Saturday, 6 February 2010

Something old

First two pictures- Dress: PPQ. Shoes: KG. Clutch: Vintage. Jewelry: CC Skye
Second two pictures- Dress: Oasis. Shoes: Office.
Fifth picture- Dress-PPQ (I think! Apologies if I'm wrong). Shoes: Office.
Final Picture- I have no idea where that dress is from!

As promised here is an old shoot me and the boy did. I'm hoping to find some more.... I think this was actually the first time we did a shoot together. These shots are probably like 2 years old. They were taken by my old apartment in Crystal Palace, London. I used to live there with Kevin Morosky. We had wanted to live together since we were 16 and I look back on our time there fondly. He doesn't but that's another story and not mine to tell. 

I am so blonde in these pictures! I'm never doing that again. It's taken me forever to grow the damaged bits out and they're still not all gone. Damn you bleach!

This shoot was Thomas 'ticklemouse' Walker's idea and he did all the makeup. We're not really friends anymore but I'm a grown up lady and I like to give credit where credit is due ;)


Anonymous said...

----------- *kaleidoscope lovely* ------------

wow, lookin' into her, multi-varied dimensions
such an amazng palette, of wondrous appeal -
incredible singular style so sexy and natural
gosh, can this bodacious babe, really be real!?

seems simply merely matter of kool perception
lovely kaleidoscope she so stunningly displays -
if one can only look through her magical window
truly transported to wonderland in so many ways!

lisa + cathy said...

I would love to live with my closest friends when I'm olderrrrrr. sounds such fun! I love love the gold dress in the second last picture. London's mailbox look more stylish than australian ones HAHAHAHAHA. I think you look good in blondeeee too :D

Kevin Morosky said...


ahh smack takers huh? I forgot about him

One of my biggest regret is not enjoying that time that we had spoken about for almost 10 years..

was that first comment made by eyeknow? if not someones trying to take his spot hahaha x

Michiyo Nakamura said...

I loved those dresses! My favs were this first and the second.

& I like like your hair like that as well but you look more natural with brown hair (:

MissKimmy said...

lovely dresses and you look gorgeous!

XO Kimmy

Fashion Chalet said...

The 1st striped dress is so lovely and then the Glamourous Ashley posting mail, epic! :)


fadetoblack said...

that first dress is stunning!!

valen said...

HAHA 1st pic damn nice.. u looks so classic n pretty XDDD
hope can see u more on tv or movie =)

from malaysia :3

Treva said...

the photos look stunning! i love how you look so fashionable doing every day things like shopping and sending mail. the gold dress is so pretty.

popdisorder said...

the gold dress suits you so perfectly

Clare said...

The blonde suits you! The last pic is my favourite for sure.

Good news about the readily available trousers, I was worried you'd be a bit chilly.

p.s. Love you in Diary of a Call Girl too!