Monday, 22 February 2010

Fade to Grey

Skirt: Random shop in NYC. T.Shirt: American Apparel.

Grey is my second favorite colour to wear. After black of course! (um, if you are reading this in America and are wondering about my spelling- that's how we spell colour in England!) I love the waist band on this skirt. It's just the right side of tight and it sits perfectly on the waist. 

There is something really cosy about grey. If I'm buying sweatpants or a hoodie I nearly always go for grey. Case in point below.... I think even my nail polish is grey in this picture!

Pilot season is in full swing now and me and the boy are busier then ever. We call our apartment 'acting camp'. We each have our own area. He works in the dining room and I work in the bathroom.... Dont ask me why, I just like the vibe in there. It's very feminine and serene! I actually have to go back to acting camp aka the bathroom now because I have lines to learn for tomorrow :)



so simple but super pretty, i love your blog, nice to see a celebrity have their own style:)


augustlovers said...

Grey + Black - I see no need for other colours =) xx

lolizzie said...

your hair is gorgeousss!!!!!!!!!!

Bombchell said...

the photography's amazing. love the 3rd pic especially.

Ive given up on american & british spelling. luckily spell check always reminds me that OU is supposedly wrong

lyndah.ahh said...

I love the photography, do you take them yourself?

MrsCole said...

I simply love this new blog, I love your pics, always simple but so elegant, real class :)And thanks for sharing with us! xx

Dini said...

You are beautiful! And the outfit is perfect for a lazy summer day. =)

The Fashion Cloud said...

Adorable pictures, love the cropped top with a full skirt <3


tastythreads said...

hey there!
who takes ur gorgeous pictures?

good luck with the auditions btw.


Vicki said...

I just love your blog, just found it while surfing the blogosphere :)
Grey is my staple all year round.
Adding you to my blog link list so i dont forgeto to stop by and following on twitter now! Vicki xo

Anonymous said...

---------------- grey gardens -------------
- - - - - - - - (hip-hip hooray!) - - - - - - -
i know it might all seem quite a bit bizarre
chance encountering, one most ordinary day -
however, what was witnessed, oh so rare
literally, positively, taking my breath away!

honest, not trippin' on any kinda hallucinogen
stumbled upon this garden, all bedecked in grey -
yet, in its very centre, wow, an exquisite flower
so stunningly lovely, in her hypnotic hue array!


kitty said...

haha I am always in black or gray and people are always asking me to mix it up...SCREW THEM.
Girl, I am sending you positive vibes. Gosh, I want to see you in a popular American show.
On the Secret Diary FB page, many people are saying that you are there favorite character. I agree that they should focus on Bambi more.
Where did you get your extentions done? They look amazing, I'm jealous.

Ashley said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments guys! There's a lot of love for grey out there huh!?

Ok so... My lovely (and very patient) boyfriend takes all my pictures. There really wouldn't be much of a blog with out him and nobody takes a better picture of me in my opinion!

My hair has extensions in. Nothing fancy just some clip ins. I put them in myself. I think I'll do a "how to" hair post soon because lots of you ask about them.

Kitty- Don't be jealous, you too can have lovely extensions! It's super easy! :)



this is the style i exactly love! it's casual but still very very chic

Bink said...

hair extensions work wonders!
Loveee emm!
your outfits are always so so chic.

can't wait to start seeing you in movies and televisionn!


J'Adore Fashion said...

love he outfit! can't go wrong with grey & black...that like my constant color. you looking great in the crop! xx

Kinga S said...

your outfit is easy but gorgeous.
i really like the third picture, it's honest.


kitty said...

*their NOT there! OK, I really need to proof-read.

Ashley, where do you like to shop in LA? I know it may sound corny, but a few stores in downtown L.A. have random, disposable, cute clothes. However, you must know where to go because a lot of the clothes are horrendous lol. I like to mix things up. For instance, the other day I wore a dress from H&M with my Louboutins. You also seem like you like to mix things up.
OK, back to work;).

Anonymous said...

Your outfit is very cute and you look amazing!

lisa + cathy said...

I envy your leggggggggggs! crop tops are awesome awesome!

Fashion Chalet said...

Totally agree on grey!!

These images are shining, literally stunning. You look just as great natural as you do in full face makeup. <3


Em said...

Do a hair post! PLEASE DO A HAIR POST!
Is your hair straightened using GHD'S? Or permanently straightened? Is it blow dried? How do you keep it in such good condition? What extensions do you use?


Ashley said...

Em- Your comment made me laugh so much! Ok I will definitely do a hair post. Quick answers to your questions:

*Yep, love GHD.

*I've never chemically straightened it.

*Cant be bothered to blow dry it.

*It's in way worse condition then you think!

*The extensions are by Remy from Head Kandy


The Queen of Hearts said...

I absolutely love the hair! I always want that bohemian look but instead get bed-head Beyonce. And I used to chemically straighten my hair but after two years of damaage-fest, I've decided to let it grow out (see Exhibit A: my gangster 1/2 inch roots in all of my recent photos on the blog).

Fashion Chalet said...

Ps. I just added your link to my blog roll today ;)


Fashion Chalet said...

thanks! :)


The Queen of Hearts said...

Oh trust me, they are THERE! For some reason, you can't see them in the party pictures because it was so dark in lighting for that sort of thing I suppose.

Side: I'm going to Los Angeles in a month or so and I am super excited (its an annual trip for me). If you have any recommendations for anything new and exciting to do, eat, see, party, shop, etc... please let me know!

And of course, I'm adding you to my blog roll as well. I'm pretty excited that you're my new blogger find!

t said...

Such a cute outfit! :)

em said...

sooo beautiful!

Jung said...

i love your hairrrr!!!

Rosanna said...

great casual outfit! and i agree your hair is gorgeous! i envy it :)

Em said...

Okay- thanks! I have at least some info to go on re: the hair now! haha x