Saturday, 20 March 2010

Short Stripes and Red Meat

Studded shorts: TopShop. Gladiator sandals: River Island. Bag: Alexander Wang.

The weather is finally doing what I expect for it to be doing so I got my legs and toes out in celebration. I love these shorts, they didn't have them in my size so I bought them two sizes up. I do that a lot. It drives my mum crazy! As a teenager I was really into trainers (sneakers for the americans) and I had pairs in sizes ranging from a UK4 to a UK7. Some pairs I just needed to have and size was irrelevant! 

I'm gonna talk about my hair again. Apologies if I'm boring you! (Think about how the poor boy feels- he has to hear it every day.) If you look at the second picture you can see how curly and frizzy the roots are and then it just kinda goes straight towards the ends. Heat and bleach y'all. Not good. Now I'm doing a "Tyra" and just committing one hair sin at a time. I'm very much over the bleach so heat is my currant hair torture.

I've been craving meat all week so me and the boy went for burgers yesterday.

Forget In and Out burger. Umami have THE best burgers ever. I had the truffle burger and it was amazing. It's actually making me hungry just thinking about it and it shouldn't because we just had steak for dinner.

Look at the bloody size of the boy's piece of steak! It's actually double the size of mine.... and he ate all of it.... and he ate some of mine.


tastythreads said...

I really love your hair natural, its absolutely gorgeous!! LEAVE IT THAT WAY!..Of course this is coming from an African girl that has extrodinarily coarse hair...ha! Uber difficult to deal with...but having them in braids makes it easier.

Btw those shorts look fantastic on you! They don't look too big at all. I always think its a good idea to play around with sizes, I like to get my t-shirts one or two sizes bigger... for shirts sometimes double the size. EEK!

I don't know how you'd do it with shoes thou..

Krysta said...

Hooray for the natural coming through if only at the roots! Love your curls.
You're looking gorgeous as always Saffy.
Love ya.
Patsy xxxx

cla-sib said...

wonderful casual outfit.. like the stripes and your rayban..

xoxo cla

Clare said...

So jealous you can bare your legs, mine are encased in two pairs of tights most of the time, bloody England...



Treselle said...

Such a cute outfit!! Your hair looks amazing like that!

Angela said...

i need to find some studded shorts or maybe i should just do it myself..anyways love this outfit and i also have an obsession with striped look gorgeous and your hair is beautiful..anyways, spring is here!


i think your hair looks lovely natural, lovin' the casual stripe top & how greedy is your boy?! haha:)


Tesa said...

I gave you a little award on my blog..hope you like it ;)

Fashion Chalet said...

ACK! lol.


I'm strictly a chicken and fish girl myself :) red meat, only on occasion..




Kevin Milly Morosky said...

its a little curly

Ring My Bell said...

Hush now Kevin, ya hear!