Monday, 1 February 2010

Back To Black

Yeah that's right. Big guns.
Dress: American Apparel. Jacket: TopShop (studs by me). Bag: Balenciaga. Boots: TopShop.

I don't usually dress like this to go to Trader Joe's! On the way back from a meeting me and the boy did our weekly shopping AND a little impromptu photo shoot in the car park.

My balenciaga weekender is one of my favorite bags. It's a modern classic.... just like the silhouette of the American Apparel dress: Short with long sleeves. Works every time.

Some people say black is boring. Some people should shut up ;)


  1. Haha, i absolutely adore you in TBL and Call girl. And i love your fashion sense:)

  2. i agree! black is not boring
    love how you've paired eveything
    together - esp ur jacket!!

  3. i absolutely love the black on you.
    the scenery is so cool, i like the parking lot theme!


  4. I love it, BLACK is so STRONG, you can't go wrong! I HEART the big B, makes me wanna get mine out again ;)

  5. yr hairdo is as perfect as yr clothing!

  6. My gosh my Mom is always saying that "you're wearing black, again?" she doesn't get it! LOL...

    I love that dress, I have it too. And now I also have the sweetheart/mesh one on the way. I'm so excited because you initially made me covet it in those Charlotte Ronson event pics!


  7. PS. are those boots still available?

  8. Ash, if you would, dear, please delete my initial posted comment here which has a couple typos (...hate that, ya know, especially when with poetry each word is so vital to composition), to be replaced with corrected version below? Jus' striving for perfection, sweetie, especially regarding reaching out to you. Thanks. ;)

    Ashley, methinks one is really needful of an especially "sharp, seriously sensitive eye" to truly take in, fathom, witness - - - some seeming semblance of - - - "all the wondrous beauty" that is, yes, you, baby! ;)

    And i seriously, sincerely hope in some measure, that the philosophical/spiritual notion of our view of the world being in a great sense "a mirror" of sorts our own very natures, is mystically true, here. ;)

    ------- otherworldly beautiful --------
    like an awesome, splendid, supernova
    breathtakingly breaking upon eternal sky -
    sight so stunningly, beauteously beheld
    blessed beauty, virtually, out of this world!


  9. Thanks for all the comments!

    Bambi- That is THE cutest name!


  10. Are you a model?

    Great photos!

    Keep Turning On: Tiny-Lights

  11. Thanks tiny-lights. Nope, I'm not a model- just love clothes and taking pictures in them :)

  12. I actually thought you were a model and an actress. Haha

  13. Got the same AA dress ! But it definitly looks better on you :p