolate I would have gone for that for sure.

Next post will be from London!


kitty said...

The nineties reminds me of my high school days:). HAHA I had clogs for days. Anyhow, do you have special plans while in London? I am so jealous. I used to live in Cambridge and I have not been back in a few years.

Angela said...

these clogs are just awesome...I've been wearing mine and they are so comfy...xoxo

m33dra said...

nice :) We waiting for your new post from London! :))

The Fashion Cloud said...

Lovely choice :)

Welcome back!!


ryder said...

clogs are awesome!!!

Clare said...

Those clogs are a bit amazing... Hoorah to you being back in jolly old England!

tweet tweet tweet


The Vogue Diaries said...

those j campbells are amazing. i didn't like clogs at first, but now im starting to like them a lot!

goodbyestockholm said...

Great investment. Congrats!!!!

Allison said...

I wish I could wear them, but I'm like 5 foot 8, so I really don't need big heels.

Ring My Bell said...

Allison- I'm 5,8" and I dont let that stop me wearing heels! I don't even think of 5,8" as tall! I'd like to be 5,10". I think tall women are gorgeous!

Angela_ You look great in your clogs!

kitty _ I plan to spend lots of time with my family and friends and I'll probably do a bunch of meetings too. Most importantly I'll be spending time with my cat! lol

tiny-lights said...

Very cute like Erika's and Alexa's! :)


New Post ^ with Megan Fox, Ruby Aldridge and Hailey Clauson.

Fashion Chalet said...

Yeay the clogs! I must warn you I get blisters without socks if I walk a lot in them though :( but maybe it's because they're a tad small?

I love love love love this shot makes the platforms seem taller/thicker. And you look stunning in the little white lace dress below. RED IS YOUR LIP COLOR! :)


Lainey said...

I still can't believe clogs are back...but those Jeffrey Campbell ones you have sure are convincing enough, that I'd have to get a pair for myself!

JULIA said...

absolutely love those clogs.
can't wait for you next post!

Laetitia´s Comptoir said...

Lovely clogs!

Adele said...

I also remember when they were in in the 90s! How funny that they are back! And better than ever! I can't see me being able to walk in them though haha!x

Lucile From Paris said...

Ok, I have to admit that I just can't stand these clogs even when I saw the Chanel runway but these Jeffrey Campbell clogs fit you very well

I'm jealouse of your legs ahaha :)

From Paris With Love :)

M said...

I love your style and your blog!
i follow you!

Fashion Drift said...

i'm in love with these clogs! i think black is the perfect color!

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

Oh lucky! I love them! xoxo

polka dot said...

these do look great on you. i don't know what's wrong with me: i gave away my old pair, and.. i know what it is! i can't walk in them!!! ; )

great blog. adding you to my roll. check out mine if you'd like.

jill @ x

priz said...

Ohhh you're Bambi from Secret Diary! I loved that show, and you were my fave :)
Your blog is lovely and your style is great :)