Thursday, 25 February 2010

Red Riding

Dress: Garbelle

Another photo shoot from the archives. This one was done while me and the boy were filming  season two of Secret Diary. We both had a day off and we got up super early to head over to Thom's place and shoot in his garden. The whole purpose of this shoot was just to practice I guess and I love that we did that... Thom wanted to practice make up, Cyrena wanted more dresses for her collection and the boy wanted to test out his lighting idea. Just being creative for creative's sake. 

Please note the black lipstick. Waaaaaaaaaay before Chanel did it!

I really love how Cyrena attached the hood to the dress. Like I said in my previous post there is also a Garbelle for Trainerspotter dress with a hood that I plan to post. All those images are on the boys computer and he's always using it when I want to. Eh hem :)

Acting camp is still in full force.


Li said...

The pictures are amazing! Keep going!

moraki said...

great pics! i love this dress!!

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah blah. me me me me me me

Ashley said...

Ahhhhhhh "Anonymous". So brave. Of course if this blog offends you, you could always.... NOT READ IT. Bet you still do though.

Moraki- You should check out the Garbelle website she makes some gorgeous things!

Liz- Thanks doll :)

Fashion Chalet said...

I want to try Black lips! :)

Great frock, Ashley!

I back-ordered the black platforms too (lol, shoes make me sick with obsession) but have to wait until June. :(


Bink said...

the lighting is verrry nice!
love the hooded dress:)


suggestivetongue said...

I gotta say, red riding hood shoots are classic and one of my favorite! Way to go with the black lipstick too. I was hoping to find my perfect red lipstick, do you have a favorite?

Ashley said...

MAC red is the best al rounder and in second place is Ruby Woo also by MAC :)

Jonesy said...

cuteee dress!!!

I really like your blog. I am a new follower.

Check out my blog as well when you get a chance.

diamondsinchampagne said...

Now THAT is a dress, wow! I always love cutesy dresses with a hood, don't see many of them

The Fashion Seen said...

So Pretty! I love anything with a hood on it and the fact that you can pull it off as glam makes it even better.


fadetoblack said...

tha blk lippy is my fave part ;)

fashion doll said...

hey u will appear in the next post of my blog
i follow u
comment back

Jessie77 said...

oh I love this dress the color is lovely but the hood just makes it special!

My Delusional Mind

Anonymous said...

woow it's YOU! you're a model from TBL, right?
i love you're clothes, both, here and in TBL!
are you a model? girlll, you're georgeous and so skiny <3

Anonymous said...


Clara said...

amazing pcs
lovely blog

Ashley said...

Thanks for the comments! You are all lovely xx

p.s Yep, I was in TBL. I'm an actress :)

Vicki said...

great photos!! Love being creative for creative sake :) I recently did a photo shoot alice inwonderland inspired in a forest was great fun! added you to my links list :) x

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

Love the black lippie and the shoot in general xo

The Fashion Cloud said...

Love the little red ridding hood effect <3
just wanted to let you know I have featured one of your outfits in my recent post:

Hope you like it!!


Clare said...

Gawjus! You are so ahead of Chanel, go tell them what to do :)