Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Raspberry Beret

Raspberry beret: Mary Quant (vintage). Body suit: American Apparel. Chambray Pants: American Apparel. Mens Belt: Vintage. Shoes: Christian Louboutin.

My daddy found this beret. Its Mary Quant and it's in almost perfect condition. It's one of the few items that always travels with me. The pants remind me of wrestling pants! They're very comfy and I adore anything with deep pockets. 

The sun is finally coming out in LA. It's still bloody cold though.... although I'm sure it's better then what I'd have to deal with if I was at home in London. 


  1. You always look simply divine. Only you could get away from the MC Hammer type pants:).

    BTW, I was going to leave you a message on Twitter, but it was too difficult.
    I noticed that you said you had a difficult time watching your shows online in America. When I was in England I got hooked on a program called "PeepShow," sadly when I returned to the US I was unable to watch it because my ip address was in America. Anyways, I downloaded a program called http://www.hide-my-ip.com/premium.shtml. If you buy the premium addition it will set your ip to a random UK address. I was in heaven when I discovered this. I also used it while I was in Thailand so I could watch my ABC shows:). Hope this helps.
    BTW, It doesn't seem to work with my MAC, but maybe they added a MAC version.

  2. The outfit is so chic and classy! Love it! And I love the pop of color by the beret.

  3. *with NOT from. Sorry about the typo.
    Looks like the Hancock Park area of L.A. You take the best pictures. Loving the extensions.

  4. hiii i saw you on lookbook and i've been reading your blog for about a week now and i figured it was time to say hello.

    so, hello!

    i love all your get-ups and your love for christian louboutin <3 he is god. i was in his shop in paris last month and nearly died from a heart attack!

    and believe me, LA will be A LOT warmer than the UK right now.

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  6. oops, couple typos above, please delete?

    ----------- sweetly sun-kissed -------------
    - - - - - cherie jolie objet d'art - - - - - -

    twas this crisp, cool wintry morn, in LA
    cruisin' the boulevard, truly a sight, to see -
    lovely lass, simply took, one's breath away
    seemed some story-awed, romantic mystery!

    as appearing, quite caught up, in reverie amour
    who pray-tell, damn oh so lucky, mister missed -
    fantasizing so dreamily, her mademoiselle j'adore
    as she turned, wow, sensuously sun-french-kissed!

  7. I love the pants! You and the man make such a good team: clearly brings out the divinity in you.

  8. I love your fashion blogs, but I miss your old bolg. I loved it when you talked about your life as an actress. You are so interesting and adorable!

  9. Love this outfit! Your hair is so luscious, green with envy at the moment! Loving your blog! :D

    XOXO D


  10. Nicole!!! Read your blog. You write so well girl :)

    Anonymous- I only like to talk about acting if I'm on a project but I guess I could put some day to day stuff in.

    danmyy- Dont be envious! I've been playing with clip in extensions. I might do a 'how to' post at some point.

    Love to all! x

  11. i love u'r blog girl, you're wonderful!

  12. Awesome outfit! And I really loved TBL btw :(

  13. You outfit is pure perfection from head to toe!!
    just discovered your site and so glad I did :)


  14. For some reason, I can never look good in hats, let alone a cute beret such as yours. It's the perfect cherry redish color too. Jalouse...


    I saw your photo on Lookbook and even though you had sunglasses on, there's no way getting around those bone structure! I knew I had seen your face elsewhere before (ie. TBL). :) Sorry to hear the show got cancelled, you were still really cute there though! :)

    Hope you're well.

    Patricia Ann

  15. omg you answered. lol just for your answer ill make one text on enligsh. I'll do that later today :)

  16. you look awesome!!! perfect outfit and you look so pretty!!!

  17. I love your look! Good blog!
    In two weeks I will going to London, I'm so excited!
    Kisses from Barcelona.

  18. these pants are amazing and i adore the way you styled them!! you are extremely beautiful!

  19. you have great style! it's so rock and glam in the same time I think... :P anyway you compose nice outfits;) Hope I see you in Vogue really soon :P

  20. You look stunnniiiinnnngg, love the sunset behind you. I would like to steal your trousers, they are a little bit wonderful.



  21. I love the clothes the looks and the pics

  22. Reminds one of that song
    "Where did you get that hat?
    Where did you get that hat?"

    ha ha Dad

  23. I just love this outfit! It's so simple but so fab. Love the photography too! You're so pretty!

  24. Thanks Treselle!

    What shade is the nail polish in your profile picture? I love it!

  25. this photos are amazing! you look absolutely gorgeous :)

    check my blog if you want www.spottedtoshare.blogspot.com

  26. love your outfit and i loved you in tbl! the show was soo great ! so sad it got cancelled!

  27. u look like mariah carey in pretty

  28. i love this outfit <3


  29. Honestly, this is too unfair. You are so beautiful! Jeesh now, just like give us some of the beauty as well. No need to hog it all you know.
    PS: that outfit is lovely! I want it! :)

  30. I love the pants!!
    love your style.. look gorgeous all the time!! :D

  31. your style is unbelievable!!! I love it and the pictures are beyond words.