Monday, 8 March 2010

Oooh La La

Crop Top: H&M-self cropped. Skirt: American Apparel. Chunky Socks: Gap. 
Boots: Top Shop. Lipstick: MAC red

Another little insight to share with all my aspiring actor readers: There are no weekends during pilot season! I have had meetings on saturdays and sundays. I actually think this can sometimes be a good thing because it means that A: There is very little traffic, and B: You get to drive right onto the studio lot and not just park in the parking structure on the edge and walk 4 miles to the building that you need.

This saturday I had a meeting on the Fox lot. I got to drive straight to my building AND I drove right through a New York street scene. I was so excited I actually squealed! I cant help it, I'm a nerd and those are the things I think are cool :)

I don't watch the Oscar's because all I care about are the dresses and who won but I was lucky enough to be in the living room while the boy was watching at THE exact moment that Monique won her award... thus I got to see Samuel L Jackson's magnificent side eye live! 


  1. You make everything look effortlesss. beautiful pictures!
    I just bought THE cutest crop top with shells on it<3
    So do you have any new oppertunities coming up?


  2. Any prospects, or do you need to keep that on the DL? Gosh, I hope you get something because I really enjoy your work.
    What do you mean Smauel L. Jackson's side eye?
    Who do you think was best dressed? I liked JLO, Sandy B., and the simplicity of the Goddess, Kate Winslet. Everyone disagrees with me, but I liked SJP's dress. Ok, maybe it didn't fit her properly, but I enjoyed it.
    I love your pictures. It's crazy to think that crop tops are coming back. I never thought I would see that day. I used to get sent home from school in the 90's for my crop tops lol.

  3. love the socks in the booties


  4. You look so cute!

  5. Thanks ladies:)

    You guys will be the first to know when I stop being unemployed!

    And I loved what Miley Cyrus and Zoe Saldana wore to the Oscars. Those two looked the best for me.

  6. Oooo La La indeedy!!! this look is so "Frenchy California"!!

    haha the sideeye was classic...the show was borin, ...was flipping thru off and was epically boring!!! zzzzzzzz . tuned completly out when Gabby didn't win tho.

    Can't wait to see you on a new show, i think you will be brilliant on 'How to make it in America' or Entourage!!!!!!

  7. Have I told you how beautiful I think you are?
    I think you're beautiful!

    Such a fun and playful outfit - I love those stripes and the pop of red!


  8. adorable crop top + boots, you pull off red lips so well miss :)


  9. Mouthwash- Thank you so much. That's so sweet of you!

    Asymmetricera- Thanks! I wanna pass on this bit of advice that a makeup artist once told me: She said put red lipstick on at home and get used to seeing how you look with it and then you will be able to rock it forever more. It totally works! I used to hate the way I looked with red lips but now I'm all about it!

    TheCultureCynic- I hear you... Now we just need HBO to listen ;)


  10. You look stunning, and FAB outfit x

  11. Crop tops
    + Stripes =
    your new BBF's! ;)

    I know the park ranger dude had attitude too until my Hubby asked him for his name. UGH!


  12. hello!

    i think you're absolutely gorgeous. :) all the best for your actor-y stuff!

  13. love your skirt! gorgeous pics!


  14. GORGEOUS! I love american apparel and that skirt looks so good on you with the wonderful striped cropped top! I just love anything striped..anyways the outfit is just perfect...xoxo

  15. the top is killer, so is the last picture.

  16. It's crazy how much you look like my friend Leslie from back east (except I think she's Mexican, African-American and Caucasian). The resemblance get's me every time I see images of you.

  17. I have the same skirt, but I never thought about wearing it this way ! Like, with a top shorter