Saturday, 2 January 2010

Make it stack

Happy New Year!

Nobody took their camera out with them on new year's eve so I've only got grainy crackberry pics to show you. I had sworn that I wasn't going to go out this year but eventually I gave in and just accepted the inevitable. I had to make a mad last minute dash to my local american apparel to get something to wear.

It turned out to be a very fun night. We ended up at Bungalow 8 where there was a casino themed party. We danced on tables throwing (fake) $100 bills and casino chips around. So classy ;)
"If I just stare hard enough I'm sure I can figure this out..."
My entire outfit is American Apparel...I should consider asking for sponsorship. The shoes were black Loubs. I finally got to give my Chanel Maniac lipstick a night out and it's my opinion that it made the outfit and the evening as a whole even better.


Ashley Mangat said...

Happy New Year Ashley!

You look bananas as usual.

Bombchell said...

love the lips!!

ps: Im doing a fun competition on my blog, if u wanna check it out

Fashion Chalet said...

Not too forward love the deep, matte red lips. :) Can't wait to post my NYE pics soon. <3


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!!

the outfit is WOW...Go Go Ashley!


Anonymous said...

Bonjour Ash! Smashleybell tweet seemed to unfortunately find you with somewhat dampened spirits. We can't allow that to happen, now can we!? So, first a lil' commentary on my last poem for ya, "Lady M." The one below:

_______ perchance to dream_____
- - - - (you are so beautiful!)- - - -

if one could somehow only dream or imagine
yes, envision utter sweet lovliness so, so true -
wow, capture beauty in all its splendid essence
to woman have glorious gorgeousness, imbue!

seemed somewhat merely fantastical, heretofore
babe, encountering your sublime wondrous appeal -
quite alike an artist's most grandest magnum opus
ashley, dear, magnificently, manifested, in the real!

Jus' to give ya a lil' glimpse or glance into this poem's conception, Ashley, it was inspired, of course, by you, and from a line of lyric i've remembered since childhood from a lovely love ballad: "... you, look like a picture - - - stolen from an artist's dream ..."

I had for quite some time desired to use that particular artistic vision in some poem or writing, but it wasn't 'til inspiration from you, babe, and your bedazzling beauty that it actually occurred, Ashley. So thanks for the inspiration, and kinda like sunshine blessing us with its glow & warmth, there's never any really needed or expected "thanks" - - - only seemingly hopes and aspirations of appreciation.

And Ash, honestly, I had not seen or even opened it up at the time, an excerpt from the current SOM mag (btw, it's also available in the UK) shared w/you earlier:

____revealing health_______
- - - you are so beautiful - - - -
beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart. ~ ~ ~ Kahlil Gilbran

Optimum wellness and spiritual well-being are accessible to all. I have more good news. A healthy eating and exercise program not only impacts how we feel on the inside; it also gives us an outer radiance and youthful glow. We can receive greater health and an empowering "faith lift" to look and feel our best.

In living (SOM) mindfully and in Spirit, we create beauty as we go and grow. When we conciously nourish our bodies and minds, we live our most glamourous, attractive, and beautiful lives. You are so beautiful.

Ashley, again, seemingly one of those seemingly "wierd, strange coincidences," but in all actuality, NOT, right!? ;) Well, allow me to commed you on your devoted bikram yoga pursuit, as certainly the benefits from the mind/body/spirit connection proves part of your overall beauty. "Namaste," Sweetheart! Xoxo

Anonymous said...

____ snowflakes of the heart ____

ever cascading so very cheerily, cheerily
dancing, freelancing as they frozen, fall -
multitudinous millions in sync, concert
in heavenly harmony, ever downward all.

lifting spirits with wondrous wintry blanket
smiles, mirth, laughter, spread all around -
though frosty, frigid, in their touch and feel
somehow, wonder, warmth, whimsy, abound!

in time, unfortunately, the spell seems lost
as with dirty slush, the blahs, appear to win -
however, the sweet miracle is in the knowing
in matter of time, mere magic can again, begin!


Anonymous said...

__________ bridal beatific ___________

over time, between television, magazines, movies
yes, i have seen numerous, blushing brides, before -
yet, baby, none seem to even come close, to capturing
such glorious, radiant beauty, wow, how not, to adore?!

if, as saying goes, sometimes life, hopefully, imitates art
then, god truly knows, my heart and soul, so long to be -
a part of some scintillating love, engendering such a glow
with the love of my life, in "once for the ages," matrimony!